Traveling Without Money When You’re Completely Broke?

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Traveling without money expenditure seems like an exciting idea but also, it sounds impossible on the other hand. What we actually do is we indulge ourselves in making impractical plans so we could manage to afford a trip under our budget but eventually, it fails and the plan drops. The next thing that follows is, hitting up Instagram and voila! you see a bunch of people traveling out to different places and having the time of their life.

We felt a little jealous and on top of that, the first thing our mind wonders is, how in the world they get that much money so as to travel all the time? Well, you may not believe but most of the travelers are as broke as you are. All they do is balance out their touring expenses while they are on the tour itself and wouldn’t depend completely on their paychecks to sponsor their trips. They earn on the go and you can too, just by following simple ideas that work for mostly everyone out there.


Capture the Magic in the Air

Clicking photos while travelling is a good way to earn travel money.

Travel Photographer

This one is a little popular and you already know what we’ll talk about if you have read the title, which you did for sure, Yes! Photography and Videography it is. Having a DSLR and using the device to its full potential is one of the favorite things millennials are doing in 2019.

Every other guy or girl is popping out beautiful shots that light up their Instagram and earning a boatload of followers after a few hits. All you need to start as a photographer or videographer is a decent camera if not a professional-grade one and some basic photography and editing knowledge and you’re good to go.

Now, onto the question about how to make money from clicking photos? it’s simple, remember that there are a ton of creative individuals who want good shots of a particular thing or place and don’t have the luxury of time to go and click some. So, they choose the easy way out and buy photos of the internet from people like you and me.

The only thing that you need to set-up is one account on adobe stock, shutter stock or any other third party site which sells this kind of stuff. Even better if you have your website and would like to sell the images directly. Also, Having your own site provides the advantage of getting future freelance projects if you maintain a good portfolio and a decent online reputation.


Partner With a  Tour Company

Take a tour with a travel company and avail an all expanse paid trip.

Tour with a travel company

The thought of getting sponsored by a company and traveling with them for free sounds like a dream come true but it can be your reality. There are travel companies that provide you a free ride to wherever they are heading out to but there’s one condition for that.

The condition is that you need to be master of a craft and in exchange for an, all expanse paid trip you need to create some videos, photos, share your experience or even do operational work for them. Maybe some cash too may come your way too but you need to agree on that beforehand and actually be quite good at a craft that they are looking for. Its a great way for budding and semi-pro individuals to hone their art and as well get a free trip for themselves.

The process is simple and either the company contacts you first or you make a list of all those travel companies that you think you can help with your craft and email out a proposal to them.


Rent Your Vehicle

rent or share vehicle to make some extra cash for the trip.

Rent your vehicle

Your SUV is wasted away if 7 out of 8 seats are vacant and you don’t even have that much luggage to carry in. Renting your vehicle can cover for your full trip and can even earn you some extra bucks on top of that. Good conditioned cars are a catch to find and given that it is a personal vehicle, it’s going to be sold out like hotcakes.

The rental is worth a shot if you are low on cash as it has numerous upsides and only a few negatives. The biggest upside is that you get to have a company, which later on pays you as well. The only downside to this is that if you are a car lover and go washing around your metal-baby with polish and brushes then you are going to have a very hard time in the after the trip.


Help Hostel Staff

Working as a part time bar-tender at a local restaurant can help you earn some extra bucks for your travels.

Part-time bartending a hostel/hotel

Who in the world is not looking for a free stay and complimentary meals? Yes! you heard right or sorry! my bad you read right, this is possible by all means. Before checking into a hotel just do a google search if some of the nearby hotel or hostel is having a staff vacancy.

When and if you found one then go straight to them and present to offer them your service on a part-time basis and ask for free food and shelter in exchange. It does sound pre-historic but imagine you’ll be surprised by the jingle in your pockets later on.

The main reason behind asking for food and a room to stay is that these two are the costliest areas we spend on while traveling. If we check them off then we won’t have to plan our travel with restrictions and we’ll be open to having new experience which was far fetched due to being underbudgeted.


Indulge in Freelance Projects

Enjoy the work while taking a sun bathe at beach instead at your boring home desk.

Freelancing while on a tour

Freelancing has its downsides but it has one perk that tops it all and that is the freedom to work from a remote location. Getting freelance projects and making a sustainable living out from that may sound a hard task but if you can market yourself right and have a good hand at your craft, it’s not that tough.

The freelance world is a cut-throat market and thinks before you make any solid choice, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do succeed then it doesn’t matter whether you’re designing your client’s logo from your home office or malibu beach. Check out the list of these freelance websites and enroll yourself now to get going.


Short Term Local Jobs

Local business can help make good money for short amount of time.

Working to help a local business

There will always be several job opening you’d find in local cafes, bars, libraries, restaurants or any other kind of local business. Choose to be a  part of a business that you can learn something from, has decent pay and most importantly the one that piques your interest.

You are not going to build empires from this little income you’ll earn here but it can cover your rentals for the tour and you get to meet new people, learn new skills and enjoy the process. This tip is more helpful for those who travel for a longer period of time for fully exploring a city or its culture and needs a good amount of cash on a daily basis.

These were some of the tips that can help to go on your dream vacation which you have been planning and dropping for quite some time. So, start packing your bags and dive right into making a list of all the things you’ll be doing on your next vacation and more imporatantly how are you gonna budget your travel this time? The usual way where you cut off expanses or the new way where you earn your bills while on the go, be sure to tell in the comments down below.

Humans are wrong all the time and so do I, tell me in the comments for anything that you dislike. If you want to help out by making the content better with your ideas then please do tell in the comments, your ideas are more than welcome. Share this because someone can realize their dream of traveling with a little push of a button from your side, you never know which idea might click.

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