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Why The Gift of Travel? Why The Gift of Travel?

You’ve spent hours searching for a gift, scrolling through different blogs suggesting all kinds of gift ideas for your partner. Maybe you came across an article that claimed to help you come up with a perfect wedding gift for your newly hitched friends.

You’ve gone through all of them. But you're not sure whether your girlfriend would want yet another floral print dress or like the icy blue one more. You also can’t understand what the candle labeled as “Sea Driftwood” is supposed to smell like.

You're close to giving up on finding the right dress. As for your friends, you're probably considering following the age-old custom of gifting some cash in an envelope.

But what if we told you that your search for the perfect gift ends right here.


An escape from their daily routine.


Memories that they’ll cherish forever.


A chance to rekindle that old spark.


The opportunity to broaden their horizons.


An incredible once in a lifetime experience.

By giving your loved ones the gift of travel, you’re also giving them:

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We are a close knit community that organizes fixed departure tours to North and North east India for all the travel enthusiasts out there.

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You can buy the Gift Card directly from our website. After your purchase, you will be receiving your gift card along with an exclusive code. The gift card can be redeemed by applying the code while booking a trip.

The gift card can be redeemed by a few simple steps.

  • Login to our website with your proper credentials
  • Book your desired trip.
  • Apply your coupon code.

Once you’ve bought the gift card, an email will be sent to you containing your gift card along with an exclusive code that can be applied at the time of booking to redeem the credit that your gift card holds.

A watch, a sweater, a pair of sneakers, all these things can break, or get torn without leaving behind any trace of their existence. But the joy that comes through traveling, the bonds and memories that are born from that one incredible experience that you’d be giving them don’t need any embellishments. Give your loved ones an opportunity to take their dream trip or spend some leisure time over the weekend.

The card will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. In no circumstances, the validity of this gift card will be extended.

You’ll be receiving an email with your gift card attached.

This is a one time use gift card. You cannot make multiple transactions with the same card again and again.

You can buy as many multiple cards as you’d like. However each card can only be used once and no multiple transactions can occur on the same card.

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