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Rajasthan Tourism: A Guide to Solo Traveling and Backpacking Through The State

Written by Bhairavi Jaiswal

The soaring sun, glittering sands, mystique forts, lakes galore, invite you to the diverse state of Rajasthan. 

A camel along with its guide in the Rajasthan desert.
The magnificent Thar Desert

A state enriched with warm hospitality, where you connect better with strangers than your relatives! Traveling here will give you an insight into why traveling solo is essential. If it’s your first solo trip, this article will be your guide to traveling solo and experiencing Rajasthan tourism at its optimum.

Local Rajasthani delicacies
Local Palatable Delicacies

1. Explore How A Local Would

Unraveling tales of history along with locals is a different paradigm all together! With cultural integrations, you experience a different one in each city. 

Enliven your delectable taste buds with a plethora of flavours. From Ker Sangri to Laal Maas, you’ll be able to devour the best from the local dhabas, at a locals’ home or at any restaurant.

Commuting is best done the local’s way. Hitch a ride, take the rickshaws through the city, the buses are the most economical mode of transport here.

The Lobby area of Zostel Pushkar
Credits: Zostel Pushkar

2. Backpack With Hostels

Hostels are gaining popularity across various destinations in India. Rajasthan Tourism has ensured the accommodation facilities for travelers is impeccable. Each city has budget friendly hostel options to choose from.

All you need to remember is to pack light, since the rest is available across the state. It is easier to travel with a backpack rather than dragging a suitcase all along.

A toiletries kit for backpacking.
Credits: Smarter Travel

3. Carry Your Own Essentials

When travelling in a group, it’s easier to bank on someone for basic necessities, even as miniscule as a sunscreen. But, when you are traveling solo, here’s a guide to your essentials list! 

Certain must haves for your travel include toiletries, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, deodorant, hand towel, sunglasses, flats and sports shoes. The forts will demand a good grip for the sole!

Keeping a kit with miniature versions of each essential is a must for backpacking solo.

Marvelous architecture of Mehrangarh Fort. Best of Rajasthan Tourism.
Marvelous architecture of Mehrangarh Fort

How to Plan For Rajasthan Backpacking?

Rajasthan Tourism is structured in an immaculate fashion. Be it the commute between cities, or accommodation requirements! The desert safari and camping tours or experientials in the Forts, they have you covered.

You would not have to worry about exorbitant costs if you are on a budget trip. You have multiple options to choose from.

Roads of Rajasthan.
Roads that extend for miles

One thing that might concern you at times is that the cities are spread across reasonably through the state. Is it safe if you are traveling solo, or should you be worried about traveling overnight in the buses?

All that you need to keep in mind is, be responsible of yourself and your belongings. It is a safe state; for solo travelers, women travelers and backpackers alike.

Find out what’s the best about each city in Rajasthan!

Best view of Jaipur city from Nahargarh Fort.
View from Nahargarh Fort

Jaipur – The Pink City

If you want to make the most of your trip, Nahargarh Fort is your go to destination. It allows you scenic views of the city along with a drive that will keep you craving for more. There’s ample history to learn about in the forts here. 

The best spot to witness a magical sunset in Jaipur is here. You can unwind with a couple of beers or have their famous chai, with the city twinkling below you.

The majestic Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal

Travel through the gated city using the auto rickshaw and stop at the Wind View Cafe, opposite Hawa Mahal! The view of the Mahal and the Nahargarh Fort from here is majestic.

Experience the best of Rajasthan Tourism at the forts. Amer Fort, which is famous for its light and sound show, is one you should definitely stop for. Divulge on some authentic food once down in the city! There’s a variety of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

A view of Jodhpur - The Blue City amidst sunset
Jodhpur City

Jodhpur – The Blue City

If you’re in awe of road trips, you need to drive through the state’s highways. There’s magic in the air, so beguiling that it encompasses you. If there’s one other thing you need to do – my happy place – stop at the highway dhabas! Relish some authentic regional vegetarian food. 

The Mehrangarh Fort  in all its might
Mehrangarh Fort

Watch the sun setting from the Mehrangarh Fort overlooking the walled city! Witness the Clock Tower in the city while you experience some local chaat. If you want to experience the lifestyle of a village, Bishnoi Village is a recommendation for you.

