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A Mother’s Tale : Traveling with a baby

Written by Shubhangi

It had been 2 years since I became a mom and 3 since I actually travelled. Ofcourse we went on the customary trips to our hometowns. That itself would become too tedious considering baby’s immunity. I had decided I won’t travel unless my baby comes of good age and learns a few things. But the thirst for traveling was growing and I couldn’t hold it anymore.

My husband leaves were approved, tickets were booked and we were ready to explore South India! The timing couldn’t be better as the weather in December is best. We started from Kolkata to reach Chennai in 2 and a half hrs long flight. Explored a bit of Chennai for 2 days. The bustling metro town with unique temple architecture kept me amazed all the time. The weather at Tirupati was a little cold during early morning but this small town should be visited not just for religious values but also for the unique Tirumala hills.
Exploring Mahabalipuram is the best at this time of the year. Drive along the coast is so satisfying and so are the excavated ruins.
Our last stop was Pondicherry which gave us a little French flavor. Auroville is a must stop.

Here are a few tips from my personal experience on managing your baby while traveling so they too have a good time:

  • Keep essentials handy: Your baby bag should always have essentials like diapers, wipes, toys, sanitizer, cap, milk, comfort food, fruits, basic medicines, one set of comfortable clothes etc.
  • Be mentally prepared: Babies explore more as everything is new for them. Be prepared for some hurdles like delay in starting your journey, stopping to make the baby walk a bit cuz long journeys can get boring for them. Keep them busy by involving them in some game or chatting.
  • Plan your journey according to their sleep schedule so they aren’t too uncomfortable.
  • Prefer a homestay or hotels that allow access to the kitchen or are ready to customize the menu according to your child’s need. Carry your set of utensils but don’t overdo. I carried one small pressure cooker. An electric cooker is even better. Use of mineral water is best while traveling with kids.
  • Travel light: you already are gonna be too occupied with your baby so don’t indulge in carrying a lot of stuff.
  • Introduce new activities to your baby: some babies enjoy water so you may let them swim in the clean pool and take them to the beach. Seeing them enjoy will make your efforts worthwhile.
  • Opt for most comfortable cabs: Check the car in advance and talk to the driver before starting your journey.
  • Keep stopping for a good stretch of muscles so the driver doesn’t feel sleepy. Do check the child lock.
  • Inform your pedestrian about your travel plans so in case of any emergency they take your call.

Keep calm and enjoy: don’t worry too much about the baby. They might miss a meal or sleep lesser or eat fries and chips. It’s OK! We all have done it. Remember this is your trip too. So relax and enjoy your time!

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