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Winter and Snow Treks in India 2022


Written by Just Wravel
20 Sep, 2019

Time for going on a winter trek is near and you might have plans already? Well! if not, or somehow it got bogged down by the current pandemic situation then fret not.

As we have geared up and fully ready to take you back to the mountains while making sure that you stay safe. Your winter trek plans can still be taken care of.

But if you still haven’t planned on moving out of your homes to someplace serene. You need to make a plan soon and for that, we curated a list of treks that might be of interest to you. Without further ado, let’s move onto the list.


Brahmatal Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Chamoli
  • Number of Days: 6 (Rishikesh/ Dehradun to Rishikesh/Dehradun )
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 3700 Mts
  • Trek Length: 24 km
  • Base Village: Lohajung
Winter and snow treks in India

                                                                                       Frozen Lake

Dancing under a snowfall, trekking with your shoe deep into white ice, and enjoying a cup of warm tea under a chilly night inside a camp, if this is something you’re looking for. Then this winter you might want to head to Brahmatal Trek for sure.

Not only this but when you’re at the summit of the trek, you can have a view that is incomparable to any out there. The view can make you excited and turn your thought on how vast this world is, along with 50 different things.

A grand view of Mt. Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Mt. Chaukhamba, Mt Neelkanth, and getting to watch two lakes namely Bekaltal and Brahmatal is one of the few attractions of this trek.

The Bhramtal lake along with everything around you might overwhelm you for a minute but gives you a deep sense of reflection and peace at the same time. It’s just not a lake but much more than that, and as travelers who have returned back from the site claims, it’s an introspective zone.

It is a very famous trek but comparatively less crowded, so if you’re a private kind of explorer, you know where to go to, this winter.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Drive from Rishikesh to Lohajung – 300 km

Day 2:Trek from Lohajung to Bekaltal,4-5 hours.

Day 3: Trek from Bekaltal to Brahmatal

Day 4: Trek from Brahmatal to the summit (Brahmatal Pass) and back to Brahmatal

Day 5: Trek from Brahmatal to Lohajung

Day 6: Drive from Lohajung to Rishikesh


Kedarkantha Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Uttarkashi
  • Number of Days: 5 ( Dehradun to Dehradun)
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 3800 Mts
  • Trek Length: 24 km
  • Base Village: Sankri
Winter and snow treks in India

                                       Juda Ka Talab – Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most famous winter treks in the history of mankind. Anybody’s who’s been trekking even for a short time, will easily recommend you to go have a look at the Kedarkantha, if you already haven’t been there before.

Made for each and every type of traveler, starting from the first-timers to those who came back to enjoy the view once again, Kedarkantha is open for all.

Along with being exhilarating as the inclined journey takes you towards the peak situated in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttarkashi, you’ll also get to know that Kedarkantha has mythological significance. The peak is dedicated to Lord Shiva and there are many stories that follow up.

Moving onto the trek experience, starting from Sankri, we would start our journey and move our way up. Slowly enjoying the flora and fauna, we would cross the initial trek in order to reach the peak. In between, we would stop at two campsites namely Juda Ka Talab and Kedarkantha Base camp.

Not only this but on the 4th day, when we’ll reach the summit then you’d get to watch one of the best sunrises this world has to offer. So, are you ready to visit Kedarkantha in this winter? How can you not be?

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Drive from Dehradun and Arrival at Sankri

Day 2: Trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Taal (9050 Feet, 4 Kms)

Day 3 : Juda Ka Taal – Kedarkantha Base Camp (11200 FT, 4 Kms Trek)

Day 4: Kedarkantha Base Camp- Kedarkantha (12,500 FT)- Juda ka Taal(9050 FT, 10 KM)

Day 5: Juda Ka Taal – Sankri- Dehradun (6 Kms Trek)



Chandranahan Lake Trek
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Region: Pabbar Valley
  • Number of Days: 6 (Shimla to Shimla)
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 14000 ft
  • Trek Length: 40 Kms
  • Base Village: Janglikh

It is a hidden gem among the trekker’s communities and information about this one trek is hard to find on the internet. Moving on, this is an unexplored area that can bring a spark to the eyes of the adventurer inside you.

Chandranahan Lake Trek - JustWravel (5)

The extremely nice weather and a 6-day trek are surely enough to forget all about your problems. Also, it’ll mythological educate you towards Hindu cultural history as Chandranahan is said to be the holy abode of Goddess Kali, back in the day.

