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Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(8).jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(4)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(7)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(15)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(5)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(3)-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(11)-5-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-JustWravel_(9)-6-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(4)-0-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(9)-1-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(15)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(18)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(27)-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(1)-5-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Nagtibba_Trek_-_JustWravel_(26)-6-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
2 days
30th Mar to 31st Mar

5300 /-

Trek to NagTibba

Nag Tibba also called as Serpent’s Peak is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayas in Garhwal region. Situated at a height of 3022 meters above the sea level, the peak offers majestic views of some remarkable peaks such as Swargarohini, Banderpooch, Kala Nag and many more. The difficulty level of the trek is easy and is best suited for beginners. The trail passes through villages, dense forest and meadows. It is considered the best weekend trek near to Delhi.

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LRM_EXPORT_20180828_175751.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_174712-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_174814-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_174955-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_174617-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_175225-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_175326-5-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_175441-6-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_175751-7-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_20180828_175859-8-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
2 days
30th Mar to 31st Mar

6500 /-

Paragliding and Trekking at Bir Billing package

Bir Billing the paragliding capital of India, is a noted center for ecotourism, spiritual studies and meditation.  Bir is also home to a Tibetan refugee settlement with several Buddhist monasteries and a large stupa. The Bir-Billing area is a popular site for paraglider pilots, both Indians and visitors from all over the world. The village continues to host periodic international competitions and events. The paragliding launch site is in the meadow at Billing (14 km north of Bir), at an elevation of 2400 metres, while the landing site and most tourist accommodations are in the village of Chowgan (also spelled Chaugan), on the southern edge of Bir.

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Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_-_Copy.jpg - Justwravel
Justwravel_adventure_Baggi_1500615277_0Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(2).jpg - Justwravel
Justwravel_adventure_Baggi_1500615277_2Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(6).jpg - Justwravel
Justwravel_adventure_Baggi_1500615277_5Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(7).jpg - Justwravel
Justwravel_adventure_Baggi_1500615277_6Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(10).jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-JustWravel_(35)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-JustWravel_(41)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-JustWravel_(37)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-JustWravel_(27)-3-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-JustWravel_(28)-4-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-JustWravel_(15)-5-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(5)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(7)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake_-_JustWravel_(8)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-_JustWravel_(1)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-_JustWravel_(6)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-_JustWravel_(4)-2-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Parashar_Lake-_JustWravel_(9)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
2 days
30th Mar to 31st Mar

5500 /-

Parashar Lake Trek

Parashar Lake is a sacred lake located on the top of a hill near the Baggi village in the Mandi district. The lake is situated at a height of 2730m above sea level and it is dedicated to Sage Parashar. There is a temple situated near the lake and is believed to be built in the 13th century. The lake houses a floating island which keeps changing its position time to time. With many stories doing the round few believed that it hasn’t shifted for the past three months and with the help of island shifts locals can predict weather conditions and can be prepared for worse. According to locals, it is said that the water level of the lake has been maintained for centuries now. There is no water source to the lake. The lake is surrounded by snow-laden peaks of Himachal Pradesh most of the time of the year. One can have clear views of mighty peaks such as Indrasan, Deo Tibba, etc. It is one of the few weekend treks from Delhi and Chandigarh.

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Kanatal_Weekend_Getaway_from_Delhi_-_JustWravel_(3).jpg - Justwravel
Kanatal_Weekend_Getaway_from_Delhi_-_JustWravel_(1)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Kanatal_Weekend_Getaway_from_Delhi_-_JustWravel_(4)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Kanatal_Weekend_Getaway_from_Delhi_-_JustWravel_(5)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Kanatal_Weekend_Getaway_from_Delhi_-_JustWravel_(3)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
IMG_7527-0-JustWravel1.jpg - Justwravel
IMG_7454-1-JustWravel1.jpg - Justwravel
IMG_7524-2-JustWravel1.jpg - Justwravel
IMG_7562-3-JustWravel1.jpg - Justwravel
IMG_7521-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
IMG_7521-0-JustWravel1.jpg - Justwravel
2 days
13th Apr to 14th Apr

4400 /-

Kanatal Camping

Kanatal is a small village in Uttrakhand state about 80 kms from Rishikesh. A picturesque location set in Garhwal hills and makes it a perfect weekend getaway for Travelers from New Delhi , Chandigarh and around. At an elevation of 8500 feet , it is located between Mussoorie and Chamba. The place is still unexplored but can be easily reached as it connected by roads from Mussoorie as well as via Rishikesh & Chamba. Great place to explore for nature lovers, photographers and families who are looking for leisure stays away from hustle bustle of touristy locations. The temperature here hovers between 10-20 degrees Celsius in summers. In winters, it presents a wonderful sight of snow carpeted grounds and trees , a white wonderland with temperature lying between 5-10 degrees.

