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Top 5 Unusual Tourist Spots to celebrate Holi in 2020

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Holi is just around the corner and you’ll be having plans for sure, but why go for the usual ways? Yes! Let’s do things a little differently and by that, we don’t mean that you should be lighting up crackers on Holi’s eve. No, Don’t do that. But, what one could actually do is, take a break from the usual and hit the road.

Now, there are several destinations in the Indian region that are famous for their Holi Celebrations and traditional ways. Mathura, Barsana, Jaipur and West Bengal’s holi is something we’ve all heard of and well! aspire to go and check out once.

But, they are always jam-packed with like-minded tourists from India and beyond. Which makes it a little difficult for a traveler to fully grasp the essence of the location. And the destination gets overcrowded and faces problems like Over-Tourism as well.

So, we’ve picked out places for you to visit this Holi weekend. So, choose from the diverse collection of places, according to your time and budget, for unlike all the other lists, this one is pretty detailed. Read on and find out the best unusual places to celebrate Holi in 2020.


Weeklong Trips

These trips are made for the real adventurer or someone who would rather hit the road instead of Netflix and Chill in their idol time. Additionally, these trips roughly last for 7 to 8 days and can actually juice out an individual sometimes.

Also, they can be quite exciting as you’ll be on the go for almost one-third of the month and that’s the dream, for some out there. Still, unsure if it’s the right type of thing for you, check out the list below.


Rajasthan Backpacking to Udaipur Jaisalmer Jaipur (7 Days)

The first on the list is a Backpacking trip to Rajasthan, and the reasons are plenty. Rajasthan, the royal state of India is filled with numerous aesthetic locations and remnants of the Rajputs. It also sports a desert that attracts a huge number of Indians and also, travelers from foreign lands, who visit to see this vast beauty made of sand. 

Now, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur are key cities of the state and a backpacking trip to Rajsthan, lets you have an up-close-and-person view of all the places on iternary.

Also, even after being in a desert, there are several lakes in Udaipur, especially Lake Pichola which we would definitely get to see while on this trip.

Moreover,  you can go visit the famous palaces in the city and just so you know, there are a  total of 11 such Palaces, which signifies in itself, the Rajwada culture of Rajasthan.

On the other hand, Jaisalmer is famous for its old and grand Jaisalmer Fort which stands tall till date and provides shelter to many individuals.

Coming to the next location on the itinerary, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and it has notable locations as well, such as Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. Additionally, Jaipur is also a great place for shopping with a number of Haats and Bazaars to shop the local items from.

Holi is celebrated a little different in Rajasthan and you can expect to see the Royal culture blended into the festival, while the locals celebrate holi. The Royal Palace and the Royals of Rajasthan themselves are involved in making the celebration, a grand affair. Take a trip to Rajasthan this holi and experience what it feels like to have a Royal Holi.

Check out trip details here.

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Long Trips

These trips last anywhere from 4 to 6 days and are considered slightly longer trips. Ideal for anyone who hasn’t been out for a while and needs an outlet for relaxation.

Typically, Backpackers and larger groups prefer to go on such long duration tours. But if you’re a travel or adventure junkie, then it really doesn’t matter, check the itinerary and hop on.


Manali Kasol Himachal Tour (6 Days)

Manali and Kasol, two of the most important tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, combined into one big package, could be your pick for the Holi week this time.

Throwing some light onto the facts, Manali has been an important hill station since British colonial times and right now, individuals visit Manali to get closer to the lofty hills and its aesthetic beauty. 

In Manali, you’ll find the Beas river flowing by the town at its own pace which is quite a soothing experience in itself. Moreover, Honeymooners and backpackers both jump at the idea of Manali and Kasol, for it serves as a perfect destination for either kind. 

Now heading towards Kasol, you’ll find younger tourists enjoying the pristine beauty of the hills and things that Kasol is famous for, its partying culture and other diversions. Additionally, the Parvati valley is a great destination for adventurous individuals. The reason being, it is the center point for so many things in Kasol and ideally, it is famous for individuals taking snaps along the route and also on the famous Kasol Bridge.

The season to visit Kasol starts in March, so the Holi weekend is the perfect time for your tour. Also, there would be a chill in the weather yet it makes up for a  quite pleasant one. On top of that, you get to immerse yourself in the wilderness of Himachal during March as it is Spring season there, which is the time when the flora and fauna are at its top. 

Check out trip details here


Kedarkantha Trek (5 Days)

Kedarkanta trek is one of the most popular and heavily visited treks in India. The reason being that its beginner-friendly and it covers all the bases which could be covered in any kind of trekking adventure.

