Varkala beach

Journey to the coastal capital of Kerala: Thiruvananthapuram

For travellers, Kerala is home to some of India’s most serene locations. From a glorious coastline stretching across almost 600km, to pristine beaches, sparkling backwaters and lush green tea plantations; setting foot in God’s own country feels like entering a state of perpetual bliss. Amidst this backdrop of peace lies […]

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Road trip from Mumbai under Rs. 6000 by car

Looking to have a quick and budget friendly get-away from all that chaos of life? Just Wravel offers you the right guide! Keep reading on to know the best places around Mumbai which you can approach to escape all that Mumbai traffic and pollution. Here’s a state-wise list of some […]

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Top 7 Weekend Getaways From Delhi You Just Can’t Miss

Delhi is one of the oldest dwelling cities in the world. Though there is so much to do in Delhi but still we often feel monotonous by following the same schedule every day. The best thing about living in and around the National Capital is that there are so many […]

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Experience Spiti Road Trip Just Like The Movie Highway

“A world within a world” was how Rudyard Kipling once described Spiti Valley, an isolated cold desert situated in the scenic state of Himachal Pradesh. Being one of the remotest regions of India, this Himalayan paradise is completely different in terms picturesque vistas, food, and lifestyle. Have you seen the […]

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Spiti Valley Road Trip

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Spiti Valley

The Himalayas have a magic that attracts you every time you visit them. There is a few of us for whom mountains are like second home. Secluded away from the hubbub of urban life, situated is a Himalayan paradise called Spiti, a hidden isolated world. It is believed that years […]

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Valley Of Flowers A Paradise on Earth

The Himalayas are more than just formidable mountain ranges. The experiences and breathtaking views you get in these mighty mountains are unforgettable. The Indian state of Uttarakhand is truly blessed by nature’s bounty. Surrounded with the mighty Himalayas, lies a heavenly abode of nature known as ‘Valley of Flowers’. Discovered […]

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Shrikhand Mahadev Trek

Mahadev, Super Human, another name of Lord Shiva. Mountain Ranges, Himalayas are considered to be a home of Shiva. There are several places in and around India which are linked to Shiva and his stories such as Kailash Mansarovar, Kinner Kailash, Amarnath, etc. All these destinations are considered highly sacred […]

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9 Trips For Dussehra Long Weekend

“No weekend, all weakened.” We see it coming. The much-awaited, deeply desired LONG WEEKEND !! 😃 What about you? Well we have something that can make your weekend from ordinary to extraordinary one 😊 Check out our 9 trips planned for Dussehra Long Weekend (30 September – 2 October) and […]

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Kaas Plateau: The flowery haven of India

Kaas Plateau or ‘Kas Pathar’, located 25 kilometers from Satara District is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. It is renowned for the blanket of flowers it presents every year. The place is relatively unexploited and that has still maintained pristine nature there. It is an absolute treat […]

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Road trip from Pune under Rs. 5000 by car

The monotony of life is tiring, isn’t it? Why not plane a perfect budget friendly get away with Justwravel? Keep reading on to know the best places around Pune which you can approach to escape all that daily traffic and pollution. Here’s a state-wise list of some of the off-beat […]

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Trekking Experience of Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

  I was thinking to do this trek since long time and I got this opportunity last month during the Independence Day long weekend. As it was a long weekend, I successfully convinced two of my friends to join me on this trek. Just after they nodded yes, I started […]

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A Complete Guide to Meghalaya

Meghalaya, wherein the clouds dwell, separates the Assam valley from Bangladesh plains. It was known as the “Scotland of the East” in the British era and it has stood true to its name ever since. It is the wettest and one of the most beautiful parts of India. With waterfalls, […]

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