Leh Ladakh Bike Trip From Srinagar

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A bike trip to Leh Ladakh is a dream for many adventure enthusiasts and it remains on the top of the bucket list of most people. The reason is that Ladakh is in all literal sense, the land of high passes with jagged terrains and wicked roads that are perfect for offroading. Thrill-seekers from different corners of the world come to Ladakh to get a taste of the adrenaline high that driving on these high altitude passes gives them. 

Naturally, a bike trip to Leh Ladakh from Srinagar is something that a lot of bike riders wish to join because they get to experience the thrill of driving on the highways of Ladakh and get to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives in Srinagar. This Ladakh bike trip itinerary is a perfect blend of both adventure and peace.  

There are two ways to reach Ladakh by road, One of them being the Srinagar- Leh Highway and the other one being the Manali route. 

The Srinagar - Leh Highway is an ideal choice, not only because it runs alongside the Indus river providing a beautiful landscape throughout your long drive but also because the gradual ascend helps in making you acclimated to the region and weather conditions. When you drive to Leh from Srinagar, you are also traversing through the Kargil region, in close proximity to the LOC which makes the trip all the more interesting.

In this Leh Ladakh bike trip starting from Srinagar, we first traverse through the iconic Zojila Pass to reach Kargil. Located at an altitude of 11,575 ft, the pass offers a stunning view of the great Himalayas and connects Ladakh with Kashmir Valley. 

Situated on the banks of the Suru River (Indus), Kargil is the second-largest city in Ladakh, holding extreme historical significance as it was the site of the Kargil war back in 1999. After spending a night in Kargil, we will head towards Leh.

En- route to Leh, we will be traversing through Namika La. At an altitude of 12,139 ft, it is one of the two high passes in the Zanskar range of the Himalayas that connects Leh with Kargil. Riding on this pass with the rugged landscape of mountains in the backdrop will make the drive not only memorable but also thrilling. We will also be traversing through the Lamayuru Monastery, one of the oldest and largest gompas in Ladakh housing 140 monks at present. It’s also prominent because the annual dance festivals are hosted in the monastery where all the monks come together to pray. 

On our way to Leh from Kargil, we will also be passing through the highest point of Leh Srinagar, at an altitude of 13,478ft is the Fotu La Pass as well as the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus rivers. The fascinating part about Sangam is that both of these rivers reflect different colors whereas Zanskar is more of muddy brown color and Indus is the perfect pristine hue of blue. 

The route to Leh from Srinagar also encompasses some of the best attractions of Ladakh like Gurudwara Patthar Ganj Sahib which is a place where Sikhs, as well as Buddhists, come together to pay their respects. The gurdwara is dedicated to Guru Nanak Sahib and has an age-old legend associated with it, making it both spiritually and religiously significant. The Gurudwara is under the care of the Indian Army and people who come here to visit have to follow certain rules, one of them being that photography is prohibited inside the Gurudwara and hence, you have to witness the place of worship in person to understand its importance.

Another must-visit place in Ladakh that you get to visit when you’re traversing through the Srinagar - Leh route is the iconic Magnetic Hill. It is believed that the hill is one of the rare places that defy gravity. When driving in one of the spots where the force is supposedly the strongest, your vehicle travels uphill even if you’re driving in the opposite direction. Although it has been said that the uphill driving part is nothing short of a brilliant optical illusion, people do feel some sort of turbulence when driving which makes the magnetic hill one of the most fascinating and mysterious places in Ladakh. 

Last but not the least is The Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to all the martyrs who lost their lives during the many battles that occurred after the partition along with the Kargil war that happened in 1999 is a reminder of the many sacrifices that the land of Ladakh has witnessed in the past. The museum has a wall named “The Last Post” which has all the handwritten letters written by soldiers in their last few days before they lost their lives in the battle. It is one of the few places that would simultaneously leave your chest feeling hollow as well as make it brimming with pride. 

Finally, after traversing through all these iconic landmarks that make the road trip to Leh as fascinating as it is known to be, you’ll reach the heart of Ladakh where the local markets with their vibrant culture that is prominent in Leh will welcome you with open arms. 