Moving on, it has more mythological significance as it is believed that Chandra Devta comes down to take a bath in the lake, every 10 years. There are more stories in which you’ll get an earful of from the locals while visiting the hidden Chandranahan Lake Trek.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Shimla to Janglikh(2500mtrs)

Day 2: Janglikh to Dayara Thach

Day 3: Dayara Thach to LithamThach (Nearby Chandernahan waterfall)

Day 4: Chandernahan Waterfall to seven Glacial Ponds

Day 5: Litham to Dayara Thatch

Day 6 : Dayara thatch to janglikh village To Shimla


Dayara Bugyal Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Uttarkashi, Garhwal
  • Number of Days: 4 (Dehradun to Dehradun )
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 3048 Mts
  • Trek Length: 18 km
  • Base Village: Barsu
Winter and snow treks in India

Dayara Bugyal

The word Bughyal means ‘Meadows’, and this word is something that sums up the whole trip experience for you. You ask how right? It’s because you’ll be surrounded by meadows all around you and its a fact, that you’ll fall in love with those up to a point where you wouldn’t want to return back home.

Moving on, Dayara Bughyal is the land of beautiful meadows of lush golden-green grass, that can sway you away, the moment you lay sight on it. And in winters, it’s covered with white snow, which is even more beautiful and heavenly.

Best for beginners as well as expert trekkers, it can be enjoyed by all. And if you’re a family man, then no other trek can serve you better than Dayara Bughyal Trek.

Now, the beauty of Dayara is that it will hug you into a tight nature’s blanket from which you seldom want to go out. Most importantly it takes only 4-days to complete the whole journey. So, if you’re short on time then also Dayara welcomes you with open arms.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Dehradun to Barsu  (8530 ft) (220 km Drive)

Day 2: Barsu to Dayara Bugyal via Barnala (9980 ft) (9 km, 6-7 hours trek)

Day 3: Dayara Bugyal to Bakaria Top (12000 ft) (3 km, 2.5–3 hours trek) (Back to Barnala Tal)

Day 4: Trek from Barnala Tal to Barsu and drive to Dehradun


Mukta Top
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Uttarkashi, Garhwal
  • Number of Days: 6 (Dehradun to Dehradun )
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 3608 Mts
  • Trek Length: 28 Kms
  • Base Village: Uttarkashi

The Mukta Top is a uniquely defined trek that can give the combined experience of other treks such as Dayara Bughyal, Kedarkantha, and Chandrashila. The rich nature and the easy to follow yet exciting trail that leads you to the summit is a different kind of experience, which packs it all.

Once on the trek, you can get a full view of the nearby peaks such as Bandarpunch, Gangotri, Jaonli, Kalanag, and Nag Tibba. This 360-degree unique view might seldom be available on different treks.

The camping in the night might give you a chance to explore the color-changing sky as it runs around in the shade of pink, green, blue, and more. 

So, have 6-days to spare and looking for a great time over the mountains during this winter, Mukta top is where you head to.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Dehradun to Uttarkashi (150 km) (6/7 hours) (4,550 feet)

Day 2: Uttarkashi to Kuflon by taxi (7 km) (20 minutes) (4,600 feet); Kuflon to Shiladuni (4 km) (4 hours)

Day 3: Shiladuni to Chaithathar (5 km) (5/6 hours) (9,600 feet)

Day 4: Chaithathar to Mukta Tal (4 km) (4 hours) (10,800 feet)

Day 5: Mukta Tal to Mukta Top then to Kuari (9 km) (6/7 hours)

Day 6: Kuari to Kaflon (6 km) (4 hours) (4,600 feet); Drive to Dehradun (155 km) (6/7 hours)


Kuari Pass Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Joshimath, Chamoli
  • Number of Days: 6 (Dehradun to Dehradun )
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 4200 Mts
  • Trek Length: 30 km
  • Base Village: Dhak

Kuari Pass Scenic View

This trail would take you on a journey that had been first commenced by one of the viceroys of India, Lorz Curzon. This is the reason that this trail is also known as Lord Curzon Trail.

Moving on, you’d start from Joshimath and move onto the Kuari Pass, just like Lorz Curzon trailed during his days. Which can give you a feeling of excitement and enrich your historical knowledge as you come to know more about his journey.

