We Know What’s on Your Mind Wravelers: COVID Concerns Answered!

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As we are typing this and sending this out to you through various channels, we know that you are swamped with news of COVID cases surging. Just like you, we are also keeping tabs on the situation, day in day out.

While the rapid surge in covid cases is a cause for concern and paints a grim picture, we would like to answer a few questions and concerns that our wravelers have sent us through mail/calls or through our social media channels.

The most common question that we are getting is that if we are still carrying on with our fixed departure trips and treks, to which the answer is YES! We are live and open!

Our multiple Backpacking group trips are still going on as we write this, namely Backpacking Trip to Winter Spiti and Backpacking Trip to Himachal Pradesh (Manali-Kasol-Jibhi) and Backpacking Trip to Meghalaya.

On the Himalayan Treks front, we have Chandernahan Lake, Dayara Bugyal Trek and other private treks which have safely made their way back home after the completion of their treks.

Our main treks and trips which are leaving during the month of April and beyond are:

Sar Pass Trek 

Chandranahan Lake Trek 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek 

Backpacking trip to Winter Spiti 

Backpacking Trip to Meghalaya 

Backpacking Trip to Himachal Pradesh

Customized trips 

Private Treks

We have made it mandatory for all travelers to have Covid -ve report. 

 Current scenario

All our fixed departures, whether they are backpacking trips, treks, customized departures and weekend trips are running without any hitches or problems, following the covid guidelines and protocols.

We have had over 3000 people travel with us in the past few months combined and all our fixed departures and customized trips have been running safely since September 2020.

Our operations team, local team be it staff, drivers or property owners and trip leads have been carrying out their jobs seamlessly and have been ensuring that all our guests stay safe since we resumed our operations back in September 2020 after the lockdown.

Our team members themselves have been going on many recce trips and fixed departure trips and treks to assess the ground situations since we resumed operations.

We have been carrying out our trips normally and are still doing that, albeit with all the precautionary measures and proper hygiene, sanitization, social distancing measures and last but not the least, masking up!

Check out the safety measures in place: https://www.justwravel.com/safe-guided-group-travel-post-covid-with-justwravel

Upcoming trips and trek plans

If you have already booked your trip/trek with us, we would suggest you carry on with your trip/trek, but do this at your own discretion.

There should be full disclosure of your health statistics with us, and you should not be covid positive or be in contact with any covid positive person before your trip/trek begins.

You would have to follow guidelines which are implemented by all the state governments and would have to abide by all the rules and regulations stated by them.

You can know more about them here: https://www.justwravel.com/safe-guided-group-travel-post-covid-with-justwravel

After your covid test comes out negative, and you are in the base city/Himalayan village from where you will join other group members and trip leads, you can be assured of a safe trip throughout the completion of your trip/trek.

So you can just kick back, relax and enjoy your trip/trek!


           We have made it mandatory for all travelers to bring in a Covid -ve report. 

Yes it is, if you are travelling with us to a state where the covid negative report is required in order to enter the borders of the state. 

You will have to carry the covid negative test report with you not older than 72 hours before entering the borders of these states.

If you want to be sure of your own personal safety and well being, you can also carry your covid negative certificate with you in those states where it is still not mandatory.

You can also go for another test once you are done with your trip/trek with us before travelling to your home state or city.

Future trips/treks

You can plan your future trips/treks with us. We guarantee you that you won’t be losing money when you book with us.

We have a special cancellation policy in place for covid when you book with us and we will be refunding you your full amount if your booking gets cancelled due to lockdown.

To know more about this cancellation policy, click here!

Lockdown while you are on your trip/trek

We understand your concerns regarding the lockdown, but we can assure you that we are better prepared as a travel firm to combat with this. 

Just like last year, we would be fully supporting you and helping you bring back from the trip/trek and back to your home.

Our operations team, local team and the trip/trek leader will ensure that you safely get back home, no matter what the circumstances are. 

For safe group travel post covid: https://www.justwravel.com/safe-guided-group-travel-post-covid-with-justwravel

Private trips and treks

We are providing you with an option to go for the trip/trek privately with your own group (friends or family members).

However, before the commencement of the private trip/trek with us, your group along with yourself have to bring in covid negative reports not older than 72 hours.

If you need more clarifications or have any more doubts, you can contact us at 85954 37759 or 93548 38839 through call or Whatsapp.

For more information related to weekend trips and travel scenarios, trip updates and latest developments of India, you can join our Whatsapp group.

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