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Musical Tourism: How Music Is Changing the Way People Travel These Days

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Whether you are someone who dances onto the beats of Avicii’s ‘Wake me up’ or someone who loves to hum on the slow tunes of Adele’s ‘We were young’, its a fact that we all love music in one sense or another.

Music makes us move, it brings out emotions which we are unaware of ourselves and it works as an instant liking factor if we find someone who shares our taste in music. Musical tours are woven around this very idea only and are basically a mix of traveling and music altogether.

We go out seeking new destinations and explore the local music in the vicinity or we go exploring our musical taste and end up in different cities with different people mixed in a whirlpool of never-ending fun.

So, have you got a taste for music and travel both? Then instead of going separate ways, you can hop onto a musical journey and experience the fun of this new kind of travel, we are calling as the ‘Musical Tourism’.


Ziro Festival of Music

Arunachal Pradesh hosts the Ziro festival of music every year around the end of September and lasts for about 4 days. The music festival covers every genre of music and people from all around the world visit the Ziro Valley for a never to be forgotten experience.

The northeast never backs off when it comes to showing how culturally diverse they are along with keeping up with the modern ways of the world. Ziro festival of music is the live example where you can see tribal cultural and indie-pop being played on the same stage one after another.

Ziro offers great local cuisine, pleasant music for every kind of audiophile and a dreamy night sky. Enjoy the music with a pint of rice beer served in bamboo sticks holders, which is a must-have beverage and a local specialty of  Ziro Valley.

Daniya and Polo which translates to the sun and moon are two stages set up for the day and night show and along with a majority of local artists, many a time you would spot famous music celebrities performing in Ziro too.

Visit Ziro this season and experience a blend of fine music, great weather, amazing company and the taste of finest rice beer all over the county.


Hornbill Festival

Cultural music, Tribal dances, flashy lights and probably the biggest bonfire that you’ve ever seen, all this is what makes Hornbill festival stands out and sets a completely different tone for itself.

The tribes from all over the Nagalanand gather in unison to present their rich cultural heritage which they want to preserve at any cost. There are other intresting activities in the vicinity as well such as camping, trekking, exploring the nearby villages and getting to know some of the most humble and kind people across the world.

Hornbill is celebrated every year between the first to the tenth of December at the village Kisama and is organized by State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments. The main attraction of the whole festival is the huge bonfire that lits up during the nighttime and makes up for an unmatched tribal ambiance.

If trying a little different cuisine, dancing around a bonfire and enjoying good music is your thing then you should visit Hornbill International Music Festival this season.


Magnetic Fields Festival

Beat drops and peaceful melodies, all packed under one arena over a span of few days is what Magnetic fields Festival all about. The festival gets organizes during the month of December and is based off Rajasthan, the state that is known for its rich taste in music.

From ear-pleasing folklore to heavy-hitting EDM and from local artists to sponsored international performers all gather down at the Magnetics Feild which is enough to justify the name itself.

Also, the arena is open for setting up camps or take one that has been already set up for you by the organizers and you can enjoy adventure sports as well during your stay at the Magnetic Feilds.

It is one of the most looked forward Music Festival in India and people do travel several thousand kilometers to feel the magic of Magnetic Feilds here down at Rajsthan.

Enchanted Valley Carnival

Hand in the air, beat drops and a crazy crowd jumping up and down in madness is something that gets you going then Enchanted Valley Carnival is someplace you need to be this season.

Enchanted Valley Carnival is One of India’s largest Music Festivals and covers genres from EDM, Trans to even pop and Indie music altogether.

Aamby Valley City which is at a distance of about 100 Kilometers from Mumbai serves as the host town for every audiophile and party animal visiting Enchanted Valley.

Artists from all over the world have performed in the Enchanted Valley and this stage has seen everything from Indian rap artists like Badshah to the world’s renowned DJ like Alan Walker and Martin Garrix.

Along with music, the second-best thing about the valley is the amount of fun one can have at the adventure activities in the vicinity. From rock climbing and Zorbing to Hot air ballooning and water sports, everything is at one moment away in the Enchanted Valley.


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