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One state many worlds “KARNATAKA” is the Southernmost state with Arabian Sea Coastlines. Karnataka is famous for its rich culture, prominent wildlife, vintage palaces, peaceful yoga centres, ancient ruins, oldest temples, sparkling waterfalls,cosy homestays, Hoysala empire, calm beaches, sloppy hills, delicacies and vibrant handicrafts. Kodagu, Chamuli and Nandi Hills, Mysore, Gokarna, Bangalore, Hampi, Coorg, Jog falls, Abbey falls, Kodachadri peak trek, Chikkamagaluru are must visits in Karnataka. Karnataka is the perfect trip destination to experience the southern culture and history along with beautiful waterfalls and hills.

Karnataka is one of the culturally rich states in India which offers a grand heritage and a chance to experience true and raw India from up close. The State is also famous for its pilgrimage centers and a coastline which provides grandeurs.

The state is full of lively people and every India traveler should once visit Karnataka in order to explore a different side of India. While Many would prefer going to Karnataka in order to settle down in the India Sillion Valley, Banglore but believe us, it offers much more than that.

Experience traveling to Hampi a small village in Karnataka and then exploring the same on a bicycling and bouldering tour, which makes up for a totally different travel style.

One can also trek through the KodaChadri Mountain peak or take a beach tour in Gokarna which are pretty fun activities by all means.

Karnataka is a great destination to travel to and choose from the array of packages we have compiled for you in order for you to have a safe and sound journey.


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