Bir Billing Paragliding and Trekking Trip

Bir, Himachal Pradesh
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If you’re looking for a 3-day weekend trip that helps you gain a unique experience, satisfies the adventure enthusiast inside of you, and helps you break the monotony of life, then a weekend trip to Bir- Billing is perfect for you.

Bir is a small town in Himachal Pradesh and Billing which is 15 Kilometers away from Bir, together they are the hotspot for adventurous activities.

Towering at an elevation of 8000ft, Bir is the World's second highest take-off point for paragliding and has gained popularity among thrill seekers as the panoramic view of the valley from when you are soaring through the sky is enough to satiate the hunger for adventure that you might have. 

Since the adrenaline rush that you’d get from being so high above would come to an end, we make sure that we can provide you with the many experiences this place has to offer as there are many things to do in Bir. From cafe hopping, exploring the local market, visiting the cascading waterfalls, and even trekking, you’d never have a dull moment on this weekend trip to Bir.

Although most people visit Bir billing for paragliding, the influence of Tibetan culture makes one curious enough to take a closer look at the local lifestyle of people. One could never miss the Buddhist Monasteries in Bir Billing, which is also one of the main attractions besides paragliding and adventure sports.

To make sure that you get to make the most of your experience, we provide the best custom-tailored experience where we conduct group bonding activities and explore the market as well as some of the best places in Bir like Sunset point and the Bir waterfall.

The best time to go to Bir for a paragliding session is from November to January. Snowfall tends to hinder the experience as one needs clear skies for a great paragliding session.

We know that thinking about being so high in the sky can make you nervous but the sessions are conducted under the guidance of professionals who make sure that you get the best experience. 

Bir Billing has its own set of stories about how the paragliding actually started in the place. If we go by what the local guides claim then it was started by a guy who was interested in paragliding and made his first paraglider using torn polythene pieces and rags..

The overall paragliding experience in Bir Billing is breathtaking and is a perfect activity for an adrenaline junkie. You can never run out of things to do in Bir Billing and it is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

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