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Impromptu Travel Plans and The Need For Them.

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Written by Bhairavi Jaiswal
Rajasthan, Travel, India, Backpack, Solo, Women, Nature, World travel

With the present scenario, our travel cravings have been limited to our borders. If you ever thought of why India is the best place to travel, all your impromptu travel plans are going to be the answer that you’ve been looking for. Are you one of those who scrolls through your feed searching for travel content, however, does not go through with booking your own trip? 

Believe it or not, we have all been through this impending turmoil of emotions. If you are on those cross roads right now, you are about to find out why impromptu traveling is important.

1.   Thrill of The Unknown

travel, backpack, impromptu trips, solo, women, India travel

Routine. Job. Responsibilities. Is it this circle of life that you find yourself dwelling over?

I am sure you do! It’s time to break the monotony. Give yourself the ‘much needed travel break’ and understand why you should travel. Live without a calendar, hitch rides while on the road, have an itinerary to share when your trip is over! Explore your wild side, the time is now.

2.  Exploring Multi-Cultural and Regional Diversity

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Each person you come across is a book of inspiration in themselves. If there is something that makes India the best place to travel and build on tourism is the diversity that it entails, no two places are the same. The food, the language, the tonality, the culture, the ideologies, the deities worshipped, the clothing, the list is endless. 

With the experience you gain from others’ stories; you open your world to multiple perspectives, accept people for who they are and understand the nuances of life. You find inspiration in the smallest of things and understand why impromptu traveling is imperative.

3.  Finding your Purpose in Life

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Many a time, you’d have felt as though you’re living a trapped life and pondered over how to get out of it. You might have the perfect job, earn exorbitantly well and yet be dissatisfied. This is exactly why you need to travel; to clear your mind and realize the real you!

There is never a right time to begin traveling solo or in a group, as long as it helps you realize what you want to pursue in life. 

 4.  Self Love and Discovery

Kasol, travel, north India, Himachal Pradesh, Solo, Women Travellers, Backpacking

Socialising is an integral phenomenon in today’s world and you’re either categorised as an introvert or an extrovert. If you think pleasing everyone is a necessary evil, you need to get out of the bubble. 

You need to identify your inner self and understand that introverts can also be the best kind of travelers. Impromptu travel allows you to learn how to self-love and embrace yourself focusing on your mental health. It helps you find that sense of inspiration from within. Discover a destination you never have and you will end up discovering yourself.

 5.  Overcoming Your Fears

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Did you always have this tightening in your chest when you thought of traveling solo? While it might seem unsettling at the start, the feeling of accomplishment is insatiable. Dive into the ocean or from the sky, hike your way up the mountains, raft through gushing rivers; don’t let your fears get the better of you. You are much more than what you think you are.

 6.  Mending A Heartbreak

While we might not glorify undergoing a break up, we have all felt the need to use travel as a medium to get away from all that reminded us of our partner. There are people out there, who have lived through these phases and believe it or not, there are many who are on the road, mending themselves. Who knows you might bump into someone, and that was what destiny had in store for you? 

If these aren’t reasons enough for you to book tickets for impromptu travel, pack your bags and think of all those empty pages in your diary of life that you have the opportunity to fill. 

Write your own travel story, take the first step and the rest will follow.

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A travel enthusiast with a craving to explore the immense diversity prevalent in the world. Someone who has learnt from experience and lives each day to the fullest.

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