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Spiti_Valley_tour_in_Winter_-_JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
5b1720ca-22b4-406d-a3e8-0f4d63d793a3-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
c03970bf-dce7-4d37-8341-e3fa9c7d9218-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
61b9ba39-3b82-4405-b655-8e77573bd5ff-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
152f39e0-4939-4838-a0e6-c7d0430a87ed-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
8 days
13th Apr to 20th Apr

19000 /-

Spiti Valley in Winters

Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” means “The Middle Land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India. Winters in Spiti are extremely harsh and temperatures sometimes drop to as low as -20º Celsius. Winters here are frigid and there is no running water in taps. All that Spiti has in winters is the never ending adventure and a white blanket of snow!     Highlights of the Tour Snow Laden Landscape and Negative Temperatures. Be a part of a Local family during your visit and experience and understand the living in winters of Cold dessert Spiti valley. One can find the Soul of a Place at Spiti valley in winters as it won’t be crowded.

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LRM_EXPORT_899419622112886_20181006_125844891.jpeg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_161910259485922_20181010_225124747-0-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_435262368206637_20181015_210635778-1-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
LRM_EXPORT_899419622112886_20181006_125844891-2-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Road_Trip_to_Bhutan-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
8 days
14th Apr to 21st Apr

26000 /-

Road Trip to Bhutan - The Land of Thunderdragon

Bhutan, also recognised by Kingdom of Bhutan and Land of Thunder Dragon, is a tiny country in Asia settled in the lap of Eastern Himalayas. The 70% area of Bhutan is still covered with forest and this is the main beauty of Bhutan and that is why it comes under the hidden treasures in terms of natural beauty. Another unique thing about Bhutan is that it has developed the concept of Gross National Happiness in which development is measured by happiness of the residents and peacefulness. There are ample places to visit which include Ancient forts, monasteries, trekking trails, magnificent valleys, forest, Buddhist relics, etc. One can find rare animals here such as Black necked crane and Red Panda. The trip that we are organising will be starting from Bagdogra Airport and the places that we will cover are Phuentsholing, Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Tiger’s Nest, Dochu La & Chele La.

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Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(7).jpg - Justwravel
Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(1)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(3)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(5)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(4)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(8)-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Har_ki_Dun_Trek-_JustWravel_(2)-5-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
7 days
15th Apr to 21st Apr

10500 /-

Har Ki Doon Trek

Har Ki Doon a.k.a The Valley of Gods is one of the gorgeous treks in the state of Uttarakhand. Situated in the vicinity of Govind Pashu Wildlife Sanctuary in the Uttarkashi district, the trek is boomed with rich varieties of flora and fauna. The route of this trek is quite interesting and offers one with the views of dense jungle, quaint villages on the way, a magnificent valley and mighty Himalayan peaks. The best time to go on this trek is in summers and post-monsoon as the trail gets blessed by green patches having orchids, rhododendrons and other blossoms. The difficulty level of this trek varies from easy to moderate and is suitable for first timers as well as experienced trekkers. Mythological stories about the trek: The trail of this trek is ancient and is linked with legendary stories. According to locals, it is the same route that Pandavas took on their way to heaven and that is why it is called “Valley of Gods”. There is one beautiful peak visible from the valley named Swargarohini and it is called the stairway to heaven. As Yudishthara  (one of the Pandavas) climbed this peak with his dog and reached the heaven. Apart from all this, there is one quaint village called Osla, situated on the way to Har ki Doon and it is one of the rare villages having a temple of Duryodhana (a Mahabharata character).