Leh remains one of the most important places to visit in Ladakh, not just from a tourist perspective but also because it manages to offer you a glimpse at what your time in Ladakh would look like while also giving you the time to prepare for all that you’ll miss in other parts of Ladakh. Although the network is scarce in Ladakh, the last few traces of mobile networks that you get are limited to Leh and so are other things like shops where you can buy souvenirs from. 

A local sightseeing tour of Leh is one of the highlights of this Ladakh road trip and covers many historical as well as culturally significant places. The first one is Shey Palace or Shey Gompa which consists of the second largest Buddha statue of Ladakh in its embrace.  The gigantic copper statue is gilded with gold and is 12 meters tall covering three floors of the monastery. Apart from the noted statue, the monastery also has many paintings adorning its walls as well as manuscripts that have been preserved for centuries now. 

The next halt is Thiksey Monastery which is the largest gompa in central Ladakh. Nestled at an altitude of 11, 800 ft in the Indus Valley, the monastery has the largest statue of Maitreya Buddha covering the same height as that of a two-storey building. Apart from the statue and the fact that the Dalai Lama himself visited and commemorated the temple in 1970, it also holds many other stupas, statues, and thangka paintings that are of extreme importance. 

Last but not least stop in the Leh sightseeing tour would be the Shanti Stupa, a white dome structure enshrined by the Dalai Lama himself. The structure has become a significant part of Ladakh and its heritage. It holds ancient relics of Buddha himself in its abode. Due to being located at such a high altitude of 11,841 feet, it also offers a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding landscape making it a delight to visit for tourists. 

Although Leh is the heart of Ladakh, the land of high passes has many more beautiful gems that remain unexplored. One of them is Nubra Valley with the kind of beauty that leaves you awestruck. The best part about this mini road trip from Leh to Nubra is that you'll be traversing through  Khardung La pass which is one of the highest motorable passes in the world, with a staggering height of 18,379 ft. The pass is a gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valleys. 

Adventure enthusiasts from across the world come on this pass to experience the thrill of riding their bikes at high altitudes. Nubra also offers you the chance to indulge in adventure activities like Double Hump Bactrian Camel safari, ATV rides, and more. 

This Ladakh trip from Srinagar also allows us to explore some of the truly underrated and hidden gems of Ladakh. As the land stands witness to some of the major battlefields, it also forms a bridge for people to walk through the lanes of history. One of the many places that people are unaware of is the tiny village of Turtuk, the last village in India- the Pak border is only a few kilometers away from the LOC. The village was under the control of Pakistan until the war of 1971. Now it remains the last village in the Ladakh outpost. Apart from its historical and political significance, Turtuk is known for its variety of fruits and is especially renowned for its apricots.

Turtuk is also approximately only 71kms away from Siachen which is the world’s highest and coldest battlefield along with being the site of the Siachen conflict between India and China.

The next stop in this Ladakh bike trip from Srinagar is the pristine Pangong Tso, the saltwater lake freezes completely despite it's saline nature and changes color according to the position of the sun is one of the most fascinating attractions of Ladakh. The lake was hugely popularized after being featured in the Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots. The beauty of this lake cannot be summarized by words and camping by its side, enjoying the view of the starry night skies remains a dream of many travelers, and this road trip gives you the opportunity to live that dream.

The best part about this itinerary is that when you’re coming back from Pangong to Leh, you get to traverse another iconic pass which is the Chang La Pass and one that is located at an elevation of 17,688ft. 

As you head back from Leh to Sarchu on your return journey, you’d get to witness Moore plains which is a large stretch of barren land and are probably the only part of this entire trip where you get to drive straight on a tar road until you come across Gata Loops which is another highlight of this road trip and encompasses of more than 21 hairpin bends or loops that you’ve to traverse through to finally reach Sarchu. En route, you’ll be riding through Nakeela which is yet another popular mountain pass in Ladakh. 

The reason this bike trip from Srinagar to Ladakh is one of the most beautiful journeys you’ll come across is because of the ever-changing terrain that you ride through. From the beautiful valleys of Kashmir to the barren stretch of Ladakh to the lush green meadows that come into view once you’ve passed through Baralacha La and are heading to Manali.

The best time for any traveler to do this bike trip is from the months of June to September as the many passes that you get to traverse through only open up by then. You will get to have the ultimate off-roading experience on this bike trip from the months of June onwards. 