While visiting in winter months, which is also the best time for doing a Kuari Pass Trek, do not forget to visit Gorson meadow, Tali lake, Verdant forest, Panchachuli base camp. They make up for the major attraction of Kuari Pass.

Along with that, a vast view of Himalayan peaks such as Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Mana, Kamet, Hathi, Ghodi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri completes the 6-day journey of the trek.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Drive from Haridwar/Rishikesh to Joshimath; 10-12 Hours drive

Day 2:Drive from Joshimath to Dhak; 45 minutes. Trek from Dhak (6,956 ft) to Guling (9,832) ft; 5-6 hours

Day 3: Guling (9,832) ft to Khullara (10,492 ft); 4-5 hours

Day 4: Khullara (10,492 ft) to Chitrakantha/Tali (11,031 ft) via Kuari Pass (12,516 ft); 8 hours

Day 5: Chitrakantha/Tali (11,031 ft) to Auli (8,625 ft); 4-5 hours. Drive to Joshimath; 45 minutes

Day 6: Drive from Joshimath to Haridwar. 


Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Sankri, Uttarkashi 
  • Number of Days : 3 (Delhi to Delhi )
  • Difficulty level: Easy 
  • Maximum Altitude: 4000 Mts
  • Trek Length: 26 km
  • Base Village: Sari /Chopta
Winter and snow treks in India

View from Tungnath temple in Winters

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek is for the one who wants to see the world above the clouds but can’t afford much time for it. Yes! The trek only takes 4-days of your time starting from Delhi and ending at the same location.

While it looks like that there is not much to cover during this trek but it will surprise you for sure with its unique features. Moving on with that thought, it includes a trek to Chopta and Tungnath Chadrshila before you can reach the Deoriatal. Which makes up for the most fun journey of this whole trip.

If you’re a Delhiite and don’t get to have that much time on your clock, visit Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek and you would surely go back with more that of what you expected.

Short Itinerary :

Day 0: Drive from Delhi to Sari via Rishikesh (450 KM drive)

Day 1: Reach Chopta and Check in to Camps

Day 2: Trek from Chopta to Tungnath Chandrashila

Day 3: Chopta to Sari to Deoriatal and Back to Delhi


Har Ki Dun Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Sankri, Uttarkashi 
  • Number of Days: 7 (Dehradun to Dehradun )
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Maximum Altitude: 3654 Mts
  • Trek Length: 67 km
  • Base Village: Sankri

Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun is not a trek but a wholesome experience as it connects you with nature, mountains and local people like no other trek do. The reason is that the trail is quite rich in flora and fauna and you’ll meet the happiest and liveliest locals here.

The Har ki dun trek is also known for many other reasons apart from the trekking journey. It is said to be the land of Duryodhana from Mahabharat. Also, he is the diety people worship in this place, strange right? But true.

Now, talking about the Mahabharat, the trek would take you through a place called ‘Swargarohini ‘ meaning stairway to heaven. The Swargarohini valley is believed to be the path that took the Pandavas from this earth to the heavens and hence named so.

So, if you have 6 days to spare and an appetite for mythical stories and great views, Har ki Dun is just the right trek for you.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Drive from Dehradun to Sankri

Day 2: Drive from Sankri to Taluka and Trek to Seema

Day 3: Trek from Seema to Har Ki Dun

Day 4: Trek from Har Ki Dun to Jaundhar Glacier/ Maninda Tal to Har Ki Dun

Day 5: Trek from Har Ki Dun to Seema

Day 6: Trek from Seema to Taluka and drive to Sankri

Day 7: Drive from Sankri to Dehradun


Kareri Lake
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Region: Dharamshala 
  • Number of Days : 3 (Dharamshala to Dharamshala )
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 2950 Mts
  • Trek Length: 25 km
  • Base Village: Kareri Village

Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is named after the village that is situated at a distance of 9 Km and is named exactly the same. While you would definitely have an exciting trek, don’t forget to mingle with the people of Kareri. They are the most friendly people and if you’re alone, they might even shelter you in their homes for the night.

Just like all the other places in India, Kareri lake has its mythological significance as well. It is believed that Shiva and Shakti visited here and a temple belonging to them both is also there. So, if you’re a worshipper, you’re in for a treat.

