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Consisting of thousands of small islands, Lakshadweep happens to be India’s smallest union territory. It is a perfect holiday destination with beautiful and picturesque islands all around. Lying midst the Arabian Sea towards west coast of India, these coral atolls are a treat for eyes. One cannot afford to witness the mesmerising marine life, the grandeur of the beaches, the luxurious tourist resorts and mosques which serve as the ideal tourist attractions of Lakshadweep. So, before you pack your bags and arrive at this striking destination to relax and enjoy, here’s everything you need to know about Lakshadweep. Let me get you updated!


  • Procedure for getting permission to visit Lakshadweep.

You cannot just pack your bags and arrive at Lakshadweep. You need to take permission from the authorities of Lakshadweep prior to your visit. In fact, everyone who isn’t the citizen of this island needs to get consent before visiting. A form is required to be filled by each individual visitor which is sent to the administrator of Lakshadweep who is the authorised person to issue permits. Furthermore, one can also book a package tour through SPORTS, the government’s tour operator to easily get the permission. In addition, booking a hotel in advance can also solve this issue as the hotel authorities works on your behalf in sorting it out with the government officials.




  • Best time to visit.

The climate of Lakshadweep is usually humid throughout the year. Summers from March to May witness a temperature of around 35.C. The best time to visit Lakshadweep in summer is in the month of March. The mild sun, the natural surroundings can be your perfect companion at sea shores and beaches, giving you an experience of a lifetime. Monsoon arrives in June and continues till August along with unexpected showers every now and then. So, a visit during monsoon is not advisable as the sudden showers can ruin your plans. Winters commencing in December are relatively colder with temperature of 20.C to 30.C which lasts till the end of February and can also be the perfect time to stroll through the caressing winter breeze of Lakshadweep.

The people of Lakshadweep mainly belong to the communities of Melacheris, Koyas, Malmis and Aminidivis. The religion of the majority of people here is that of Islam. However, few other ethnic groups are also a part of this attractive island. The first of the people who came to Lakshadweep for inhabitation are believed to be Aminidivis. The community of Koyas are usually land owners and the Malmis are the one working under them. Melachiris belong to the community of labours who collect nuts from the coconut trees for earning their livelihood.


  • Places to stay.

Lakshadweep consists of three resorts which offer full services to its customers including foreigners. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Agatti Island Beach resort: It is a privately owned resort with around 20 cottages and the diving facility here is the best.
  2. Bangaram Island Resort: It is quite an expensive resort with basic huts which was the first island to be opened for the tourists. It is the only place at Lakshadweep which serves alcohol so alcohol lovers might love to stay here.
  3. Kadmat Island Resort: This resort is famous for its scuba facility and consists of luxury huts, executive huts as well as family huts.

Apart from these resorts, there are certain government resorts at Minicoy, Kavratti and Kalpeni which is exclusively available for Indian citizens only.

If you plan smartly, you can enjoy this trip without burning a hole in your pocket. Instead of opting for star cruises, if you choose to stay at hotels of Agatti or Bangaram, it will be much cheaper. The resort at Bangaram is a little more expensive in comparison to that of Agatti resort so choosing the resort of Agatti will let you enjoy extra two days in Lakshadweep in the same price. Furthermore, travelling through ship is quite economical and Agatti Island Beach Resort arranges special permit for entry for its visitors. A three day, four night package costs around $400 with AC cottages charging $185 per night and non AC cottages charging $130 per night. The meals are included with the stay and the rates are much lower during off season. This package also includes a glass bottom boat ride, fishing trip in the waters of lagoon and a trip to Four Islands of Bangaram.


  • Places to visit.
  1. Kadmat Island: A very popular tourist island, Kadmat is known for its picturesque white beaches and is perfect for spending a relaxed day, soaking the happiness by taking a sun bath at the beach. Around the west side of the beach, lies the grand lagoon midst the coral reefs which is an absolute treat for the eyes.
  2. Kavrattri Island: This Island is best known for its beautiful mosques and has immense greenery all around. It is no less than a paradise for the nature lovers where one can spend quality time with friends and family at coral sand beaches.
  3. Kalpeni: Famous for its rich marine and coral life, Kalpeni consists of three small islands named Cherriyam, Pitti and Tilakkam. These islands are very beautiful and scenic.
  4. Bangaram: Lying at a distance of 8km from Agatti Island, Bangaram is known for its beautifully carved palm groves by nature. The smooth sands accompanied with the mesmerising sea waves are something that leaves the tourists awe struck.
  5. Agatti Island: Lying at a distance of 459 kms from Cochin, the beaches of this island are considered the best for swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling. Adventure and sports freak can indulge into deep sea fishing, water skiing, kayaking, sailing and boat rides.


  • Shopping

A tour is never complete unless you have indulged in some shopping spree and bought some souvenirs to take back home as profound memories of the place you visited. Coconut powder and oil are available at the factory situated at the island of Kadamat. The purity of this coconut powder and oil remains unmatched and one must buy it. Also, you can purchase fish pickles from Kavrattri Island and buy some souvenirs exclusively available at this island.

Lakshadweep is a beautiful place and it should be in the bucket list of every traveller who wants to explore places and carve new stories and memories every day. So, plan, pack and proceed. Don’t wait for others. Lakshadweep is calling you. Happy wraveling!


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