Getting a peek at some of the facts, In the trek, you get to climb till 12,500 ft. to have an amazing summit view. Also, the trek is spanned out in a total of 20 Km in distance from Base to Summit, which could be achieved by a novice also.

Sunsets and sunrises are the most serene here and you’ll fall in love with the view of the sun, splitting the light from white creaks and meadows. Also, wait till you get to see amazing views of the Swargarohini, Black Peak and Bandarpoonch peaks. Which could be seen all together at once in this trek, making it a jack of all trades when it comes to treks.

Now, the best part about Kedarkanta is that it’s a winter trek. When you reach the campsite, you will see white crusty snow and its density only increases as you move towards the summit. 

As Holi is in March, it is the ideal time to go on the Kedarkanta trek before the winter ends and the winter trek closes for next season. So, make sure to get your woolens as it is going to be chilly and hop onto the ride leaving for Kedarkantha.

Check out the trip details here

Chopta Chandrashila Rishikesh Tour (6 Days)

Uttarakhand, as a state, stands out because of its amazing trekking routes and tourist attraction. And, Chandrashila trek is one of the things that helps Uttrakhand Stand out.

Throwing in some facts, Chandrashila has an elevation of 14,000 ft. and of course! like any other trek it does serve you with a ton of scenic view of the mountains. Additionally, the trek also covers some limelight due to its alpine forests, which is quite unique and feels like Christmas or an episode from the game of thrones.

Now, the basecamp for your trek will be Chopta, a town lined with beautiful meadows. Also, you get to camp under a clear moonlight sky which makes up for a perfect view at nighttime.

Moreover, don’t forget to get a glimpse of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers at Devprayag mixing up at one vantage point, while on your way to Chopta.

We’ll move on to Rishikesh After we’re done with the Chandrashila trek, which is again another major checkbox in our Itinerary.

And as many would recon, Rishikesh stands beside the Ganges and it’s known for its spiritual and adventurous nature. Also, if you’ve been an audiophile, you’ll jump out on the fact that

Beatles have been here, back in the day, pretty exciting, right?

Expanding a little further, While in Rishikesh, you will get to experience white water rafting and other adventure sports to make you feel the adrenaline rush. And you can also enjoy the Ganga aarti and visit the Ashrams. 

This tour is perfect for the Holi weekend as it will be the best time to be on Chandrashila trek and who doesn’t love good weather coupled with Holi? Also, if you are in Rishikesh on the day of Holi, you’d get to experience Holi, the style Local does here which is again, pretty unique and exciting.

Check out the trip details here

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Weekend Short Trips :

These trips last for 2 to 3 days and are perfect for those who have a short span for vacation and want to take a quick detour from the usual. Ideal for corporate employees and individuals who can’t afford much time traveling.

In conclusion, if you’re someone who needs to back on their desk by Monday morning, then the weekend getaway should be your pick.


Kareri Lake Trek (3 Days)

Kareri Lake trek is spanned out in a total of 26 KM and present in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

At an altitude of 9,650 Ft. the trek is not only fun, challenging but beginner-friendly as well. Also, Vast meadows and the Dahuladhar range makes it a soothing affair for travelers passing Kareri Lake. 

Along with that, Alpine forests of oak and spruce will lift your mood when you’re out of breath, after that long trek. And, like all the other treks, this one also lets you have a look at the flora and the fauna of Kareri, especially among the bird watchers. 

Now, sometimes you may wind up on rocky grassland terrain which may seem daunting at first but once you get acquainted, even that’s fun too. Moving on, while you are in the local villages, take some time to relax and appreciate the surroundings for they are one of a kind. And don’t forget to take a peek at one of the most popular attractions in the vicinity, the famous Shiva’s temple.

The individuals can spend their time camping by the lakeside and gather around a bonfire, which is one of the activities without which the Kareri Lake tour seems incomplete.

The Kareri Lake trek is short yet full of experiences and is a place where you can truly relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban culture. So, it is great for individuals who can only afford to take a short, 3 days vacation. 

Check out the trip details here.


 Other short trips you might like:

Parashar Lake Trek (2 Days)
Nag Tibba Trek (2 Days)
Gokarna Weekend Tour (2 Days)
Kodachadri Trek (2 Days)
Paragliding and Trekking at Bir Billing (2 Days)
Grahan – A Spiritual Village in Parvati Valley (3 Days)
Trip to Kasol Tosh (3 Days)
Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek (3 Days)
Jibhi Road Trip (3 Days)


You’ve reached the end of the list and now its time to pick one. Do tell us in comments, which would be your ideal destination to celebrate holi in 2020. And don’t forget to share it with the community for someone who might really need it.

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