Sunset at Jaisalmer, in the Thar desert. Witness the best of Rajasthan Tourism with the tour offered here.
Sunset at Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer – The Golden City

World famous for its desert camping, it is a brilliant experience and a must for any backpacker! Witness a melange of Rajasthan’s tourism through the culture, food, nature & history encapsulated together.

Showcasing the best of Rajasthan Tourism through the cultural evening in the desert
Cultural Evening in the Desert

A night underneath the stars with your tents placed amidst the Thar desert. Camel safaris with the view of the best sunset you could have imagined. Authentic Rajasthani food, an interactive evening enhanced with culture! You couldn’t ask for a better experience. 

Kuldhara Village, with a rich history of the Paliwali Brahmins.
Kuldhara Village

Mid way through the desert, on your way back to the city. You will have to make a slight detour for the Kuldhara Village. Linked with haunted history, you will find the preserves of the village that was once inhibited by the Paliwal Brahmins. It is said that this village was abandoned overnight! But, the ruins allow you to witness a village that once was.

View of the Jaisalmer City from the Fort.
Jaisalmer City

If you love interacting with people, you should spend a day in the city. The Jaisalmer Fort will take you through tales of time. Being the only Fort to house people and also keep their shops, these locals are living the life the way it was done decades ago.

If you need to getaway from the regular crowd, visit Lake View Cafe. Enjoy a cold coffee while you chat with the owners, they have a lot of tales to offer. Witness the panoramic views of the city and not to forget, Gadisar Lake as well.

Man made Architecture at Gadisar Lake is a beautiful inclusion of Rajasthan Tourism.
Gadisar Lake

The picturesque man-made architecture will leave you boggled. The sunset from the view point at the end of the lake is one you shouldn’t miss.

The sunset point in Jaisalmer gives you the best view of the Fort during sunsets.
Sunset Point, Jaisalmer

Another point in the city from where you can view the Fort in all it’s might along with the city!

View of Pushkar Ghats at night - The best of Rajasthan tourism.
The Ghats at Night

Pushkar – The Temple Town around Ghats

Watch the sun rising behind the mountains, from the Ghats! Sit by the numerous Cafes and write or read to your hearts’ content, walk around the streets and socialize with the locals! It is by far the best city for a solo traveler in Rajasthan.

The most friendly people you could have thought of, belong in this town. A town with plenty of hostels, backpackers and hippie culture.

A quaint lake somewhere in between Pushkar and Ajmer
A quaint lake somewhere in between Pushkar and Ajmer

With mountains around you, you could hike up to any in the distance. If you just go about exploring the outskirts, you will come across some completely offbeat locations.

Among the many temples, you have the famous Brahma temple here, and a Gurudwara as well.

Pushkar has a few mandate check points, which you should not miss! Especially for the food, which has a rich Israeli history linked with it. The town has an abundant variety of food options to choose from.

View of Ajmer City - highlights of Rajasthan Tourism
View of Ajmer City from Taragarh Fort

While Pushkar does not allow non-vegetarian food in the city, if you are a meat lover – there is an alternate! You can rent scooters and ride your way through the town. A forty minute ride away lies Ajmer. Visit Ajmer Sharif, relish some amazing food and on your way back, do not miss out on Ajmer Lake.

Udaipur Lake and the Fort. Popular places in Rajasthan Tourism.
Source: Lonely Planet

Udaipur – The City of Lakes

If you are a Solo backpacker, Udaipur is more of a couples favorite. Albeit, if you do wish to stop by for a day. Park yourself close to the Udaipur Lake, in one of the many hostels around it.

Tour through the many lakes the city has to offer! If you would want to give this city a miss, you could always extend your stay in Pushkar. 

A warm welcome depicting Rajasthan Tourism at its best.
Source: Sam Dunes Jaisalmer

What makes Rajasthan’s culture different is that the people live by – ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. You need not have an itinerary. All you need is the will to explore the best of Rajasthan Tourism, and the people around you will help you out! Making it a trip of a lifetime.

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