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You are not living, if you are not dreaming

Years ago, when Justwravel organized its first trip, we had the opportunity to turn other people's dreams into reality. We became the bridge that narrowed the gap between individuals and their travel dreams.

With over 7 years of experience and the sole aim of creating a community of like-minded travelers, Justwravel takes pride in having served the various needs of travel enthusiasts. We have satisfied the travel cravings of 50,000+ Wravelers, completed over 10,000 successful trips, and made 50+ destinations accessible. With consistent support and encouragement from our Wravelers, Justwravel has emerged as a trailblazer in curating remarkable experiences for adventure seekers and wanderlust-driven souls.

As an ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of India) registered community, safety is our paramount concern. Our trip leaders are not just adventurers but certified experts, holding AMC & BMC certifications and equipped with first-aid training. We ensure that every journey with us is both thrilling and secure.

Being the first travel community to provide free travel insurance for adventure activities up to 4.5 lakhs, we financially back our customers. Our constant dedication and hard work have helped us earn the following achievements:

  • Incubated by IIM Bangalore | NSRCEL
  • A proud member of Uttar Pradesh Tourism, recognized as an adventure tour operator
  • Supported by Google For Startups
  • Winner of TripAdvisor's Travel Choice Award in 2020 and 2023
  • Three-time recipient of the MSME Best Enterprise (Travel & Tourism) award
  • Featured on Business Standard and ANI

At Justwravel, we are not just a travel agency ; we are a community of passionate explorers dedicated to crafting the ultimate travel experiences for you. All the milestones we have achieved are a result of the constant support and positive feedback from our travelers.

From the very beginning to this day, all Justwravel has tried and worked is for the community, for the divine places we witness, and for the passion of Travel. Don't think you need another reason to choose us?


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What is Spiti Valley famous for?
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Ultimate Backpacking Trips

Spiti Valley is a more modest and more immaculate form of Ladakh. It is one of the secret marvels of the Himalayas where the color palette of nature is diverse, containing cobalt blue skies, jade green forests, crystal clear lakes, earthen terrains and ivory mountains covered in snow during winters.  This is one of the reasons that a backpacking trip to Spiti valley is on the bucket list of many travelers. Be it a 4x4 Spiti winter expedition or a simple road trip to Spiti Valley. The jagged bypasses make Spiti valley a perfect spot for off-roading and the quaint villages offer peace one doesn’t find in metropolitan cities. The majestic mountains, scantily populated hamlets at significant distances, fresh air in the meadows and similarly delightful Himalayan lakes and Spiti river are the main attractions of this segregated land.  The slow paced life makes it easier for people to co-exist with the flora and fauna and one can traverse the valleys for a rare sighting of Snow Leopards and other animals like Ibex, Himalayan blue sheep, yaks and much more.


Spiti is also known for its sparkling streams, from the Spiti river which is a tributary of the Sutlej river to the crescent moon shaped lake that is Chandratal.

The sound of the relentless flow of water in these rivers itself is enough to set your mind at ease but it’s when you spend a moment or two by the riverside, do you truly get to experience the tranquility that exists in the heart of Spiti.  Kinnaur has forest covered mountains while Spiti entirely consists of cold desert mountains.  The ruined mountains of this high-height cold desert and profound ravines uncover the regular magnificence of the landscape and varying topography. It passes through a portion of the world's most noteworthy Himalayan towns, old religious communities, and excursions over high passes.   In a nutshell, Spiti Valley is the perfect blend of adventure and peace. A paradise for snow fanatics, thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. The best time to visit Spiti valley, especially when it comes to witnessing The Land of Lamas in all its splendor, is from the months of January to March.  All throughout Spiti Valley backpacking trips, you will get to traverse through unpaved roads and get to have the experience of driving on the wicked trails that you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, any trip to Spiti Valley remains incomplete without mixing with local people and exploring the slow pace with which people spend their lives here.  Furthermore, being away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Spiti Valley makes you sigh in relief by making you forget all about the baggage you carry on our shoulders, simply by taking you in it’s embrace.


There is a lot more to Spiti than what meets the eye and these backpacking trips to Spiti valley only give you a small glimpse at the rich culture and age old traditions that have been preserved by the locals. 

Life in Spiti is relatively simple but there’s no end to the hardships that come with the heavenly snow showers.  During winters, the temperature drops below -30 degrees and makes life even harder as getting access to water is nearly impossible especially since, even the rivers that gush out of the gorges in the southeast region to form a commune with the Sutlej river gets frozen as well. 

Even when the harsh cold winds and inches of snow aren’t there, the livelihood of the locals doesn’t magically improve significantly, since the annual rainfall in the mountain desert area of Spiti remains at an average of a mere 6.7 inches.  The herds of sheeps, yaks and other livestock are taken to grasslands when the cropping season begins. Potatoes, peas, barley are sown into the lands and since there is little to no rainwater that locals can use for irrigation practices, they use the water melted from the glaciers and direct it through channels to the fields.  It is during the summer season that you get to see the green tapestry spread on the land of Spiti Valley and the earthy hues that are a reminder of the barren lands disappear for a while.  Apart from the hard work that people show through their determination during cultivation, the other predominant factor that shapes the principles of locals in Spiti is their faith.  Buddhism was first introduced to the Lahaul-Spiti district in the 8th century AD and over the years, it became the core foundation of the rich culture and heritage that spread throughout the valley and is now the pride of Spiti and its people. 


It is tradition in Spiti for the first born son to take up farming and for the second son to become a Lama. The children are sent to become monks as soon as they become 8 years old and their parents take great honor in following this old age custom and keeping it alive. On one hand, we have the 1000 year old Tabo Monastery which was established in 996 CE and still remains to be the oldest continuously operating monastery in the world and is considered to be the holiest Buddhist site in the world.  The Tabo monastery has also been an integral part of the transmission of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist culture.

There are nine temples in Tabo Monastery along with assembly halls. In every assembly hall, there is a Stupa containing everything from the belongings of the great Lama to ancient relics, gold and silver paintings and even bodies of great Buddhist masters. 


What is remarkable and distinctive about the stupas in Tabo is that they resemble the landscape of Spiti valley and seem to be carved out of the very ground they stay perched upon.  On the other hand, the women of Spiti valley pray in a secluded monastery in an abandoned village near Lari where a single monk resides to meditate in peace and have been living in solidarity for more than two decades. The monastery is said to be at least as old as Tabo and the women go there to pray for snow so they have enough water for irrigation when farming season begins. Another interesting fact is that the Langza village which translates to “The village of Gods” has an abundance of fossils that indicate the centuries old history associated with the valley. The ancient fossils that the children use as play toys tell the story of a continental drift. They hint at the existence of a sea bed that once was and which now has become the land we know as Spiti Valley.  It is only fair that through these villages, monasteries, lakes and landscapes are explored consciously to bridge the gap between the tourists and the locals and that is one of the reasons why we organize these backpacking trips to Spiti.  From the popular attractions of Spiti valley like the Kee Monastery which is the oldest and largest monastery in Spiti, Chicham bridge which is the highest bridge in Asia with an altitude of 13,596 ft, the world's highest post office in Hikkim at a staggering height of 14,400ft to tiny hamlets that remain unexplored, these trips to Spiti valley ensure that you get to make the most out of this experience and visit all the best places in Spiti regardless of their popularity in mainstream tourism.  In a nutshell, all our Spiti valley trips are carefully curated while keeping in mind that there is a sense of responsibility that befalls on us as a travel community whose aim is to organize trips that are not only for our travelers but also for everyone who is involved in this journey. 



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