In a nutshell, this bike trip encompasses everything that a biker, as well as traveler, thinks of when they dream about a Leh Ladakh bike trip.

Short Itinerary

1st Day: Srinagar Arrival | Group Briefing | Bike Introduction

2nd Day: Srinagar to Kargil (210 Kilometers, 7 Hours Drive)

3rd Day: Kargil to Leh (216 Kilometers, 6 Hours Drive)

4th Day: Leh to Nubra Valley (162 Kilometers, 6 Hours Drive)

5th Day: Nubra to Turtuk/Siachen Base Camp (170 Kilometers, 6 Hours Drive)

6th Day: Nubra Valley to Pangong (200 Kilometers, 7 Hours Drive)

7th Day: Pangong to Leh (210 Kilometers, 7 hours)

8th Day: Leh to Sarchu (250 Kilometers, 10 Hours Drive)

9th Day: Sarchu to Jispa (90 Kilometers, 3.5 Hours Drive)

10th Day: Jispa to Manali (100 Kilometers, 3.5 Hours Drive)

11th Day: Manali Local sightseeing

12th Day: Delhi Arrival | Tour Ends


16th Jul to 27th Jul Filling Fast {16th Jul (Saturday) 10:00 AM to 27th Jul (Wednesday) 10:00 AM}

30th Jul to 10th Aug Open {30th Jul (Saturday) 10:00 AM to 10th Aug (Wednesday) 10:00 AM}

13th Aug to 24th Aug Filling Fast {13th Aug (Saturday) 10:00 AM to 24th Aug (Wednesday) 10:00 AM}

27th Aug to 7th Sep Open {27th Aug (Saturday) 10:00 AM to 7th Sep (Wednesday) 10:00 AM}

10th Sep to 21st Sep Open {10th Sep (Saturday) 10:00 AM to 21st Sep (Wednesday) 10:00 AM}


Srinagar to Delhi:

Dual Rider - Own Bike - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 33000 32000 / Person
Solo Rider - Own Bike - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 36500 36000 / Person
Tempo Traveller
Triple Occupancy 38500 38000 / Person
Dual Rider - 500 CC - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 43500 41500 / Person
Dual Rider - Himalayan- With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 44500 41500 / Person
Solo Rider - 350 CC - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 49500 49000 / Person
Solo Rider - 500 CC - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 56000 54500 / Person
Solo Rider - Himalayan - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 57000 54500 / Person

Itinerary (Srinagar to Delhi)

  • 1

    1st Day : Srinagar Arrival | Group Briefing | Bike Introduction

    • The group will assemble at Srinagar. We'll meet the team captains and a small tour briefing session will be conducted.
    • We will check in at our designated hotels. The rest of the day is at leisure but travelers are advised to explore the premises as much as they like.
    • Dinner will be served in the evening, followed by an overnight stay in Srinagar.

    *Note: Those who have opted for bikes provided by JustWravel will  be given early access to their respective motorcycles for a test drive, so they can get used to the feel of their two-wheeled vehicle.

  • 2

    2nd Day : Srinagar to Kargil (210 Kilometers, 7 Hours Drive)

    • After early morning breakfast, we will head towards Kargil. 
    • En-route, we will make a brief stop at  Zojila Pass. The world's second coldest road, this mountain pass in the Himalayas is the link between Srinagar and Ladakh.
    • We will reach Kargil in the afternoon. The second largest city in Ladakh, it was the site of the Kargil war back in 1999.
    • After checking in at our hotel rooms, we will relax before heading out for a local tour.
    • In the evening, after dinner, we will spend a night in Kargil.
  • 3

    3rd Day : Kargil to Leh (216 Kilometers, 6 Hours Drive)

    • Post breakfast, we will begin our journey from Kargil to Leh.
    • En route, we will be traversing through Namika La which is one of the highest passes between Kargil and Leh,  Lamayuru-Hills/ Monastery which is one of the oldest and largest Gompas in Ladakh as well as  Fotulla pass, and Sangam: the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar River.
    • We will also visit other tourist attractions such as Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic hill which is an anti-gravity hill as well as The Hall of Fame which is a war memorial maintained by the Indian Army.
    • Upon reaching Leh, we will check into our designated stays and freshen up. In the evening, we will head towards Shanti Stupa which is known for its beautiful white dome shape, statues, and intricate carvings.
    • Travelers can spend the rest of the day at leisure or explore the Leh Market before returning to the hotel where dinner will be served followed by an overnight stay in Leh.
  • 4

