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Long weekends are a sign from the universe for you to break out of your tedious routine and seek some adventures or a bit of peace, depending on the state of your mind. 

We are here to help you attain a healthy work-life balance by taking you away from the confines of your cubicle and delivering you straight into the lap of mother nature with our exciting long weekend trips and treks. 

Whether it's snow-covered mountains or lush green valleys that your eyes are dying to see, whether it’s the tranquility of camping in Tosh or the thrill of paragliding in Bir that you are craving for, we have everything that you might be looking for in a long weekend getaway, at your disposal.  

We are here to make sure that you get to fulfill all your wishes and have some much-deserved rest from your boring work life.

We have an array of handpicked locations for you to choose from and almost all of them are effortlessly convenient, to begin with. We offer the rendezvous point for our long weekend trips from Delhi, Gurgaon, Dehradun, and Bangalore so that every traveler can meet up and get accustomed to each other as well as unite with our team and get comfortable before they begin their exhilarating journey.

Our aim is to make sure that you get to visit some unexplored gems that have rich history so you can partake in the cultural diversity these places have to offer. From backpacking through Manali to Jibhi to taking oral history lessons from the Lama’s of Mcleodganj, our trips have much more to offer than just scenic views.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to long weekend getaways because our experience of more than five years in the traveling community has made it possible for us to come up with the best way to plan trips even if it’s for just one week.

You see we make sure that the balance between adventure and leisure is always maintained which is why we follow a certain pattern of providing adventure activities like Hiking, Ziplining, Skiing, Zorbing, ETV rides, jungle safari, along with leisure activities like strolling through the local markets, cafe hopping, bonfires and visiting spiritual places like the Manikaran temple depending on the destination you choose to go to for your long weekend trips.

We are a community that believes in building ever-lasting relationships not just between us and our clients but our fellow travelers as well. We always make sure that the dynamics people share with each other can build the foundation of trust and friendship so that when you look back on your journey, you only have fond memories to remember. 

You can put your faith in us by booking a trip at least once and we will make sure that we give you something to come back to over and over again.

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