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Sathopanth Lake Trek

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Satopanth lake is a glacial lake in Uttarakhand, India, located in the midst of snow-capped peaks at an altitude of 4,600 metres (15,100 ft) above sea-level. The lake is considered to be of religious significance to the local people; residents of Mana village throw the ashes of the dead in the lake. Many people believe that the Trimoortis, viz, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, take bathe in the lake on an auspicious day. Certain species of birds are found here, which pick up the pollutants of the lake and thus keep the lake clean. These birds are not found anywhere. The local belief is that they are the Gandharvas disguised, who guard the lake against evils.
Geologically this is a glacial corrie lake. The alkapuri glacier is huge and a lot of corrie lakes are formed and this one is the biggest. The waters of the lake are held by the vast boulders and lateral moraines of the glacier. The beauty of this trek is that it starts at 3300m (the altitude of badrinath) and continues alongside the Alaknanda River until the alkapuri glacier. The junction of the 2 glaciers is a magnificent sight. The peaks of neelkanth, balakun and Satopanth give company throughout the trek. The camping locations on this trek are devoid of any trees and are beautiful alpine meadows. There are numerous waterfalls along the way which make the walk a pleasant sight.

Short Itinerary

Rishikesh - Joshimath - Badrinath (245kms, 8/9hrs)

Badrinath - Mana (3KMS DRIVE/20MINS) - Vasudhara Falls Camp (5KMS/3HRS)

Vasudhara Falls Camp - Laxmi Van - Chakrateerth Meadow (7 KMS/4 - 5 HRS)

Chakrateerth Meadow Camp To Satopanth Lake & Back To Laxmi Van

Laxmi Van - Vasudhara Fall - Mana - Badrinath

Badrinath - Rishikesh (265 KMS/10 HRS)

package details







No. of Days



Mode Of Transport



Meals Included



Type Of Stay


Guest House And Camp

Start/End Location


Trip Type



Trek Length



Route Plan




11500 /-

(GST @ 5% Extra)

Day 1
Rishikesh - Joshimath - Badrinath (245kms, 8/9hrs)

We begin the day early and drive to Joshimath via Devprayag, Rudraprayag. One can see Devprayag (confluence of Alaknanda & Bhagirathi.) on the way. The Holy River Ganges starts from here. We reach Badrinath by evening and spend the night in a guest house. 

Day 2
Badrinath - Mana (3KMS DRIVE/20MINS) - Vasudhara Falls Camp (5KMS/3HRS)

In the morning visit Badrinath temple and later after breakfast drive a short distance to Mana village (Last village of the border). From here we will trek to Vasudhara falls via Bheem Bridge with packed lunch. Mana Village - 3 km from Badrinath, this is the last village of India on the Indo-Tibetan border. The Indo-Mongolian tribe set up this village. A population of 200 people lives here. Tourists come in plenty to this quaint village. Bheem Bridge - A short distance from Mana Village a natural bridge made of a huge boulder, over the river Saraswathi is seen. The story goes that Bheem; one of the Pandava brothers put it there. The view of this extraordinary bridge and the din of the flowing river make this place interesting. Vasudhara falls - 5 km after Bheem Bridge this astonishingly high waterfall is very attractive. The most interesting aspect about this place is that all the water here becomes vapour and vanishes into the atmosphere. The view looks like the Ganges is descending from the sky. 

Day 3
Vasudhara Falls Camp - Laxmi Van - Chakrateerth Meadow (7 KMS/4 - 5 HRS)

In the morning after breakfast we trek to Laxmi Van (2 kms). This is a small meadow with pastures for goat and sheep to graze. It has a few caves where gujjars stay with their flock of animals. After lunch we further trek to Chakrateerth meadow which is just 3 kms away from the lake. This is a beautiful camping ground with green grass all around and towering peaks surrounding you. At night one may also hear the glacial ice breaking away into a thunderous sound. 


Day 4
Chakrateerth Meadow Camp To Satopanth Lake & Back To Laxmi Van

The trek from Chakrateerth meadow to the lake is very strenuous on the knees and is entirely over glacial debris. Walking over huge boulder and stones can take a toll on the knees but the calm and placid waters of the lake are a rewarding sight. Satopanth Lake is 18 km from Mana Village amidst the difficult areas of Himalayas. The water in the lake is very calm. On the banks of this lake are innumerable lotus flowers. We head back to our camp site and trek back to Laxmi van. 

Day 5
Laxmi Van - Vasudhara Fall - Mana - Badrinath

In the morning trek back to Mana village and then drive 3 kms to Badrinath with pack lunch. One can also take the alternate route to reach Badrinath directly. Upon arrival at Badrinath check in to hotel for dinner and overnight stay. 


Day 6
Badrinath - Rishikesh (265 KMS/10 HRS)

Early in the morning drive to Rishikesh via Rudraprayag & Devprayag. 


Guide and cook fees, rent for camping equipment

Forest entry charges

Porter and mule support to carry camping equipments. Please note that personal luggage will not be carried by mules and porters.

All veg meals starting from day 1 Dinner  to day 6 Breakfast. On trekking days packed lunch will be provided.

Tented accommodation throughout the trek.


Transport Cost : Rs 2500/ Per person (Rishikesh- Rishikesh )

Transport to reach Dehradun from hometown

Personal expenses like tips, medicines, phone calls etc any transport support during the trek apart from what is included above

Personal porter support will be chargeable at 200 Rs per bag per day. Weight of 1 bag should not increase 12 kgs.

Any meals during the travel journey to Giangad and back to Dehradoon.

Rent for trekking shoes is Rs 200 per trekking day. The charges are applicable irrespective if the shoes are worn or not during the trek. Availability of shoes needs to be confirmed with us.

Rent for walking stick is Rs 50 per trekking day. The charges are applicable irrespective if the stick is used or not.

No refund of booking amount to be provided if customer cancels the booking 10 days prior to departure date.

50% refund if done between 11-20 days prior to schedule departure.

90% refund if done between 21-90 days prior to schedule departure.

100% refund if cancelled 90+ days prior to schedule departure date.

Waterproof Rucksack

Comfortable Trekking Boots ((Waterproof, high ankle with good grip)

One Raincoat/Poncho

Windproof Jacket/Wind & waterproof jacket & pant

2-3 T-shirt/Shirt

2 Trouser ( (avoid shorts, fitting denims, capris)

Torch/ Head Torch 1No (hand torch would be an alternative)

Woolen Gloves

Thermal Inner-wears

Warm Fleece/Alternative: a woollen sweater

Woolen Cap

Woolen Socks & Regular Socks

Water Bottle


Camera & Phone if you like (with full/Extra Batteries)

Identity Cards

Slippers/Sandels: Non-slippery

Specific Medication Medicine

Personal Toiletries

Hand sanitizer

Sunscreen cream/ Moisturiser/ Lip Balm

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Sunglasses (it should be U/V protected.) or use Photo chromatic glasses.