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Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Azerbaijan is one of the countries where tourism culture has started to spike recently and it’s getting limelight from the world tourism groups.

Whereas, there is no such special thing as the Taj Mahal or Leaning Tower of Pisa or any such architecture which might gain your instant attention but there are still places that you need to visit anyhow.

The capital city of Baku is quite famous for starters and also, throughout you’ll find a hint of Persian architecture which might be a quite fascinating watch.

Also, drinking while driving might be a horrendous crime here as the allowed Blood Alcohol Level is set to Zero, meaning that you cannot be intoxicated while driving. So, keep that in mind and follow the rules anyway.

The Dictatorship government is trying to push tourism and for that, they are doing everything they can. Which is why you would not encounter any tourism theft or misbehave in this country.

The reason being that if even a pickpocketer gets caught then the punishment is way too severe as compared to any other country’s punishment for the same crime.

Some of the attractions which you can or must-visit are the mud volcanoes, 40,000-year-old rock paintings at Gobustan, or the Caucasus Mountains.

So, are you planning to go visit Azerbaijan anytime soon, choose from one of the best itineraries we have created keeping you in mind? There’s something for everybody.

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