    4th Day : Leh to Nubra Valley (162 Kilometers, 6 Hours Drive)

    • Post breakfast, we’ll head out for Nubra Valley.
    • En-route we will make a pit stop for getting snacks at one of the Highest Motorable Road in the World, Khardung La. 
    • Upon reaching Nubra Valley, we’ll check into our campsite.
    • In the evening, travelers can enjoy indulge in a Double Hump Bactrian Camel safari, ATV rides and more. (on personal expense)
    • Post-check-in, Dinner will be served followed by overnight stay in Nubra Valley.
  • 5

    5th Day : Nubra to Turtuk/Siachen Base Camp (170 Kilometers, 6 Hours Drive)

    • After breakfast, We'll be heading out to Turtuk/Siachen Base Camp.
    • En-route, we'll be traversing through the Indo-Pak border (LOC) where we will also pay a visit.
    • We'll return to Nubra by the evening where we'll have dinner followed by an overnight stay.
  • 6

    6th Day : Nubra Valley to Pangong (200 Kilometers, 7 Hours Drive)

    • Post-breakfast, we’ll check out from our hotel/campsite and head towards Pangong Lake. 
    • En-route, we will visit the Diskit Monastery, popular for the the 100ft tall colorful statue of Buddha.
    • After paying our reverence at the monastery, we will resume our journey towards Pangong, the iconic lake that has gained popularity ever since featuring in the Bollywood blockbuster movie 3 Idiots.
    • Upon reaching Pangong, we will check-in to out campsite where we will have dinner followed by an overnight stay.
  • 7

    7th Day : Pangong to Leh (210 Kilometers, 7 hours)

    • After early morning breakfast, we'll head back to Leh.
    • Traversing through Chang La Pass, which is one of the highest passes in the world, we will head back to Leh. 
    • En route, We will visit Shey Palace known for its gold-gilded statue of Buddha which is the second tallest statue of Buddha in Ladakh. We will also visit the Thiksey Monastery which is the largest gompa in central Ladakh.
    • Upon reaching Leh, we will check into our designated hotel where we will have dinner and spend the night.


  • 8

    8th Day : Leh to Sarchu (250 Kilometers, 10 Hours Drive)

    • After breakfast, we will start our long drive to Sarchu. Surrounded by the great Himalayas, Sarchu is a major halt point on the Leh-Manali highway.
    • En route, we will cover More Plains, Gata loops (21 Hairpins), and Nakee La pass.
    • We will check into our camps. The rest of the day is at leisure.
    • Dinner followed by an overnight stay in Sarchu.
  • 9

    9th Day : Sarchu to Jispa (90 Kilometers, 3.5 Hours Drive)

    • We will check out of our campsite after breakfast.
    • We will be heading towards Jispa while traversing through scenic landscapes consisting of majestic mountains, lush valleys and many mountain passes like the iconic Baralacha-La Pass and the third highest lake in India, Suraj Tal. 
    • Upon reaching Jispa, we will check in to our designated campsites where we will have dinner and spend the night.
  • 10

    10th Day : Jispa to Manali (100 Kilometers, 3.5 Hours Drive)

    • Post breakfast, we will head towards Manali. En route, we will be traversing through the iconic Atal Tunnel. 
    • We'll make a quick pit stop at Sissu where we'll indulge in a bit of sightseeing.
    • Upon reaching Manali, Dinner will be provided followed by an overnight stay in hotel.
  • 11

    11th Day : Manali Local sightseeing

    • Post breakfast, we will be enjoying a Leisure Day at Manali. The participants are advised to go for cafe hopping, shopping, local sightseeing, and more.
    • After that, we will take an overnight Bus from Manali to Delhi for our return journey.
  • 12

    12th Day : Delhi Arrival | Tour Ends

    • We will reach Delhi early in the morning. The group will part part ways with fond memories.
    • End of Tour.

