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6 Reasons Why You should Start Traveling

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Traveling leads you into all sorts of experiences, from accidentally entering a gay bar to walking in on someone while they are getting changed on a camping trip. These experiences surely does a good job to embarrass you but on the other hand, they do get you out of your comfort zone, even by the means of accident.

You become a little more aware of the surroundings and develop an open mind toward things that others may find odd. The whole experience of traveling is designed for you to see new things, grasp new ideas and connect with those, you’d never do in your daily routine life.

But still, if you are not sure that why you should travel and how it’s going to benefit you anyway? then continue on as I have compiled a list of reasons for someone just like you.

Travel increases your Knowledge Quotient

You can gain immense amount of knowledge by travelling.

Travel increases your Knowledge Quotient

How would you ever know the strong Indie Rock Band scene of Kolkata or that there exists a floating post office at Dal Lake, Srinagar,? You cannot, until unless you had a real experience of the place and you immersed deep enough to explore into the roots of the place.

Gathering experience is one of the biggest upsides as a traveler and it can give you an edge in almost everything from having an information-rich discussion to suggesting someone places to visit and much more. Afterall, who doesn’t want to feel smart, don’t you? Yes of course you do and I know that it feels great when people value your opinion and are ever ready to take your advice.

Experiences matter

Travelling exposes you to all sort of experiences.

Experiences matter

How do you define traveling?

I would define it as visiting the unknown in search of new ideas and places from which I can take back a plethora of knowledge and an unforgettable experience. Yes, quite short and to the point, right? but there’s more to it.

Traveling opens us to new experiences and new experiences are not always as wonderful as the name sounds. There would be times when you get cheated by the locals, overcharged, misinformed and much more. But once you go through that and you learn your lessons then you become a little less susceptible to all those bad experiences for the next time, whenever that may be.

Becoming One with Nature

you can connect with nature and surroundings more while travelling.

Becoming One with Nature

Have you ever came across a photograph of breathtaking mountain tops or drone shots of scenic views from someone’s vlogs? Yes, you would surely have and now imagine not getting bumped up into them while scrolling your Instagram feed but actually being there.

One thing about being a traveler is that you always get to visit places of scenic beauty and experience nature from a very close range. Having a cup of tea in the midst of a forest, while there’s a misty rain pouring outside, makes you fall in love with the place. You never want to go back and you develop a deeply rooted love for nature.

Ever Extending Friend circle

you can meet new strangers while travelling and they do turn into friends

Ever Extending Friend circle

While visiting a new city you lost your wallet, now need a place to crash and hoping not to spend the night in ATM vestibule? Well, No Jill Goodacre is gonna come for you so you’d better drop the idea of the vestibule and call someone up. Voila! You found 3 local contacts in your phone book who can help you out at this hour. How did you manage to magically pop three contacts from a place you just visited?

Well, You’ve met them on some other trip of yours and you made friends with them over the course of the trip. They’ve already invited you to their place if you’re ever in town and this seems the right time to call in the favor.

You always end up meeting new people and having shared the same experiences, they turn from strangers into friends. Your friend circle keeps on increasing and you end up with a whole new variety of people from different native places, social statuses, races, and cultures.

For those not getting the ATM vestibule reference, How on Earth, haven’t you watched FRIENDS yet?

Tales that are unheard of

You can get to places where most haven't

Stories and places that are unheard of

There is a mountain peak at the Himalayan range which was supposed to be the original Kedarnath but due to the shiva’s statue being sculpted only up to his neck, it is named Kedar Kantha meaning ‘The neck of Lord Shiva’. Isn’t it fascinating getting to know that the Kedarnath we know today is the second version of the same due to the prototype being left midway while construction?

There is always a story behind the picture and you’d come across a new one whenever you visit someplace new. You get to know something new, something that most of us might not know and shh! its always a great feeling when you’re in on a secret, right?

Spontaneous lifestyle-Living by no rules

The way a traveler experience life is a little different than anyone else who enjoys the perks of a pre-defined routine life. And don’t get me wrong, Routine life may work for many but it has its own limitations.

The spontaneity of being a traveler is something that is admired and that is the reason, Travellers have a high social media following as people want to feel how they feel, how their spontaneous lifestyle is different from their regular ones.

Enjoying every moment of life, eating whenever you like and whatever you like, making plans every next minute, Indulging into adventures are all those things that get people excited, and being a traveler, you get to live the dream.

There are plenty of other reasons that one can list here but it won’t matter unless you really make up your mind to go out there and explore the unknown. There are a choice where to go and things that one would like to do but ultimately it’s you who is going to have an experience of their own, make your own rules, own tips and tricks and more importantly your own reasons to travel this season.

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