8 Stereotypes Solo Women Travelers Face During their Travels (And How To Break Them!)

“You are travelling alone?” is an incredulous question I am sure every solo woman traveller has come across at some point in time or the other. This will be followed by a string of curious questions about where you come from, why you are not married and others, basically, what […]

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Lakshadweep – A traveller’s paradise

Consisting of thousands of small islands, Lakshadweep happens to be India’s smallest union territory. It is a perfect holiday destination with beautiful and picturesque islands all around. Lying midst the Arabian Sea towards west coast of India, these coral atolls are a treat for eyes. One cannot afford to witness […]

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A Spooky ride to Bhangarh : Spine chilling thrill on a road trip

Just the way every horror story has a thrilling charm to it and most of us don’t really mind listening to one on a rainy night or perhaps when having a sleepover with friends. Likewise paying a visit to some infamous spooky places won’t be a bad idea either, at […]

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