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Joshimath, Uttarakhand
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Nestled in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the Kuari Pass trek is one of the best winter treks that our country has to offer. Situated at an elevation of 12,516ft, it is also known as the Lord Curzon trail, named after the former Viceroy of India during the British Raj who was the first person to complete this trek in 1905. His connection to this trek is one of the reasons why it’s popular among not just Indian travelers but fascinates a lot of American and European travelers from all over the world as well.  

The Kuari Pass trek, as it was carried out back in the day and continues to follow the same path till today, starts from Joshimath and ends at Kuari Pass, covering a 28km long trail that consists of gentle slopes, coniferous forests, and stunning views of the snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. 

During the long trail of the Kuari Pass Trek, we traverse through some of the hidden nearby villages like Tugasi, Guling, and Khullara where you get to take a closer look at the local customs and traditions of Uttarakhand. 

The trekking route with its scenic views of the Pangarchulla, Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Hathi Ghoda, and Nilgiri mountain ranges is what captivates the attention of travel enthusiasts and makes people seek out this particular trek. Not to mention that with its snow-covered oak forests and pearly meadows, it manages to leave a lasting impression on snow fanatics and nature lovers alike. 

The trek starts from the town of Joshimath which is the base camp for the Kuari Pass trek and traverses through Himalayan hamlets followed by Oak and Deodar Forests and then giving way to some pristine Bugyals which are meadows stretched like a tapestry on the trail. The breathtaking view of the Nanda Devi Massif in the backdrop is the highlight of this trek.

Camping under the stars, waking up to a spectacular view of the Himalayas, all while making memories that you will reminisce upon for the rest of your life, the Kuari Pass trek is more than just an adventure, it's an experience of a lifetime, one that you can’t miss out on. 

Since the Kuari Pass trek comes in the easy to moderate category, it is convenient for both beginners as well as experts, making it accessible for a large group of people who are looking for trekking destinations during the winter season.

Among other wonders that this journey has to offer, some lucky trekkers can discover paw prints of Himalayan bears and snow leopards giving them a glimpse at the wildlife that coexists in peace with nature. Overall, The trek to Kuari Pass is a blessing because it provides a perfectly balanced trip that offers adventure for thrill seekers as well as serenity for people who want to attain a certain sense of peace.  

The best time to do the Kuari pass trek is from the months of November to March. Although it’s one of the few particular treks that is accessible for travel enthusiasts throughout the year, during these months, the weather in this region is perfect and makes the overall experience a thousand times better. So, if you have been spending your time, wondering and trying to plan the perfect winter trek, then look no further because this is as good as it gets. 

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