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Every employee loves his/her own personal space. They learn, they adapt and they change accordingly with their surroundings. The only key factor that is left out between the process is coming out of their comfort zone. Solutions can be found to even the biggest problems if discussed.

Thus, we provide you with an environment where the process of communication is an integral part which not only helps your employees in showing proactiveness but also as an employer you get better results as everyone learns to co-ordinate & communicate effectively

Benefits as an employer

Benefits as an employee

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Our Offerings

Along with many other verticals as solution providers, JustWravel offers corporate excursions with end to end offerings:

Ice Breaking Sessions

These sessions involve many introduction based activities which involves the participants in getting to know each other by learning & discovering things about their peers in a creative manner.

Team Building Activities

We offer a bucket full of team building activities to choose from. Which involves dividing participants in different teams at different points in a healthy competitive manner to help them understand the importance of team work and team efficiency.

Communication Activities

The key to success is knowing how to communicate amongst your peers effectively. Our communication activities help its participants to understand the importance of message being communicated and different elements of communication eg. tone & body language.

Live Jamming Sessions

Rhythm defines the circle of work & so does music when it comes to life for certain people. With our unique live jamming sessions we give everyone an opportunity to bring out his/her inner Mozart & join us in live Jamming Sessions. These sessions not only act as good stress-busters but also help one in getting in touch with the inner artist.

Off-beat Venues

We offer a variety of off-beat locations across Delhi-NCR to choose from for your next corporate excursion with an absolutely peaceful ambience and top of the class in-house facilities & hospitality.


We offer various end to end solutions in the field of MICE. Whether it is a meeting outside your boardroom walls or a product/success/investor meet, we have you covered. You just tell us your requirements and leave the rest to us.

Adventure Activities

We offer a list of out-bound adventure activities to give you that adrenaline rush to help you break your daily routine's monotony. We also offer various in-house adventure activities eg. Rapelling, Rock Climing and Adventure course at most of our properties/locations.

Nature Walks

It's always good to take a walk along a green trail and breathe in some fresh air away from the city life. Our nature walks take you through a peaceful walk to rejuvenate yourself while witnessing the morning sunrise or the evening sunset with some leisure 'me-time'. We can also trek to a nearby waterfall (if time and weather permits) for a nice lunch.

Photo Walks

Photography is the art of painting with lights. With the advancement in technology and amazing camera phones in hand every one is a photographer. The Photo Walks involve using and understanding various angles and techniques to capture still images by a Professional Photographer who guides you in using your DSLR/Phone Camera most efficiently.

Story Telling Sessions

"Traveling : it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."-Ibn Batuta. Our story telling sessions involve listening to amazing stories from people who belong to the local culture and place which you are visiting or else we give everyone an opportunity to share their stories and let their heart out while we all sit around a cozy bon-fire under a sky full of stars.

Yoga Retreat

Yoga is the art of connecting with one's own soul. What else would you want after a full month of targets and meetings? A small retreat at a peaceful place with a mesmerising view and all above that A Yoga Instructor to guide you through the process of staying healthy not only mentally but also physically.

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