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“Awesome Assam”, stretching 600km along the Brahmaputra River Valley, with a spur down to the hilly southeast. It surely does keep up to its tagline of being “awesome”. Assam is a blessing of natural beauty and diverse history. With illustrious wild forests, mighty rivers, and acres and acres of tea plantations it surely is “The Gateway to North-East India”.

Majuli, largest river island of Asia, home to ‘Mising’ or ‘Mishing’ tribe. Dibrugarh, a city known as the Tea City of India. Hajo, home to 3 different religions, reflecting diversity, is filled with numerous temples, mosques and churches. Haflong or ‘The Land of the Blue Hill’s’, Assam’s only hill station, is a spectacular place, marked with rolling mountains and lush green valleys. These are a must visit on a trip to Assam.


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