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Brahmataal_-_JustWravel_(4).jpg - Justwravel
Brahmataal_-_JustWravel_(1)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Brahmataal_-_JustWravel_(2)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Brahmataal_-_JustWravel_(3)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Brahmataal_-_JustWravel_(5)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Brahmataal_-_JustWravel_(6)-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
6 days
16th Apr to 21st Apr

9000 /-

Brahmatal Trek

The Himalayas lets you venture into a few treks in winter that are as adventurous and stunning as Brahmatal. The amount of snow at the trek teases every trekker to take up the challenge. Forests coupled with impressive views of the Himalayas is a treat to the shutterbugs. Brahmatal reveals a heavenly facet in winter when the snow gently falls on its slopes. The frozen lake with the mighty Himalayan peaks overlooking it creates a mesmerizing ambiance. The trekkers are awed by the views of summits over 7000 meters. Where else would we encounter such high peaks at such close proximity, we wonder! Girded by myths and other stories, Brahmatal is a high altitude lake settled in the mountain ranges of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarkhand. The trek looks amazingly beautiful during the winters as it receives an ample amount of snow which make this an ideal winter trek and can be done in the months of December, January, February and March. The trail of this trek passes through the dense forests of oak and rhododendrons and reaches the white snow-covered meadows. Apart from this, the thing which attracts trekkers are the lakeside camping at the Bekaltal campsite and grand views of the Himalayan peaks. One can have a very clear and close view of the Mt. Trisul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti. The Brahmatal trek is recommended for beginners and less experienced trekkers. The terrain is good and gradually ascends. Why Brahmatal Trek is famous? Brahmatal trek is a classic winter trek. For one, most of the trek is on snow, which makes it terribly exciting and amazing. Trekkers love camping beside the frozen shores of Bekaltal. Suitable for beginners as well as less experienced trekkers This trek takes one through beautiful valleys,s treams,o ak trees and hushed hamlets.

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Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(11).jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(1)-0-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(4)-1-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(7)-2-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(8)-3-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(10)-4-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(11)-5-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(12)-6-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
Kedarkantha_Trek-JustWravel_(2)-7-JustWravel.jpeg - Justwravel
5 days
17th Apr to 21st Apr

9000 /-

Kedarkantha Trek

Embellished with stunning scenes of snow set on the trail and decorated with trees, trek to Kedarkantha is one of the most popular winter treks in the Indian Himalayas. The views of falling snow from sky and trees are just mesmerizing and adding to this, the views of Himalayan peaks make this trek a wonderful one. The peak stands at an elevation of 3810 meters above the sea level and the trail covers a distance of around 20 km. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and is recommended for beginners as well as experienced ones. The journey to the summit offers breathtaking views of snowcapped mountain peaks, rampant greenery along the trail, beautiful landscapes, extensive variety of flora and much more. Situated in the Western Garhwal region in the Uttarkashi district, the trek starts from a small village called Sankri. The trek can be done throughout the year but the best experience that one can get by doing this trek is during winters (December – April)

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Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(20).jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(4)-1501056435-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal-JustWravel_(10)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal-JustWravel_(5)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal-JustWravel_(6)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal-JustWravel_(3)-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal-JustWravel_(8)-5-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal-JustWravel_(15)-6-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(23)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(13)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(14)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(1)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(5)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(2)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Dayara_Bugyal_-_JustWravel_(10)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
4 days
18th Apr to 21st Apr

8000 /-

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Himalayas have always been a charming destination for nature and adventure lovers. Apart from snow clad mountains and forest, Himalayas are also famous for its scenic meadows, also called as Bugyals in local language Uttarakhand. The route to these meadows are also scenic and over the time have become prominent trekking routes. In Uttarakhand, there are several scenic bugyals where one can trek and one such is Dayara Bugyal. The trek to Dayara Bugyal starts from and ends at a small village, Barsu situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The village is 180 km from the state capital, i.e., Dehradun. It takes around 8 hours to reach the village from Dehradun. The whole trek is scenic and passes through forest, lake, and meadows. One gets to see several snow-capped peaks of Greater Himalayas during the trek. Bakharia Top, standing at an elevation of 12000 feet, is the highest point that can be reached on this trek.

