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Places to Visit In Sangla Valley

Places to visit in Sangla Valley justwravel
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The Himalayas are just awesome and so are the experiences and enchanting views we get in this mighty mountain range. Truly blessed by nature’s bounty, there are innumerable places amidst the Himalayas to escape from the hullaballoos of urban madness. Lies in Himachal Pradesh, Sangla Valley is one such travel destination that will not disappoint you due to its extraordinary charm and there are several places to visit. Heaven on earth definitely exits!

This phrase fits best for places situated in the beautiful Sangla Valley. Located on the banks of Baspa River, the valley is decorated with picturesque villages and virgin natural beauty.

Offering splendid views of the Himalayas, Sangla Valley undoubtedly has some amazing places to explore it. Here’re some must-visit places in Sangla Valley that will force you to plan a trip to this paradise as soon as possible.

Chitkul Village

Nestled at an elevation of 3450 ft above sea level, Chitkul is the last inhabited village before the Indo-Tibetan border. The village is adorned with typical Himalayan architecture made up of wood and slate/stone. Chitkul is situated on the right bank of River Baspa.

The residents of this Himalayan hamlet pay homage at Kagyupa Temple as it houses a rage idol of Shakyamuni Buddha. Another major attraction in Chitkul is the temple of a local Goddess ‘Chitkul Maathi’ who is highly revered by the locals of Kinnaur.

This less-visited hill retreat turns into a winter wonderland during the snowfall.

Kamru Fort –

The magnificent Kamru Fort lies at an altitude of 2600 m above sea level. Surrounded with the picturesque beauty of Himalayas, Kamru Fort in Sangla Valley is a 3-story wooden uniquely constructed structure. According to the locals, it is believed that the fort was built around the 15th-century hence of great heritage importance.

But, today Kamru Fort is converted into a temple and considered highly sacred. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya whose idol is placed on the 3rd floor. This idol has been brought from Guwahati.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center –

Positioned in the outskirts of Sangla Valley, Tibetan Wood Carving Center is a major attraction to see when in and around Sangla. This center is located near Saffron Farms and a good place to purchase beautiful local handicrafts or souvenirs.

There is a wide range of items made up of wood with intricate carving in Tibetan style. These items are displayed both for sale and display purposes.


Rakcham, also pronounced as Rakshyam, is another heavenly beautiful place positioned in Sangla Valley. Located at an altitude of 3050 m above sea level, this awe-inspiring hamlet is beautiful at any time of the year.

The breathtaking landscape views of the mighty Himalayas and Baspa River makes it a sight to behold. There are few small eateries where you can sit and grab a delicious meal under budget.

Plan a trip to the picture-perfect village in Himachal Pradesh.

Bering Nag Temple

Bering Nag Temple located in Sangla Valley is highly revered by the locals. This holy shrine is dedicated to Jagas (a form of Lord Shiva). Bering Nag Temple is located in the center of the village and visited with full faith. The temple is a good example of old architecture and made up of wood.

The best time to visit here is during Fulaich Fair – an annual local festival organized between August to September.


How can we forget to mention this quaint Himalayan hamlet? Batseri is truly blessed by nature’s charisma. This mountain village is mainly visited for the scenic landscape sights and local handicrafts.

If you are visiting Batseri, then do not miss out on purchasing Himachali shawls and Kinnauri caps.

How To Reach Sangla Valley?

Being situated at higher altitudes in Himachal Pradesh, Sangla Valley is still well connected to all the major cities and small towns of India.

Sangla By Road

You can reach Sangla from neighboring cities and states like Delhi, Punjab, Jammu, and Haryana through regular HRTC buses, cabs, or your own vehicle. You can travel in luxury Volvo bus till Shimla and then switch to other means of transport.

Sangla By Flight

Nearest airports to reach Sangla Valley are, Bhuntar-Kullu (225 km), Shimla (266 km), and Chandigarh (363 km). After reaching the airport (mentioned before) you can take a cab or bus in order to reach Sangla Valley.

Best Time To Visit Sangla Valley

Surrounded by soaring snow-clad mountains all around, Sangla Valley is situated at a higher altitude. Therefore, the perfect time to explore this less-visited hill retreat is during months from May to October, as during winters the roads get blocked due to thick snow.

Planning to explore the beauty of Chitkul? Check out our trip itinerary for the Chitkul road trip which covers Sangla Valley.

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