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Long weekends in 2023 | List of Indian Holidays for you to plan a trip

Written by Khushi Maheshwari

Without knowing about the right timings, it often gets a bit tricky to plan a trip and handle the work at the same time. However, as soon as one gets access to the ‘long weekends in 2023’ list it gets easy as pie to plan trips and handle work concomitantly.

Work-life balance is a must; whether you’ve to follow stringent rules, or you’re caught up in an excessive workload, well-being comes on top. And these long weekend gateways are the perfect way to achieve that. The listed mini and major trips will actually help you plan your trip without even affecting your work life.

People often get confused while deciding the time that would be most suitable or the place that offers the best. Well, no more worries on that part! You can easily start planning your vacations, and all you’ll need is just a perfect holiday calendar. We’ve curated the same for you with a mix of travel destinations that are most suited to visit on that particular day. So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s start with the available holidays in 2023 and how you can make the most of them (taking into account your annual paid leaves and some crazy traveling tricks).

List of long weekends in 2023

1. Available long weekends in January

●   Makar Sakranti

[14th January to 16th January]

You can enjoy a 3-day trip:

14th January- Makar Sakranti

15th January- Sunday

16th January- You can take a day off

Recommended Destination: Auli, Uttarakhand
long weekends in 2023 in Auli
A perfect location for a 3-day trip in January

● Republic Day

[26th January to 29th January]

You can enjoy a 4-day trip:

26th January- Republic Day

27th January- Take a day off

28th January- Saturday

29th January- Sunday

Recommended trip: Uttarakhand Backpacking
long weekends in 2023 in Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand Backpacking trip

2. Available long weekend gateways in February

●   Maha Shivratri

[17th February to 19th February]

You can enjoy a 3-day trip:

17th February- Take a day off

18th February- Maha Shivratri

19th February- Sunday

Recommended Destination: Chopta, Uttarakhand
long weekends in February 2023
This is it for spending your perfect weekend!

3. Available long weekends in March

●   Holi

[5th March to 8th  March]

You can enjoy a 5-day trip:

4th March- Saturday (Note: It depends on an individual basis as some have all Saturdays off while others have alternate ones)

5th March- Sunday

6th March- Take a day off

7th March- Holika dahana

8th March- Holi

Recommended Destination: Pushkar, Rajasthan & Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
long weekends in 2023 in March
Spend your best holi in Pushkar

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4. Available long weekend gateways in 2023- April

●   Good Friday

[7th April to 9th  April]

You can enjoy a 4-day trip:

7th April- Good Friday

8th April- Saturday

9th April- Sunday

10th April- Take a day off

Recommended Destination: Shangarh – Sainj Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Perfect destination to spend your Good Friday’s holidays

5. Available long weekends in 2023-August

●   Independence Day

[13th August to 15th august]

You can enjoy a 4-day trip:

12th August- Saturday

13th August- Sunday

14th August- Take a day off

15th August- Independence Day

Recommended Destination: Valley of Flowers Trek, Hampta Pass Trek
Independence Day at Valley of flowers

6. Available long weekend gateways in August

●   Onam & Rakhi

[27th August to 30th august]

You can enjoy a long weekend in 2023 with this 5-6 days trip:

25th August- Take a day off (Optional)

26th August- Saturday

27th August- Sunday

28th August- Take a day off

29th August- Onam

30th August- Rakhi

Recommended Destination: Leh Ladakh
long weekends in 2023 for visiting ladakh
Plan a trip to Leh Ladakh in August

7. Available long weekends in September 

●   Ganesh Chaturthi

[17th September to 19th September]

You can enjoy a 4-day trip:

16th September- Saturday

17th September- Sunday

18th September- Take a day off

19th September- Ganesh Chaturthi

Recommended Destination: Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh
Jibhi trip in September
Plan yourself a trip to Jibhi in September

8. Available long weekend gateways in September-October

●    Eid / Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

[28th September to 2nd October]

You can enjoy a long weekend in 2023 with this 5-day trip:

28th September- Id-e-Milad

29th September- Take a day off

30th September- Saturday

1st October- Sunday

2nd October- Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

Recommended Trip: Himachal Backpacking Trip
Spend these holidays at Himachal

9. Available long weekends in 2023- October

●   Dussehra

[22nd October to 24th October]

You can enjoy a 5-day trip:

20th October- Take a Day Off

21st October- Saturday

22nd October- Sunday

23rd October- Maha Navami

24th October- Dussehra

Recommended Trip: Winter Spiti
Winter Spiti for the October trip

10. Available long weekends in 2023- December

●   Christmas

[23rd December to 25th December]

You can enjoy a 4-day trip:

22nd December- Take a day Off

23rd December- Saturday

24th December- Sunday

25th December- Christmas Day

Recommended Trip: Himachal Explorer Edition
4-days trip to Himachal

One can easily plan a trip to their favorite destinations by making correct use of their holidays and leaves. The above-curated list has given you the best timings and places to go in. Now it’s your call to select one or more of these marvelous trips and enjoy the best moments.

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