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Christmas is just around the corner followed by New year and the best thing to do while during these holidays is to travel. Travel into snowy mountain peaks or explore the high hilltop meadows, they are all going to be looking a tad bit of wonderful due to the gush of beautiful chilly weather.

Every year we do celebrate the birth of Christ and throw ourselves a party, do some good work, had family dinners and whatnot. This time let’s change that a bit and invest in our own selves and delve a little deeper in order to properly retrospect, the medium being traveling.

Enjoy Paragliding in Bir Billing or take a camel ride while you’re in Rann of Kutch, believe us the options are unlimited. Whether you’re a backpacker out on the road all by yourself or you’re someone hitting the road with family, this holiday season is the best time of the year to travel and get yourself some relaxation time.

Kedarkantha awaits you with its beginner-friendly winter trek while Kasol welcomes you for a fun night among your peers and friendly strangers accompanied by some music and a beautiful night sky.

Traveling is fun, so is Christmas and new year celebrations, are you ready to combine both and travel to the unknown this festive season with JustWravel. Choose from the wide variety of places we can take you to and well! Don’t forget to book your slot after that.

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