This is a short trek and lasts for just 3-days on a full course. This is the reason that many travelers prefer to take a hike to Kareri lake, on weekends. You save time and gain traveling experience at the same time, making it perfect for those who need a break from their corporate life or 9 to 5 jobs.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1:Arrive in Dharamshala, drive to Kareri village, and Trek to Reoti Village

Day 2: Trek from Reoti Village to Kareri Lake

Day 3: Trek from Kareri Lake to Kareri Village and drive to Delhi


Nag Tibba Trek
  • State: Uttarakhand
  • Region: Sankri, Uttarkashi 
  • Number of Days: 2 (Dehradun to Dehradun )
  • Difficulty level: Easy 
  • Maximum Altitude: 3400 Mts
  • Trek Length: 18kms
  • Base Village: Pantwari

Snow Trek at Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba, even the name suggests that the trek has something to do with ‘Nag’ or snakes. Yes! It definitely has everything to do with the snakes. At Nag Tibba’s summit, you’d find a Nag Devta temple as snakes are worshipped in the land.

Moreover, the Nag Tibba translates to ‘Serpent’s peak’ and by this, you can guess the importance of the snakes in this land. Apart from the heavy significance of a reptile creature, the trek has more to offer.

Starting from beautiful sightseeing views to one of the best camping grounds in the Himalayan region. Also, lasting only three days and trailing through places like Mussoorie, the journey is good enough to make up for a lifetime memory.

Short Itinerary :

Day 0: Delhi to Pantwari Village via Mussoorie

Day 1: Pantwari Village to Base Camp

Day 2: Nag Tibba Basecamp to Nag Tibba Summit and Nag Devta temple


Prashar Lake Trek
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Region: Mandi
  • Number of Days: 2 (Delhi to Delhi )
  • Difficulty level: Easy 
  • Maximum Altitude: 3400 Mts
  • Trek Length: 18 km
  • Base Village: Baggi
Winter and snow treks in India

Prashar Lake in Winters

Parashar Lake trek is one of those treks where you can head to all round the year, as it’s operational regardless of what the season is. Also, it brings in a very different kind of experience while visiting Parasar Lake, as it peaks the bar for natural exploration.

Furthermore, there are other famous places that might attract you such as Bijli Mahadev Temple, Lord Ramchandra Temple, and Kulant Pith. Most of it has to do with the places of worship, just like the case with all the traveling locations in India.

Additionally, the lake is a beauty in itself, and if you’re someone who believes in retrospecting and meditation. No other place can be as good a spot for that, as Parashar lake.

The snow-covered mountains add to the beautify and the cold night adds to the experience. Both of which you cannot miss if you’re a real explorer.

Short Itinerary:

Day 0: Drive from Delhi to Baggi

Day 1: Baggi to Prashar Lake

Day 2: Prashar Lake to Baggi to Delhi


Sandakphu Trek
  • State: West Bengal
  • Region: Darjeeling
  • Number of Days: 6
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 3600 mts
  • Trek Length: 44 Kms
  • Base Village: Maneybhanjang

The group at the Sandakhpu Trek

Sandakphu Trek is based in the  Singalila mountain range of the West Bengal region, unlike most mountain treks which are from Himachal and Uttrakhand. Which is the reason we say that it packs a different kind of experience.

If you’ve been on treks before then meeting locals is an eminent part of the journey. And here you will meet some of the sweetest and good-natured folks while you jump between India-Nepal borders.

The Singalila mountain range being the tallest here, one can easily enjoy a view of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu all at once.

If you want to explore more, then you can head to Darjeeling which is at a 3-hour drive from here. Additionally, you’ll be getting a peek at Siliguri as well, for the Trek starts at New Jalpaiguri which is in the same province.

Short Itinerary :

Day 1: Pick up from NJP. Overnight at Maneybhanjan

Day 2 :Maneybhanjan to Tumling. (13 km ~ 7 hr)

Day 3: Tumling to Kalipokhri. (13 km ~ 7hr)

Day 4: Kalipokhri to Sandakphu. (6km ~ 3hr)

Day 5: Sandakphu to Sri khola. (12-13 km ~ 5hr)

Day 6: Sri Khola to NJP


These are some of the best winter treks you would want to check out this season. There are options present for each and every kind of traveler, but if you’re still confused then contact us right now. For more, such information Follow us on Google News by Clicking Here.


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