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About Justwravel

Who We Are

Anyone can be a traveler, but when you develop a profound love for the destination and genuinely care about the mountains, then you are a Wraveler.

7 years ago Justwravel aimed to revolutionize the travel sector with a unique way of exploring. By fostering a community of passionate travelers, Justwravel is dedicated to delivering unparalleled travel experiences. The company specializes in organizing both group departures and customized trips to domestic and international destinations, including corporate outings.

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Founder’s Note

Justwravel Founder - Roahan Verma

Rohan Verma

Building a travel community isn't easy, especially when our focus is on selling experiences rather than products. Journeying through Spiti, Ladakh, or going on an international escape to Bali or Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travelers. As a passionate traveler myself, I understand the significance of this to people. We operate with three core values. Firstly, we aim to connect individuals who share a passion for travel and adventure. Secondly, we strive to promote offbeat experiences and uncover the hidden knowledge our mountains possess. Lastly, we are committed to providing experiences that will profoundly change and inspire you throughout your life. Justwravel is more than just a travel company; it's a community of passionate travelers and wanderers on a continuous exploration of the undiscovered. The unique mission that Justwravel is dedicated to itself makes us unique.

Justwravel Founder - Shubhangi Pandey


The rapid growth of Justwravel's community validates that we are on the right track! The enthusiasm of our wravelers to join consecutive batches and explore more destinations keeps us striving to deliver the best quality services and earn trust. We are the only brand regularly organizing all-girls trips. When solo girls choose us for their adventures, Justwravel is committed to providing safety, hygiene, and quality service. As we expand into new segments like Corporate and International tours, we are thrilled to receive positive responses from our Wravelers! Trekking and riding through breathtaking landscapes, we are delighted to have conquered the hearts of our wravelers too. We can't wait to take you on the best days of your life!

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best travel experience to our clients, from hand-picking the best stay options to choosing the finest food. We aim to impart the incredible experiences that the mountains have taught us to our dear clients. Whatever your occasion for travel, Justwravel is ready to make it memorable for you!

Our Vision

Over the years, Justwravel has been striving and growing to become the most trusted and largest travel community in India. A go-to place for travelers and a melting pot where you will find everything related to travel. We also envision creating a community of responsible travelers who understand the environment and cultural significance.

Here Is What We Offer

Fun, Adventure, Leisure, and People like you…

Yes... That is what we offer…

We will help you escape from the sleepless nights of research and bargaining with locals to get the best experience from your trip. With Justwravel, your dream trip becomes a reality, exceeding your expectations. Our superhero team is dedicated to ensuring your journey is not only memorable but also life-changing.

Explore a variety of travel options, including:

  • Fixed Departures - Ladakh, Spiti, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, Tawang, Bali, Dubai and Himalayan Treks
  • Bike Trips
  • All Girls Trips
  • Treks
  • International Trips
  • Customized Trips (both International and Domestic)
  • Corporate Trips

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Humans of JW

Rohan Verma


Shubhangi Pandey


Ghanshayam Prasad

Product Head

Richa Maurya


Nishant Sharma

Marketing Head

Shanif Baig

Operations Head

What Are We Known For

Coolest Trip Captains

Our AMC-certified Trip Leads believe in one simple motto ‘From the mountains, Of the mountains, and For the mountains.’ They do not just know every nook and crevice of the trails but also have profound knowledge of the same.

Biggest On-Ground Operations Team

We are proud to boast that we have a team of over 100 strong individuals with 24-hour local support assuring that we have all the information about the roads and destinations before you traverse it.

Handpicked Itineraries

Each of our Itineraries is thoroughly researched and curated to suit your vacation dreams. What makes us stand out is the fact that we assure you that you visit the Best Locations and Offbeat spots within the given time frame.

Delectable Food

Whether you're traversing mountains or exploring offbeat locales, you may experience weak mobile connectivity, but rest assured, you'll indulge in top-notch cuisine. Our menu seamlessly combines nutrition, scrumptiousness, and palate-pleasing flavors!

Comfortable Stay

Imagine waking up, opening your window, and being greeted by the wonders of nature so close you could almost touch them. Our accommodations prioritize safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Secure Transportation

No compromises on the roads—period! Expect secure vehicles and a driver well-versed in the routes we traverse. Buckle up and savor the journey through every curve.

Life at JW


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B-42, 2nd Floor, Tower- B, The Corenthum, Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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