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5 Best Treks starting from Manali

Best Treks from Manali
Written by Shubham Vyas

Treks starting from Manali take you to the exclusive, unique forests, and mountains of the Himalayas and they make you feel the same way. Cutting through the tall and splendid Alpine and other majestic trees of Himachal and Manali, are several daunting yet serene trails that expose to you the authentic charm of the Himalayas.

The magnificent panorama and endless vistas are a never-ending tale here. Manali is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India and is also a preferred tourist spot for adventurers.

Apart from trekking, the place also has several other adventure attractions including Jeep Safari, Safari, Paragliding, and Biking trips among others.

Manali forms a part of the northern section of the Kullu Valley, which is also called “Valley of the Gods”. The treks starting from Manali may test your physical health and mental motivation at different levels.

All of them are naturally blessed with glittering streams and verdant forests, while many of them also offer a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains, among other memorable attractions. Here are 5  best treks starting from Manali that have splendid trails for refreshing your soul.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

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Bhrigu Lake Trail

The Bhrigu Lake is a Glacier lake that remains frozen for the significant part of the year. It is located amidst a picturesque and beautiful landscape, at the height of around 4300 meters above the sea level. Your Manali to Bhrigu Lake trek will also pass through charming hamlets like Vashist (at an elevation of 3600 feet).

The trek will start at Kuland, which is quite close to Manali (a 20-minute walk). You will pass through Moji Dugh, Theli, and then reach to Bhrigu Lake. The dense deodar, oak, and pine trees capture your attention with their natural beauty everywhere. The best of Himalayan snow-capped peaks like Makarbeh, Shikharbeh, and Hanuman Tibba offer a breathtaking view. Rohtang ridge, and the Shitidhar Massif are significant landmarks and attractions. It may take you around 4 days for the to-and-fro journey, but generally most of the trekkers easily complete it in 3 days.

The Vashisht hamlet is one of the best attractions of the trek as well. Vashist has the famous temples of Lord Rama and Vashist Muni, as well as a natural hot water spring.

Beas Kund Trek

The Beas Kund Trek starts at Solang, which is around 15 kilometers from Manali and is one of the treks starting from Manali. The majestic Deodar trees are your counterparts during the trek, and the deep and stunning natural beauty of these beautiful and dense forests is captivating.

You also walk through the sparkling and glittering water of the Beas river, which tumbles through the whole region in the form of tiny streams. A wooden bridge is one of the highlights of this terrain.

Enjoy the looks of the Pir Panjal range, Deo Tibba, and Mount Indrasen. The verdant grasslands of Dhundhi and Bakharthatch are dense and colorful. While you may be trekking till the Beas Kund only, the trail may also take you further to the Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, and Ladakh Peak.

There is also a meadow at the height of around 3820 meters, called Lady Leg.  it is Friendship Peak’s summit camp and a naturally blessed place. Beas Kund is the highest point of this region and nestled beautifully between the jagged and Serene mountain peaks.

The lake is at a height of around 3893 meters, and the climb is worth it!

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek from Manali - JustWravel

Hampta Pass Trail

Hampta Pass is a unique and special pass that forms a link between the Lahaul valley and the Kullu valley. The Hampta village is located nearby, and the changing landscapes offer a breathtaking view here.

For the trek,  you can reach to Jorba from Manali through a 45 minutes drive. The Hampta Pass trek starts at Jobra/ Jobri

The place has beautiful flora including Birch, Maple, and Pine. You walk alongside the Hampta river. Chikka is one of the campsites here that has a beautiful waterfall located near it. The next day your trek will be to Jwara meadows and will be of around 6 hours duration.

You will be delighted to find the tea shop here. Balu-ka-Ghera (3627 meters) has the first views of the beautiful Hampta Pass, which is situated at a height of 4297 meters. You can reach to Hampta Pass in around 4 hours from this point. Some of the most beautiful peaks of Himalayas, including the Indrasan peak, are visible from here.

The fauna that you find in this region is rare and includes the herbs and exotic flowers. The other famous attractions of the area are mountain peaks that rise above 6000 feet, pinewoods, hanging glaciers, waterfalls, vertical rock wall structure, rhododendron forests, small lakes, and open forests.

This trek can also be extended to the Chandra Taal Lake, which is one of the most beautiful natural water bodies of the region.

Sar Pass Trek

Sar pass Trek - best treks from Manali

View from Sar Pass Trek

Located in the beautiful and snow-laden region of Parvati Valley (Kullu district), the Sar Pass trek has got it all for the trekkers. Walkthrough the dense forests, beautiful meadows, quaint and serene villages, and the snow-capped mountains that offer you a holistic trekking experience.

The trek starts at Kasol, which is at a distance of 76 kilometers from Manali. The trek may span across 6 days. From Grahan Nahal, the trek is a bit more challenging, steep, and rocky. Walkthrough the dense forests, while reaching to Min Thatch.

The beautiful ChandraKhani range is visible from here. Sar Pass is situated at the height of around 4200 meters and offers stunning views of the snow-clad peaks. “Sar” means “lake” in the local language, and there is one small lake here as well. But the best part of the trek is snow slides of length 100 feet.

Deo Tibba Trek

The Deo Tibba trek is one of the most pleasant treks of Manali. It takes you through the beautiful and lush green Deodar forests.

The grasslands, glaciers, and meadows are other attractions of this terrain. The hanging glacier of  Deo Tibba Is a mesmerizing sight. The trek starts at the Jagatsukh Dam and takes you through the Chikka Campsite, Seri, and other beautiful regions and attractions of the place.

Deo Tibba’s highest point is located at an altitude of 6001 meters, and the trekkers climb up to a height of 4270 meters. You also get a fascinating view of the Indrasen mountain and the Pir Panjal range from here. The Chandratal lake nearby is one of the most beautiful water bodies in the world.

Above were some of the best treks starting from Manali. Do get in touch with JustWravel to witness the scenic beauty and amaze your eternal soul.

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