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Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(1).jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(2)-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(3)-1-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(5)-2-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(13)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(6)-4-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(10)-5-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(8)-6-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(14)-7-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Jibhi_Road_Trip_-_JustWravel_(11)-8-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
3 days
19th Apr to 21st Apr

7100 /-

Road trip to Jibhi

Jibhi is a secluded gem in the Tirthan/ Banjar Valley of the Great Himalayan National Park, about 40 kms from Aut. A serene picturesque location in Himachal Pradesh which usually goes unnoticed because of the newly constructed tunnel which guides people to Kullu and Manali. Making Jibhi a perfect weekend or extended weekend getaway for Wravelers looking to stay away from hustle bustle of overcrowded tourist destinations. The mountains surrounding Jibhi are lush with pine and cedar forests and it is also just one hour away from the highway connecting Manali and Chandigarh. A short drive from picturesque Jalori Pass, Jibhi is a good base for hiking, birding, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors.

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IMG_8435.jpg - Justwravel
Triund_Trek_-_JustWravel_(11)-0-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Triund_Trek_-_JustWravel_(2)-1-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Triund_Trek_-_JustWravel_(3)-2-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Triund_Trek_-_JustWravel_(5)-3-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
Triund_Trek_-_JustWravel_(7)-4-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Triund_Trek-_JustWravel_(3)-0-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Triund_Trek-_JustWravel_(1)-1-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Triund_Trek-_JustWravel_(2)-2-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Ilaqa_Pass_-_JustWravel_(4)-3-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
Ilaqa_Pass_-_JustWravel_(5)-4-JustWravel.JPG - Justwravel
IMG_8434-0-JustWravel.jpg - Justwravel
3 days
19th Apr to 21st Apr

5500 /-

Road trip to McleodGanj and Triund Trek

Mcleodganj, is famously known as “Little Lhasa (Tibet) of India” and is situated in the outskirts of Dharamshala. It is a small and beautiful hill station with a blend of Tibetan and Indian culture situated at a height of 2082 mts (6831 feet). The place is nestled amidst the mighty hills of Dhauladhars and is a great weekend getaway for people living in Chandigarh,New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ambala and other neighbouring cities. This is a 3 day trip from New Delhi wherein,we spend one day in McleodGanj exploring the place, visiting monastery , Bhagsu waterfall , cafe hoping . Just knowing about the place and people. The mix of culture that has so easily blend in the routine of the town.The following day after having our breakfast we start our trek to Triund, which is a very good hike starting from McleodGanj and curling upto to the top.Camping under the under the stars, view of the valley , sunrise dazzling the snow covered peaks are few things to watch out for at Triund.

