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Memory of a Journey stroked by a Traveler.
Written by Raima Raj

Get featured on JW Annual Calendar! 

We believe that each photograph has a story to tell!

Whether you were awestruck by a beautiful landscape and pressed the button or painted a memory of a place you have been to, we want to see the world through your eyes! This is your ultimate chance to #CreatewithJW

It’s that time of the year again, where we invite artists of all kinds to join us in sharing the beauty of Incredible India with the people of our country.

We launch an Annual Desk Calendar every year that is sold to ardent travelers and distributed amongst a niche travel community. The members who receive it are as enthusiastic about exploration as us and share the same love for travel! 

This is not just a JustWravel Calendar but a memento, a living memory of your journey that is perfect to be placed in your house or on your office desk. Not just it lets people know the dates but also reminds them that majestic places await to be discovered. 

To be able to share your art with people who understand the story behind it is an opportunity for you to showcase your talent and be recognized amongst a community much like your own. 

Why should you participate?

  • Our Top 12 Artists will receive a Travel Gift Card worth Rs. 1500/- each. 
  • You will be featured on our Calendar with your Name and Instagram ID. 
  • Recognition amongst a well known Travel Community. 
  • Even if your artwork or image is not shortlisted don’t worry you are still a winner for us!
  • All the participants will be getting a Travel Voucher worth INR 500/- which they can avail while booking any future trip with us.

Last year, we received over 500 artworks within a span of 7 Days of which the best 12 were showcased in a grand manner. 

So, here’s your chance to share what you created! 

Below mentioned are the Criteria for Submission : 

  • Select your Best Photograph / Painting / Illustration and submit it on the link below.
  • Each Artwork should be in landscape orientation
  • The minimum size is of 2MB and in high resolution, of at least 2400 pixels width.
  • We appreciate raw artwork, without much edits or manipulations. 

And Voila, you are a part of #WravelerForLife Community! 

Here are some of our top picks from last year’s #CreatewithJW contest! Each photo tells a story of its own and we are here to hear yours.

Create with JW!
A moonlit evening painted by a traveler.
Create with JW
A herd of Elephants grazing by the lake at Sunset!
Create with JW
Key Monastery glowing in a golden glow at Sunset!
Create with JW!
The Milky Way captured in Spiti Valley.
Create with JW!
A memorable Bus Ride stroked in Paint.

Do not wait anymore, hit on the Submit Now Button and let the world see what made you smile on your favorite travel journey! Happy Creating <3

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