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How to make the most of this Dussehra Long weekend?

Join hands with Lord Rama in celebrating his victory and embrace your own freedom to explore the majestic mountains!  And guess what? This year, Dussehra comes bearing the gift of a long weekend just for you. 

But, you might wonder, why are long weekends so important?

Let's find out!

Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to break free from the daily rut and seek adventure or relaxation. Our long weekend trips and treks are just what you need to restore your work-life balance. 

Whether you're drawn to the snow-capped peaks or green valleys, we've got the perfect getaway. Our selection of long weekend trips includes exciting activities with camping to help you reconnect with nature.

As the Dussehra, long weekend approaches, it's time to plan your vacation. We've curated a list of places to visit to help you make the most of this special weekend. If you have been waiting for your holiday calendar to start planning your vacations, you don’t need to look further anymore. The Dussehra, Long weekend is just around the corner. We have got you covered with a carefully curated list of places to visit so that you can have the best weekend trip. Don’t worry about the planning part, we already did that for you 

21st Oct - Saturday

22nd Oct - Sunday

23rd Oct - Take a leave 

24th Oct - Dussehra

No thinking twice this time, sit back and dream about your trip

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