5 Fascinating Backwater Trails in Kerala beyond Alleppey & Kumarakom

Kerala, the God’s own country, is bestowed with a vast coastline fringed with coconut palms, scenic hill stations, enchanting backwaters, cascading waterfalls and exotic wildlife. Of these, the Kerala Backwaters trails are one of the top attractions of Kerala Tourism and also one of the popular things to do in […]

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9 Trips For Dussehra Long Weekend

“No weekend, all weakened.” We see it coming. The much-awaited, deeply desired LONG WEEKEND !! 😃 What about you? Well we have something that can make your weekend from ordinary to extraordinary one 😊 Check out our 9 trips planned for Dussehra Long Weekend (30 September – 2 October) and […]

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A Complete Guide to Meghalaya

Meghalaya, wherein the clouds dwell, separates the Assam valley from Bangladesh plains. It was known as the “Scotland of the East” in the British era and it has stood true to its name ever since. It is the wettest and one of the most beautiful parts of India. With waterfalls, […]

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A complete guide to Madhya Pradesh- The Heart of Incredible India

Madhya Pradesh is that Indian state which reflects history, natural beauty, and Indian culture all at the same place. Whether it is hill station or a dense forest, Madhya Pradesh has it all. Let’s have a look at the complete guide to the heart of Incredible India. Places to See […]

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Pushkar : A quaint town in Rajasthan

There is a running joke that “Indians cannot make a queue.” But all I could see in Delhi on 18th December’ 16 were queues outside ATMs long enough to run through entire breadth of certain smaller countries. Okay, there might be a bit of exaggeration in there but still, there was […]

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5 Beaches in India to be on everyone’s bucket list

    Surrounded by waters in three directions, the peninsular India stands to enrapture the imagination of nature enthusiasts. The following list of 5 beaches should be there on every Wravelers bucket list.   Bangaram Island, Lakshwadeep Islands   A turquoise-hued world of clear, warm seas and silver sand, the […]

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Moksh Cafe Rishikesh : A home away from home

Rishikesh is a city that has over the years gone on to take the image strongly for the adventure sports it offers or meditation by the ganges or for the Beatles ashram. However, if looked beyond its luxuries and tripping time; in a quiet corner with a majestic view and […]

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Weekend snow trek to Nagtibba

Each trek has its own features and attractions and if it is a snow trek then its beauty can amuse trekkers coz of white blanket of snow. Snowfall while trekking is like icing on cake. In India, there are very less treks that remain accessible throughout the year. Almost all […]

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This Valentine’s, travel and explore new dimensions of your relationship

With Valentine’s day around the corner, everyone out there might be having great plans of celebrating the day of love with their respective partners. Singles might be getting ready to mingle or some of them would be happy being single and sorted in life. So, whatever our perception about love […]

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Trip to Sula Vineyard : A Perfect weekend getaway

If you are a wine lover, Sula Vineyard is the place for you and if you aren’t into wines and all, do not worry, it can still be a perfect weekend getaway for you. Serene, beautiful place cuddled in the profoundness of nature, Sula Vineyard has everything that can make […]

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Travel resolutions for 2017 and how to stick to them

A new year calls on for new plans, new hopes and new resolutions. A travel enthusiast would always find a way to incorporate all the three aspects in exploring new destination, with a zeal to savour a whole new thrillophilia. What is most important is to never let your spirit […]

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Trekking Destinations for 1st half of 2017

2016 was a life changing year for me. I quit my job and changed the stream all together, started this blog, traveled to and explored around 10 new places and moreover I did my first trek in May 2016 and that has changed me completely. Having started my trekking journey […]

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