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We are Wravelers: Wanderers + Travelers

“Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar, log judte gaye aur karwaan banta gaya.” - Majrooh Sultanpuri

Every brand starts off with a dream and as you walk the path of turning your vision into a reality, overcoming every hurdle and road block the journey has to offer you, you grow in irrevocable ways.

Back when we first started JustWravel in 2015, we knew that no matter how high we might fly, we will never forget our roots and today, even after becoming a family of more than 25k people, our core values remain the same and we will make sure they will stay the same for years to come.

The reason behind starting this venture was simple, to give people a chance to explore all the wonders this beautiful country has to offer and that meant unraveling hidden nooks and corners that are not as mainstream as other travel destinations. To make sure that passionate adventurers of our country could have a reliable platform that provided them the best traveling experience, be it fixed departure group tours, road trips to Ladakh, or the best treks in India.

The Travel industry thrives on expeditions to exotic locations but we intend to quench our travellers thirst for adventure while making sure that we can satiate the wayfarer inside of them.

Our aim was and has always been to make sure that we can make the dreams of all travelers come true with our utmost dedication.

Over the years, we have challenged our own limits to go above and beyond because we believe in building a community (#wravelerforlife) that can take pride in being the helping hand that you can hold on to as you go on to these excursions.

We firmly believe in giving back more than what we receive because we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our first customer putting their irrevocable faith in us.

The fact that we have done over 1500 trips, have managed to explore more than 800 locations and are still going strong feels surreal and yet believable because everything we have accomplished so far, we owe it to you, our beloved wravelers.

The thousands of reviews people have left, sharing their experience, solidifies our belief that our dream of becoming the most beloved travel community in India is entirely possible as long as we have your undying support.

But we are not stopping here because we know that we can do better, be better until we become the world’s most beloved travel community. It sounds unattainable but we don’t have even a shred of doubt whether we will achieve them or not because nothing sounds impossible when you are standing on top of a summit, surrounded by people who are thanking you for making their dreams come true with tears in their eyes and a huge grin on their faces.

CEO Rohan Verma

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