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Global Travel Update: Italy Offering Subsidized Holidays

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After thousands of deaths, a huge economic loss and months of aggressive measures being taken, Italy is finally going to reopen. It’s one of the countries that has been hit the hardest by the novel coronavirus.

With over 200,00 affected and 30,000 dead, citizens all around the world got a wake-up call. However, things are slowly improving.

The country registered their lowest total of daily new cases on May 10th. For the first time, the count of daily new cases has come below 1,000.

This time, 802 coronavirus cases had been confirmed in the 24-hour cycle.

Residents don’t know what to expect with the country gradually lifting the nationwide lockdown. They have mixed feelings regarding the topic.

Some are worried that this reopening is not the wisest decision as deaths due to the virus still haven’t stopped. Others are simply happy that the lockdown will get lifted.

Museums, theaters, retail shops, and other such establishments will remain closed. However, restaurants and cafes are allowed to start business again but only for takeaway orders.

Other business groups are placing a lot of pressure on the Italian government, however, to allow them to reopen as well. In fact, the country has seen protests for the same.

Hairdressers, for example, protested as they cannot open their stores according to the rules of lockdown.

As a result, the government is reviewing options for the reopening of businesses and shops. Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister, said, “The government has no intention of protracting this residual lockdown”.

On May 18, shops of all kinds have been opened as according to many business owners who believed that they may not survive the losses till May 18.

This phase of restrictions being eased is expected to bring more than 4 million citizens back to work. On Facebook, the PM announced, “Like never before, the future of the country will be in our hands.”

The final plans beyond this deadline have not been released or shared yet by the government. Conte is hoping that they’ll be able to reopen bars, cafes, and all kinds of eateries from June onward.

Similarly, around the same time, beauty parlors, salons, and spa centers may be allowed to reopen.

The largest Mediterranean island in Italy, Sicily, is offering subsidized holidays. This will be applicable to both international and domestic tourists.

The reason this decision has been taken is to jumpstart tourism and attract more tourists after the pandemic gets over. 

Plenty of people are double thinking about taking a vacation to Italy as it had been one of the worst-hit countries.

After the lockdown was initiated on 10 March, the economy underwent huge losses, especially in the tourism industry. To boost the dying sector,  €75m has been set aside by the regional government.

According to an official statement by the Italian government, tourists can expect to travel there by this summer.

With stress about the unknown being spread rampant, this step taken by Italy might just be saving the country or dooming it.

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