Trip Images


Transporation in Tempo Traveller from Srinagar to Manali.

Bike Rent with Fuel from Srinagar to Manali 

Riding Gears (Knee guard, Elbow guard, Helmet).

*Note: Due to comfort and safety reasons, we recommend you all to carry your own helmets for the ride. The helmets which we provide are of standard size so there can be some discrepancies regarding the sizes.

Accommodations on Triple sharing basis as per itinerary.

Meal Plan: 20 Meals (Brekfast+Dinner; Starting from Dinner on Day 1 till Breakfast on Day 11)

Trip Lead will be present at all times during the tour.

Manali to Delhi Bus Tickets

Backup Vehicle

Mechanical Support

Inner Line Permits

First Aid Kits

Oxygen Cylinders

Infrared Thermometer



5% GST

Early check-in at the hotel.

Any additional expenses such as of personal nature.

Additional accommodation/food costs incurred due to any delay travel.

Any lunch and other meals not mentioned in Package Inclusions.

Any Airfare / Rail fare other than what is mentioned in “Inclusions” or any type of transportation from Manali or Srinagar.

Parking and monument entry fees during sightseeing.

Additional Costs due to Flight Cancellations, Landslides, Roadblocks, and other natural calamities.

Any other services not specified above in inclusions.

Vehicle servicing or maintenance cost and security deposit per motorbike of Rs. 10,000/-. As per the deposit policy (This is refundable at the end of the trip if there is no damage or spare parts used.)

Cost of any spare part which will be used due to the accidental damage incurred when the motorbike is in the rider’s possession.

The cost incurred to transfer or tow the motorbike in case it is dropped on the way.

Vehicle Servicing Or Maintenance Cost.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be taken over the call or WhatsApp message. Please reply to the email of the payment receipt that you have received at the time of booking regarding the cancellation.

 Free Cancellation up to 60 days before the departure date (Booking amount is non-refundable)

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within 59 days to 45 days of the Departure Date then only 10% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within  44 Days to 30 Days of the Departure Date then only 25% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within 29 Days to 15 Days of the Departure Date then only 50% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within15 Days to 8 Days of the Departure Date then only 75% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within 7 Days from the Departure Date then 100% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

You are not applicable for a refund if you fail to show up on the day of departure under the given timeline that has been provided to you beforehand. 

There would be no refund provided in case there occur some problems due to government orders, harsh weather conditions, protests, landslides, or any other unforeseen circumstances. On the occasion of any such happenings, we have a backup plan ready most of the time and we'll be moving onto that. There are times when we would have to cancel some activities mentioned in the itinerary but it's only due to the reason that we would be bound by a circumstance that is not in our control.

 If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.) then the participants would be provided with a travel voucher for the same amount that can be used within 365 days of the issuance date for any package worth the same amount.

If a trek/trip has to be aborted midway due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.). In that case, no refund would be provided.

 JustWravel will not bear any extra expense due to any natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.).

Cancellations policy differs for popular destinations and also during peak season, kindly confirm with your operator once.

Things To Pack

Rucksack (60 Liters+)


Backpack Rain Cover


Woolen Cap

UV Protected Sunglasses

Inner Thermals (2 pairs)

Comfortable Pants (Prefer Cargo/Trek Pants )

Fleece Jacket

Warm Jacket

Down Jacket /Main Jacket



Socks (2 Woolen/2 Cotton)



Sturdy Comfortable Shoes


First Aid Kit

Personal Medication


Water Bottle

Power Bank

Mobile Charger/Travel Charger

Hand Sanitizer


Cold Cream

Lip Guard


Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 40+)

Documents – ID (Driver’s License, AADHAR Card, Voter ID:: Passport and Visa copy for Foreign Nationals)


Any bike which has an engine above 350 CC+ for a single rider and 500CC+ for the dual rider is considered more than enough. Make sure you carry spare parts and accessories for your bike in case of a breakdown. 

The standard best bike which can be used on a Leh Ladakh bike trip has to be the Royal Enfield Himalayan. 


The best bikes suggested for the Leh Ladakh Trip from Srinagar are:

1. Royal Enfield Classic 350CC

2. Royal Enfield Himalayan 400CC

3. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500CC

Note: Royal Enfields are the most preferred bikes in the terrain as the spare parts for the same are more readily available than any other bikes. 


