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March Trips

March is here and you better be prepared for this month brings with it the season of spring and smell of festivals upon its arrival. The cold winter breeze is turning into a soft spring wind and what is not to love about the march?

March was initially to be the first month according to the Roman calendar but later on, ends up as the third month prior to the addition of January and February. One more intresting fact about the march is that it is named after the god of war, Mars and not Latin numerals, unlike other months.

Whew! The cool weather and such a history make march one of the best months to travel comfortably. Either you’re an adventure junkie or someone looking for peace, the march has every kind of trip planned for you.

Post a viral video of yours while you’re paragliding in Bir Billing or rush to the mountain peak while on the trek to Kanal Dayara Bughyal or Kedarkantha. Taste the maggie made by the local mountaineers and drink the ultimate tea that sends warmth down your chilly spine when you’re traversing through knee-deep snow.

Thinking about where to go this march, well! That is something you should leave for us to worry about. Choose from the wide variety of places we can take you to and well! Don’t forget to book your slot after that.

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