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I travel with shadab and rahbar at sari village and chopta so it is really good to travel with them. I really enjoyed my trip.
-- Rahul Ranjan
Amazing experience with JustWravel. Our guide Rahbar made the Prashar trek an unforgettable experience for all of us. Thanks, keep up the great work you guys put together as a team.
-- Kritika Kamra
It has been very pleasant and cheerful experience to Parashar lake trek with JustWravel. After we have reached meeting point at Bagi, we were warmly welcomed by JustWravel team and trip started as per given scheduled time. Despite the fact we were so tired after long journey, JustWravel team made us so comfortable and offer us clean washrooms to get fresh and yummy nutritious breakfast initially. Then they have offered us packed lunch which was hygienic and tasty. Since the trek was difficult however Mr. Rahbar (uff Ray) boost all participants with positive energy. One good part was JustWravel team was really equipped with excellent communication system, Medical emergency kit, safety guidelines and many more. Once we have reached first day destination to Base Camp, they offered us unexpected very good snacks and Tea, which was amazing as after lots of energy loss during the trekking. Next day morning we have again started as per given schedule after healthy and nutritious breakfast. Trek was so difficult due to heavy snow but once we have reached our destination it was so amazingly beautiful place then JustWravel team organised then we have started our journey back to village. While coming down many of our participants were exhausted however JustWravel team really taking care of all the participants. We all came down safe and sound and we all again get refreshed after taking bath and yummy food. From beginning till end all trek was covered as per giving schedule which was great. I must say if you booked with JustWravel you will always feel safe and get many surprises by good food like Rajmah Chawal, Tea ,Puri aaloo and many more at above sea level. I must recommend all hiking lover must try JustWravel once and make your trekking memorable. Special Thanks to Rahbar (uff Ray).
-- Neeraj Singh
We went to Parashar lake last week with trek guide Rahbar. The experience was awesome and it's my first trek. My friend recommended to choose JustWravel.The only problem with the driver of traveller. He needs music entire night for driving which did not makes us to sleep comfortable. Except that everything is excellent. I recommend JustWravel.
-- Lakshman
This was my 2nd Trip with JustWravel, But it was my first Solo Trip Travel..I went to NAGTIBBA Trek and the overall experience was absolutely phenomenal. specially Thankss to Trip leader (SHADAB) ???? And also thanks To AJAY (Local guide).???? Shadab is friendly and ensured a comfortable stay with utilities which gave an exciting camping experience.. All arrangements including the stay, food, were very good. Completely satisfied with the trip and the arrangements. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful trip. Thankyouu JustWravel and Shadab????????????????
-- Zin Shrey
The nag tibba trek was my first trek which was guided by shadab and the experiences that i have received was awesome. From climbing stones to food, every thing was organized. Thanks for making dream into reality.
-- Nupur Kumar
Highly recommended!! Superb experience. This was my first trek with Justwravel and I am extremely satisfied with the good food and accommodation they provided us in Prashar lake trek. Specially our team leader Rahbar helped us a lot while trekking and also he carried all the required medical kit with him. Thank you so much Justwravel for making this trip memorable.. many more to come!!????
-- Urvashi Sharma
went to chopta Chandrashila trek with Just Wravel, it was an awesome experience. The trek lead was really helpful
-- Karthik Nathan
Justwravel fullfilled our expectation more as we expect . This group trip was really memorable to me . Whole bunch of guys were really amazing nd so we all njoyed a lot. Our trek leader Abhishek Negi was really helping and supportive all the time . Lucky to hav a trip wid Justwravel. # Wravelers bole to Bhut Hard Bhut Hard #?????
-- Tarana Sharma
I chose JustWravel for my first solo trekking experience and it was amazing. Our trek leader Shadab was really helpful and co-operative. Met amazing people and had a really fun and awesome experience.
-- Abhishek Singh
The most experienced and well-equipped Travel Organizers of all time. They do deliver what they commit. Best part is that their Trek Leader/Tour Leader easily foresee things and manage the schedule accordingly. Before the tour, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it to my office on Monday but All credit to our Tour Leader - Rahbar Alam *The Rockstar*. He proved to be the One-Man Army. Think anything related to tour and He is there with his full-proof escape plan. I wish to be accompanied by Rahbar Bhai for my next tour which I'm gonna plan with JustWravel soon. I have done more than 10-12 Treks but This Prashar Lake Trek with JustWravel Team proved to be the Best and Unforgettable of them all. Thanks for the never fading memories Team JustWravel.
-- Sambhav Thakur
Had super amazing experience with JustWravel, it was a very well organised Trek, thanks to our team lead Shadab, I have no complaints whatsoever, the entire Trek was well managed and Oh so Fun!!!!!
-- Sonal Tiwari

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Who We Are?

We are Wravelers: Wanderers + Travelers

The travel bug hit us at an early age when we were just some college chaps, looking to travel as much as possible and not get tangled into that 3x3 cubicle of a large MNC working 9-5 job later on.

Set out with some major goals in life to travel, one by one, we all joined hands, shoulder to shoulder sharing responsibilities and sharing the love and passion for travelling and calling ourselves Wravelers. Gaining experience with time and with our travels, we went from colleagues to friends who share the dream of becoming known to people to farthest corners of the country and outside alike.

We curate the best possible trips for those who find it difficult to do it do it on their own and in doing that we keep in mind to keep the burden on the pockets away. We at JustWravel give you the experience of pocket friendly trips that has a Wravelers touch to it. We bring out the essence of escaping the rat race as often as possible and experience life the way it should be. We promise to give that experience to you that would make you stay and grow as part of our Wraveler Family.

Let us be your travel Sherpa while you are the vagabonds and trot the country which withholds immense unexplored beauty. We always have this urge to travel, explore, wander and with this what we love doing most is riding “road trips”- Rideout. We believe there are many places to travel depending on the kind of traveler you are.

India having varied culture, geography has a lot to offer which not many people are aware of. Searching for a location in it is a very tedious task. JustWravel works on theme RideOut where we encourage people to experience not just the destination but the journey as well. Play your own songs, drive your own route, and stay wherever you want to without exceeding your budget.

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