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Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh
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The last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibetan border is Chitkul, around 569 kilometers from Delhi and 24 kilometers from Sangla. It is famous for its sunsets, potatoes, apples, and the incredible hospitality of the locals.

At 3450m, Chitkul is well over a few mountain tops in Himachal alone that makes it witness frigid winters during which the snow makes the inhabitants move to the lower regions of Himachal.

Chitkul is famously known for the quality of potatoes produced; they are one of the finest in the world. Situated on the bank of river Baspa, Chitkul is the first village of Baspa Valley and the last village on the old Hindustan-Tibet trade route and is also the last point in India that one can travel to without a permit.

Moreover, it is proved that Chitkul has the cleanest air in India by the researchers of IIT. So, if you're someone who wants to be out of the polluted air in a metro, Chitkul should be your first pick.

Not to forget the 'Aakhri Dhaba' present at the very far side end of the village. It is named so because it's the last dhaba in the previous town of India.

But your life can get a little bit tricky if you're someone who does not carry enough cash with them. Since Chitkul is an offbeat remote area, you'll not get access to ATMs. But not only that, even medical centers, hospitals, fuel stations, and many other necessities are not present in Chitkul.

So, what if you're in an instant? Well! One has to move back to Sangla, which is about 28 to 30 kilometers away from Chitkul.

While all that is true, one last thing to make it the perfect offbeat destination would be 'no network zones.' Yes! Chitkul comes under that only. So, you can drop off the Instagram or even call for a few days while you're in Chitkul.

But it doesn't mean that the Chitkul is not developed; they have their hydropower flour mill, which is prideful for all the villagers living in the vicinity.

Lastly, if you're to talk about the people of Chitkul, then they are way too friendly and helpful. Also, the Buddist religion is the primary one in Chitkul, but Hinduism is also there to chime in.

If you're planning a trip to Chitkul, then the month of April to June and September to October would be the best.

Having difficulties planning a trip to Chitkul? Well! We're here for the help, come along and join our latest batches of Chitkul Road Trip.

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