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If you are looking for an all girls backpacking trip then meghalaya could be your pick. Meghalaya is also known as the ‘Abode of the clouds’, meaning home of the clouds. This hilly state in India is an attractive spot to visit and as you may have already guessed, is covered by the clouds.

Now, Meghalaya, as we all know, is one of the states among the most beautiful, seven sisters states. The seven sisters are nothing but the seven northeastern states of India which are gifted with flora and fauna. 

Having such extensive beauty, Meghalaya gets on the top places to visit on every travelers bucket list.

The best time to visit Meghalaya is during the summer and winter season. During this season the weather in Meghalaya is nice and dry, for you to fully embrace the experience.

Now, Summer is the time of celebration in Meghalaya as during this time Summer festivals are organized here. You get a glimpse of their traditions, lifestyle, hobbies, and skills while you’re at one of these Summer Festivals.

When a lot of people would be dealing with the scorching heat, you could be cherishing the pleasing environment near the waterfalls of Meghalaya. The feeling amidst nature is breathtaking and relaxing at the same time.

Locals of Meghalaya are kind and helpful, and the state is quite safe for your loved ones including any female counterpart. So, girls can travel and make a lot of memories within the state while not  being worried at every corner.

The culture in Meghalaya is much influenced by the culture of the northeastern states and Bangladesh. There are several festivals in Meghalaya which reflect their rich culture, tradition, and diversity.

The staple food items for Meghalaya local individuals would be something like rice, meat, and fish usually. However, the cuisine of Meghalaya is quite different from the cuisines of other states. One such thing that you need to try while you’re at Meghalaya is Jadoh.

Now, coming to the history of Meghalaya, It became an independent state on January 21 1972 and was previously a part of Assam itself. The state of Meghalaya was named after two Sanskrit words, "Megham", meaning Cloud and, "Alayam", meaning abode and as you know it by now, is called ‘Abode of clouds’ which is the perfect way to describe the state.

The best way to reach Meghalaya is via train. And the train station is closer to the city of Guwahati as compared to any other medium. However, if you plan for a flight journey, the airport would be around 160 kilometers away and you would have to take a bus or a cab. But, if you’re someone whose time is of much value, a flight journey would be the best fit.

Usually people opt for the road trips for a good experience of the hilly routes and for adding a zest of adventure. Also, you should know that Meghalaya has Asia's cleanest villages and has two world heritage sites, which you can enjoy on a road trip to Meghalaya.

The reasons you need to check out An all Girls Trip to Meghalaya are far more than many but if you still have doubts then let us clear them up while you are on a trip to Meghalaya with JustWravel.

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