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Best Treks to do in Monsoon Season

Treks to do in Monsoon Season justwravel
Written by Mohit Agarwal
The Zanskar Valley trek, Ladakh

A trek that’s needless to mention has captured every trekker’s eyes and soul. Any bucket list of an adventure enthusiast is incomplete without The Zanskar Valley trek. The trek gives an all-new definition to the adrenaline rush, especially during monsoons.

Amidst wonderful scenic vistas, the trail takes trekkers through remote hamlets, wild canyons, and monasteries worth capturing. Starting from Darcha the trail passes through Palahmo treating you with exquisite experience as you ascend and end at Padum. All through the trail, you will be building memories to boast about for lifelong.

So with no more delay start your prep to tick off the Zanskar trek this monsoon.

Tsomoriri – Spiti Valley Trek via Parang La

Imagine two weeks amidst the most unspoiled natural scenery…sounds intriguing right? Now is the time to make this imagination come true. This monsoon the Tsomoriri – Spiti Valley trek waits to host expert trekkers for an exciting experience like never before.

This strenuous trek takes you through the Tibetan nomad hamlet of Changtang to monasteries of Indus Valley and verdant grassland, to reach the azure waters of Tso Moriri Lake. Camping by the lake get yourself acclimatized to the climate & the surroundings and preps you for a demanding hike up to the Parang Pass.

Attaining a max altitude of around 17000 ft, the trail descends to land you in the laps of beautiful Spiti Valley. Savour the ambiance and relax your body and soul.

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek, Uttarakhand

Founded by a British team accompanied by 6 shepherds, the 10 days of challenging expedition is a delight and monsoon rains all the more escalate the experience. As you set your feet on the uphill trail to attaining a height of 14000 ft approximately, doors to a completely breathtaking beauty are unlocked.

Be prepared to capture some Brown bear, Serow, Bharal, Himalayan Thar, etc on the way to keep up your excitement as the trail gets challenging. All your efforts are well paid off when you find yourself sounded by an enthralling beauty.

Also, don’t miss to absorb the beauty of as many as 12 peaks including Trishuli, Nanda Kot, Changaband, and more.

Roopkund Lake Trek, Uttarakhand

Roopkund Trek, nine days of an expedition that takes you through a moderate to challenging terrain as you attain height to reach atop at 14600 ft approximately.

Starting from Lohajung the trail takes you through a changing landscape from green surroundings to snow-capped peaks, thick forest, narrow passes, strewn glaciers, and lovely meadows. Known for its mysterious folklores behind the skeletons found here, the lake is also called as the Mystery Lake or Skeleton Lake.

The place turns into heaven as several hundred human skeletons start to uncover from snow in and around the lake.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Jammu & Kashmir

Looking for a moderate trek that takes you through the most beautiful high altitude lakes? Well, your search ends here. Taking you up to a height of around 14000 ft, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is one of the most popular in the valley.

The glistening lakes and stunning peaks create a visual treat to the eyes and pristine environment for the body. Running across eight days, the trek takes you through mesmerizing surroundings walking along the banks of lakes like Kishanagar, Nundkol, Gadsar, and Vishnasar that look their best post a monsoon shower.

Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Do you feel like high altitude treks are not meant for you? Do you wish to train your body on an easy to moderate level of the trek but not compromise on the beauty of the trail? Then Hampta Pass Trek is meant for you.

A trek that’s ideal for both novice and proficient trekkers taking you through heavenly landscapes during monsoons. The trail begins from lush green forests in Manali and serves you with wonderful sights like a glacier, expansive grasslands, the mighty Himalayas, and colorful gorges on the way.

Forming the link between the two most gorgeous valleys namely Kullu valley and Ladakh Valley, the trek to Hampta Pass is 5 days trek that’s a must to go on for the love for trekking.

With this, we put an end to the list that can go on & on but there has to be a limit so that our main purpose of taking you out of a vacillating dilemma is solved… Now that you have your list handy, we hope you tick most of them off your list this monsoon… Keep traveling to have the most cherishable memories of your life.

Check out more about the upcoming treks.

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