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At an altitude of 13,850ft Sar Pass Trek has one of the most beautiful trekking trails consisting of cascading waterfalls, lush green valleys and the pristine Parvati river. It is also one of the most popular treks in the months of May and June, and you can easily do it while you’re in Kasol or Parvati valley. If you are planning to visit Kasol anytime soon then you might want to take a look at Sar Pass Trek as well. It's a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

The Sar Pass Trek starts from the quaint Grahan village, which is a tiny hamlet a few kilometers away from Kasol, and surrounded by beautiful Rhododendrons trees. Many people who visit Kasol are unaware of this peaceful village and it remains a hidden gem of Himachal where peace still exists.

The best part about this trek is that you get to explore the nearby areas and get a glimpse at the diverse and rich Himachali culture. The people here lead slow paced lives and it's only when you are in close proximity to them do you actually understand just how much simple pleasures can make you feet content. 

The Sar Pass trek offers many picturesque landscapes for you to marvel at. When you are traversing and on your way to the Biskeri Ridge, you will come across a small frozen lake given the name Sar which gives you the impression of being in a fairyland with its 100ft tall snow laden slopes that surround it.

The trekking trail of Ming Thach is lined with dense forest and after traversing through it, you will get to witness the Great Himalayan ranges beckoning you closer.

Nagaru village is one site among the popular places to visit in Kasol. After we cross this  charming village, we will be staring at a spectacular view of Parvati valley with its vast expanse of green land, surrounded by majestic mountains. 

The fifth day on the Sar Pass trek awaits with the longest trekking round among all the other days. While you’ll probably be out of breath, it's a sure thing that it will all be worth it for the snow slide, the Rhododendron forests and the views of the Tosh valley will get etched in your mind. 

A fun fact about the Sar Pass trek, it's a mountain ridge rather than being an actual pass but still, the name suggests otherwise. With the Parvati river flowing alongside it, the scenic views of the pass are simply exquisite and makes the experience of overcoming all the hurdles even more redeeming. 

The sublime feeling of camping at the Biskeri Thach is indescribable.  Pine forests speckled all over the majestic mountains make you feel as if you are in paradise and it's one of the best parts about the Sar Pass trek.

Now on our way back to Kasol, we’ll go through the Pulga village and the Barshaini village which are two popular stops while on the Sar Pass Trek. And you get to be quite close to the Parvati river which flows relentlessly, where you get to experience the serenity that comes with being in the mountains. 

To get the best experience of Sar Pass Trek one needs to choose the timing correctly. And the best time to go on the Sar Pass trek is during April and May. You will get to enjoy thick snow when you reach the higher altitudes and the weather in Sar Pass is extremely pleasant during these months.

Time and again, people say that Sar Pass Trek is one of the most beautiful treks of India. The shift of the scenic view from forests to the meadows to the ice blankets is spectacular and manages to take your breath away.

When you slide down the slope from Sar Pass you will feel like you are riding a roller coaster. The trek serves best for any one who is looking to spend a few moments of peace with a little bit of adventure.

Sar pass trek also makes up a perfect retreat as you can always take some time off in Kasol, and get a closer glimpse at the culture and lifestyle of people in the mountains. You can try the Israeli cuisine which Himachal is especially famous for and one of the reasons why many people prefer Sar Pass.

For novice trekkers who want to traverse on different kinds of trails, and don’t have much experience, Sar pass trek is a great place to start although it’d be advisable for trekkers to maintain proper footing and mimic the walking pattern of other trekkers for proper caution. 

You will come across thick pine forests, alpine meadows, charming villages, snow-capped mountains and stunning landscapes all in one place in the Sar Pass Trek. All these distinct terrains encompass a good trekking experience, making it an ideal choice for first timers.

Not only is it easy but also gives you splendid views. The total trek distance comes to about 48 km and is close to a height of 14,000 ft where you will see views of the majestic mountains of the Parvati Valley from the pass. The frozen lake that Sar Pass gets its name from also makes up for a spectacular view.

The temperature during the trek varies from 0 degrees to -20 degrees, depending greatly on time of the day. Even minute factors like being under the shade or in direct sunlight can significantly impact your body temperature for the Sar Pass trek so it's better to be prepared. 

One of the most popular treks in the Shivalik mountain ranges, the Sar Pass Trek still poses a challenge due to its altitude being 14,000ft above, making it one of the highest altitudes in Himachal Pradesh. And hence you need to be aware of your own bodily responses. 

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