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To talk of one of the most unconventional treks in Himachal, Rajgundha valley in Kangra is the best example. This valley in Himachal is truly a paradise in itself. With low to no wifi connectivity, and homologous to an entirely new world on earth.

If you are looking forward to reconnecting with nature, wandering in oak trees, witnessing the art of wooden elephants, passing by waterfalls, and want to feast your eyes on orange sunsets and green meadows, Rajgundha is the place for you. With the local culture and traditional houses, Rajgundha Valley is a colourful piece of art on earth.

Visualise the perfect combination of comfort that reminds you of the civilized world and a valley that contains the best landscape with streams, hills and mountains. That landscape, dominated by wafts of air, replacing the buzz of a hustling crowd and the blaring honking of cars, is the landscape you would see perfectly come true as the valley of Rajgundha.  

Envision snow-capped mountains and a landscape covered in powder snow, all this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the beauty of Rajgundha.

The ancient villages and fascinating sceneries of Badagran, Rajgundha and KukkarGundha portray the very backdrop of this place and its surroundings. One can enjoy fishing in the waters of the Uhl River or spend his/her weekend with bonfires, photography, rock climbing, river crossing, and rappelling over waterfalls. A nearby place, Barot, which is an hour’s drive away from RajGundha, is famous for its delicious lamb and trout. For vegetarian travellers, popular local delicacies like the khatta sabzi, Rajmah and Gobhi potatoes from the Chhota Bhangal areas are the best alternatives.

There is also this small wooden bridge across the Uhl River that offers a swim under the waterfall in the Badagran swimming pool. The valley presents the unique opportunity to explore the magnificent Biel Monastery and savour the best Tibetan cuisine. The place also has the renowned temples of Baijyanath, Mahakal and Vindhyavasini, with a stroll-way through the tea plantations in Palampur, further leading to the banks of the Neugal River.

Snow-capped mountains tower over the valley that stretches for a vast expanse of land. The clouds over these peaks tried to bid farewell to the day, their colours changing in the glow of the setting sun.

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