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Chandranahan lake trek is known to a handful of people as its not high on the popularity charts when compared with treks like Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, and more. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is any less adventurous, fun, or appealing in comparison to those mentioned here.

Now, Chandranahan lake is not just like any other lakes but it has historical, mythological, and geographical significance as well. 

It is believed that Chandranahan lake’s location is the exact place where Goddess Kali used to stay, back in the day, and is also known as her holy abode. Adding to that, it is also the birthplace of  Devta Shikru Maharaj, who holds a very important place in the eyes of locals and devotees.

The name of this place has an interesting story as well. And according to the legend, it says that Chandra Dev visits this place for a ritual bath every 10 years. This is why the place is called Chandra-Nahan meaning, Bath of Chandra.

Upon reaching the 9,200 ft top, which is also the Chandranahan lake altitude, one can experience true bliss and grandness of nature. The lake itself is frozen and makes up for a great view for the one who really wants to see, hidden attractions of the world.

And the glitter in your eyes might not stop only there, but they’re going to brighten even more loudly. The reason being the added attraction of Chandranahan Waterfall, which is a sight to behold.

The Chandranahan lake weather is something you would never be able to forget, with the serene scent of pure air and the mesmerizing surroundings. The cold weather adds to the aesthetics of the place and makes up for a trip with unforgettable memories.

Moving onto the next thing which is frequently asked about the lake, the best time to visit Chandranahan Lake is during the winter months. So, when winter hits the calendar, you have at least one place you need to visit.

Now, This is just enough for anyone to get onto the traveler leaving for Chandranahan Lake. Don’t you also want to get hitched for a ride to Chandranahan Lake? You do, right? 

So, without further ado, pack your bags and let us take you to the Chandranahan lake trip in 2021 with JustWravel.

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