The best time to do a Leh Ladakh bike trip from Srinagar is from June onwards. The reason for that is because all the motorable passes that get closed due to heavy snowfall open by then. 


Although it is safe to Ladakh bike trip from Srinagar, it depends on the situation on the international borders. Sometimes we have faced roadblocks around Srinagar if the situation is not conducive for the trip.


If you are planning your trip in June then there are a lot more chances that you will get to see snow. After that in July, the chances are a little low and henceforth. But you might witness snowfall on any of the passes the reason that snowfall depends on the weather on the day and a little bit on your luck.


Leh-Ladakh region is accessible only in June, July, August, and September for bikers or even for people who are traveling from Manali or Srinagar. The reason is the harsh weather and heavy snowfall during the other months which result in the closure of all the passes connecting Manali to Leh and similarly Srinagar to Leh. Once the weather improves during the summer months, the snow on the passes melts making it clear for vehicles to pass and finally being able to reach Leh by Manali or Srinagar.


Due to the army movement, the BRO ( Border Road Organization) always tries to maintain the roads. This is why the roads are really good, but then some patches might not be that smooth but are loved by off-roading enthusiasts. It will be about 50% tar road and 50% off-roading in general terms.


The last petrol pump on the Manali-Leh route is at Tandi. After that, there is one just a few kilometers before reaching Leh. In our group departures, we carry extra fuel in the backup vehicle. For riders doing the bike trip from Srinagar on their own, make sure you get your bike fuelled at Manali, then refueled again at Tandi, and always keep 10 liters of fuel for backup in extra canisters. Make sure to always top up your tanks in the morning before starting your ride.


Leh-Ladakh bike trip is not as easy as it seems. It can be strenuous as you've to ride for about 6 to 7 hours and cover a distance of approximately150 180 kilometers per day on average for 10-12 days depending on the Itinerary.  A good level of fitness is required or else it will become extremely difficult in the latter days of the trip.


Most of us live in plain regions and hence our bodies get plenty of oxygen from the air but when it comes to high-altitude regions, it’s a different case. Anywhere between 8,000ft to 12,000ft above sea level is considered a high altitude. When you move to high-altitude regions, the air pressure changes and the oxygen level decreases. Since your body’s demand for oxygen isn’t being fulfilled and you’re constantly on the move, your body reacts poorly and it’s an uncomfortable process. You start to feel lightheaded, nauseous, and even develop a headache. This is exactly what Acute Mountain Sickness is and the symptoms include: 

  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Uneasiness
  • Breathlessness


Ladakh is extremely vast and brims with a rich culture in every corner. For that reason alone, it is required that you take your time to explore the land. 

If you are planning a Leh Ladakh bike trip from Manali or Srinagar then you'll need about 10-12 days. If flying directly to Leh, a minimum of 6 days will be required.  Rest depends on the number of days that you can afford to spend traveling. 



Most Dhabas, restaurants, and homestays will accept cash. You can't rely on online payments. However, if you're carrying a debit card, you can get cash from ATMs. There are ATMs in Srinagar, Sonamarg, Drass, Kargil, and Leh. 


You should only be carrying proper riding gear. The chances of rain are higher in high altitude regions which is why you should carry a poncho or raincoat as well as waterproof shoes. You should be wearing at least three layers of clothing while traveling.


Yes, it is advisable as Ladakh is situated at a higher altitude. If you've any kind of medical history or even if you're physically fit, you should get a full-body check-up done by your doctor and proceed with their advice only.  


When it comes to Sarchu, you get tented accommodations. In Leh, you can easily get access to hotels and homestays. When it comes to Nubra Valley, Pangong, you've to rely on camps as they provide the best experience. 


In the wake of covid restrictions, you need to carry a Double vaccination certificate or a mandatory RT_PCR negative report that shouldn't be older than 72 hours. 

Other Documents required are Identity Proof ( Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, etc) and in case, you're traveling via your vehicle, then you need to carry all your vehicular documents as well. For Foreigners, a Passport with Visa and OCI Card is necessary.

