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Elevated at 12,500 ft. Kedarkantha is one of the majestic peaks of the great Himalayan range.  One of the most popular winter treks, Kedarkantha fascinates numerous hikers and trekkers from all over the country and is perfect for both beginners and experts.  

This 4-night 5-day trek is curated after keeping in mind the wishes of people who love the serenity as well as the adventure that nature, with its unpredictable trails and mystical valleys, can provide them. 

Popular because of the spectacular view of snow-capped mountains that it offers after finishing the trek, some of the ranges that are visible from the summit are Black peak, Swargarohini, Gangotri, Yamunotri ranges, etc.

The subject of many mythical stories and legends that are mostly associated with Lord Shiva, the name of the summit translates to “The throat of Lord Shiva”. The local myths and folklores just add more to its charm and make the experience even better. 

On this long weekend trip to Kedarkantha,  we begin our journey from Dehradun to make our way to the small village of Sankri which is the base camp for this 20 km long trek. We will spend a night at our designated homestay or hotel, introducing ourselves and exchanging stories before retiring to bed for the night.

The next day, after a briefing session from our trek leader, we will proceed towards our first checkpoint Juda ka Taal, and spend a leisure day at the campsite, having lunch as well as dinner. We will have an amazing view of the ridges of the Swargarohini mountains. 

The next morning, we will begin our trek to the Kedarkantha base camp which is elevated at a height of 11,200ft above sea level. After feasting on hot lunch and indulging in fun activities like snowball fights, we will prepare for an overnight stay at the base camp itself. 

Finally, after witnessing the highs and lows of this brief trek and watching magical sunsets, we will begin our trek to the Kedarkantha summit before dawn pours all over the sky as the best part about this entire Kedarkantha trek package is the early sunrise that you get see after reaching the top. Trust us, it makes you forget all about your exhaustion and you will feel entirely at peace with yourself. 

One thing that separates the Kedarkantha trek from the rest of the treks is that it falls under the category of a moderately difficult trek. So, it is beginner-friendly and it rewards you with a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the great Himalayan ranges, making the experience satisfactory all over. 

The coldest area along the trek route has to be Juda Ka Taal with the Taal being completely frozen during the winter months. The sunlight glistens on the surface like diamonds giving it a golden illumination. Even after that, the path only becomes more beautiful and you can enjoy picturesque views all along the way. You might encounter snowfall if you are lucky enough but it depends entirely on the weather which can be unpredictable. 

People who come to Kedarkantha can never stop themselves from coming back over and over and it’s not just because of the summit, but also because of the local culture and of course the cuisine. The famous Red Rice that is homegrown in Kedarkantha regions keeps the body warm and is a must-try when going on this trek. 

It is advised not to carry electronic devices that could only be used with network connections or are majorly dependent on them. The reason is that the network vanishes just before reaching Sankri Village, which is the starting point of the whole trek.

So, if you’re carrying all that electronic stuff such as a phone, laptop, and wifi dongles, then there’s a high chance that they’ll end up getting discharged and would only add to the extra baggage, weighing you down.

Although the Kedarkantha trek is accessible all year long, the majority of people prefer visiting during winter to witness the ivory snow, mainly in December and January but the best time to visit Kedarkantha is from November to February.

Kedarkantha trek is one of the few places where one cannot capture the full essence of the experience on their first visit and hence, trekkers repeatedly keep coming back here.

Lastly, going by the popular opinion and the mass appeal of the Kedarkantha Trek, one can easily categorize it as ‘The Best Winter Trek to do In India’. So, if you’re overwhelmed with multiple choices of winter treks to do in India and are confused about ‘what to choose, then Kedarkantha should be an easy choice.

So, make some room for Kedarkantha Trek in the year of 2023 travel bucket list you have on your wall, and keep your backpack ready for this winter season. 

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