There are certain Inner Line permits / Protected Area Permits that you need to acquire when traversing through these regions: 

  • Khardungla
  • Nubra Valley
  • Shyok
  • Changla Pass
  • Pangong Tso
  • Turtuk
  • Tang Tse
  • Chumthang Valley
  • Tso Moriri
  • Dha Hanu Valley
  • Batalik

Permits are delivered via Deputy Commissioner (DC) Office in Leh, open from Monday to Saturday (10 AM - 4 PM). These permits are valid for 3 weeks for Indian Nationals and 15 days for Foreign Tourists.


Clutch wire, acceleration wire, brake pads, puncture kit, are the main essentials which you should carry with you at all times. Not forgetting the canisters for extra fuel.   


Small oxygen cans do not provide much support as they do not last for a long time. They can mentally psych you up only. Hence, you need to carry medium to large-sized oxygen cylinders which help to restore your dropped oxygen levels back to safety. This buys you time only and is not a cure for AMS.


BSNL works best in Ladakh. Airtel gets decent coverage in Leh and so does Jio. 


Always go for semi-off-road tires when it comes to Ladakh bike trips The 70/30 compound tires work too. The best-budgeted tire for the Ladakh bike trip is Timson.


Skilled bike marshals, experienced trip captains with assistant trip leads as well as Mechanical experts are just a few people who'd be accompanying you on this Ladakh bike trip from Srinagar. 


Go for Module if going on Enfield and if you are riding a more upgraded bike like Himalayan, KTM, DOMINAR then go for liquimoly.


Servicing your bike is required. Make sure you check all the lights and that the tires are in good condition.  The brake pads should be checked as well. You should hire an expert to take a look at your bike before you embark on a Ladakh bike trip from Srinagar. 


Helmet, level 2 riding jacket, riding pants, waterproof shoes, long length waterproof riding gloves, riding gear (hydra pack), and more. 


Once your booking is confirmed, an email confirmation will be delivered to you which will include all the necessary information including booking details, trip details, and a brief packing list. 


Since we do not have any trekking to do while on the journey, you might not need trekking shoes specifically. But still, a good pair of shoes that have proper soles and are equally comfortable is recommended. You might need a good pair of shoes when traveling to Dhankar Lake and Chandratal lake. A Quechua or forclaz shoes available at Decathlon will also do. 


Yes! If you're organizing the trip on your own accord then it'll be much more expensive as you'll have to manage accommodation, transport, meals, permits, guides, breakdown cost and more on your own. In the moment of heat, you're most probably to be given a surge price instead of a better deal, which you get when you pre-book with any operator. 


The roads are heavily made for offroading and it would be quite hard even for an expert biker to manage smoothly on the same terrain. Additionally, it also depends on the kind of vehicle that you're using, if you're going on a 100CC bike then it will be very much difficult. Make sure you are riding at least a 500CC bike.  


You can easily rent bikes from Manali, Srinagar, and Leh. All you have to do is submit some required documents, secure money and certify that you have a valid driver's license. Additionally, if you damage the bike during the trip, you will have to pay the amount to the shop owner according to the damage incurred.


Yes, we can customize any trip as per your preferences. Once you show interest in the same, a dedicated handler from JustWravel will be assigned to you for the same.


A solo trip to Leh Ladakh is highly not advisable for the newbies. But if you're a seasoned rider who has previously travelled to Ladakh before and have some experience with the terrain then you can go visit the Ladakh on a solo trip with proper planning.


Leh Ladakh is quite safe as a tourist destination but proper planning is required at all levels. You cannot go all alone as the terrain is rough and roads are very tough to traverse. So, starting from choosing the right vehicle to getting proper maps and everything else in your bags, it's all a part of planning. Additionally, do not forget to carry proper riding gear. 


The optimum way in which we can conduct a bike trip to Leh Ladakh from Delhi is via the Manali route. Start from Delhi on your vehicle or a Volvo till Manali and rent a bike here. On reaching Manali, obtain permits for Rohtang Pass, which will be easily facilitated by local guides, bike vendors, and more. On crossing Rohtang Pass, you'll be reaching Sarchu, which is the starting point of Leh Ladakh and Voila! You've begun your epic bike trip to Leh Ladakh from Delhi.


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