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Common Mistakes To Avoid On A Trip To Leh Ladakh


Whenever we plan for a long trip or much awaited one, we tend to make some mistakes. Reading the blog to find out the Common Mistakes which you should avoid on a Trip to Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that one can possibly visit in their lifetime! Every year, travelers numbering in thousands come from all over the world to get a taste of this barren beauty. While some come to just relax and feel oneself with the sublimity of Nature, others visit this region for the adventurous trekking experience.

No matter what is the reason behind your trip to Ladakh, you should be kind towards the city and refrain from abusing it. The most common problem found behind any natural destination getting misused by the hands of the tourists is their lack of understanding.

So to make the most of your trip to this stunning Himalayan land and gain incredible travel experience, be sure to NOT commit any of these common mistakes.

Not preparing to tackle mountain sickness

No matter how fit you are, you should never ignore the fact that AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness can hit you anytime during your trip. Most tourists do not pay any heed to it thinking that when they had traveled to other hill destinations without experiencing altitude sickness, Ladakh would also not be an exception. Such is not the case in this region and it is a very common mistake of people traveling to Leh Ladakh.

So, after reaching Ladakh, do not rush acclimatization and rather spare a day to get accustomed to it, according to the instructions of your guide or trip leader. The Ladakh weather and roads can be very challenging and thus if you rush and be over-confident, the symptoms might get worse including high fever and might hamper your trip.

So the first mistake to avoid is AMS. Read about it, keep yourself aware, and take the necessary precautions.

Setting out without a plan

You wouldn’t believe how many times we have met people who plan on the go. The Leh Ladakh region is not a place for that. You might extent a day or 2, but a trip to Ladakh requires extensive planning and programming.

Each and every tourist should be aware of the Ladakh weather before booking for the trip. If you are going to visit the city during peak season, then booking accommodations in advance is highly recommended.

For the bikers who wish to explore the city while riding their vehicles, make sure to examine the condition of your vehicle before setting off for the bike road trip to Leh. Pack all your essentials, riding gears, puncture sets, and extra fuel to name a few. 

Underestimating the rugged terrains

Another common mistake of people traveling to Leh Ladakh. You might have been on plentiful road trips and traveled in various terrains, but when it comes to road trips to Ladakh you should not overlook what’s ahead of you. If you are not slow and careful, to say the least, then the roads might turn out to be challenging and treacherous for you.

You should always remember that the roads get buried under the snow every year and thus even after maximum efforts to get it straight, the roads turn out to be uneven and rugged. One wrong step and you might get severely damage or land downhill!

Another Common Mistake: Planning to take a dip in the lake

You would come across enchanting lakes in the city but you should control your temptation of dipping in the lake, in the cold, windy weather of Ladakh. However deserted the lakeside might be, you are not allowed to shed your clothes and then jump into the water. Lakes of Ladakh are not meant for swimming and thus you would not even find any restrooms to wash off the saltwater.

Furthermore, the freezing water could send your body in a state of hypothermia or thermal shock. You are bound to experience at least some form of numbness in your body if you choose to ignore this and consider committing the mistake. The after-effects would be lying down with fever for the next few days thereby spoiling your much-anticipated trip!

Feeling extra adventurous 

A lot of adventurists love the idea of standing bare-bodied with their bikes in front of them and then clicking multiple shots; however, do not try this!

Although this seems like a cool idea to flaunt and show off your pictures among friends and foes, it might affect you severely! You would find a ton of tourists posting their shirtless shots as soon as they cross the pass, but it could seriously impact their health(Common mistake of people traveling to Leh Ladakh). The chilly winds atop the hill can make you prone towards illnesses thereby leading to the cancellation of your entire trip.

A minute or two of fun can actually take your excitement and funds down the drain!

Littering the place

As mentioned in the previous common mistakes, Ladakh is renowned for its pristine lakes and snowy mountains, and over the years it has added to the riches of India. Dirtying it with plastics would not only stain its beauty but it will also harm the people who call Ladakh their home.

When you are considering going on a Ladakh trip, it is expected of you to be a little mindful and help the government and the residents in preserving the paradise.

Not gearing up your kids

Although taking a kid with you to Ladakh is not a big deal, you should not do so without proper planning. The Ladakh weather is harsh and it might affect your baby as they are more prone to the AMS and if they feel discomfort they might find it hard to inform everyone about it.

So even if you are taking your kids, do watch out for signs and symptoms all the time. But do not take them with you on your trekking trips as the terrains and the weather might turn out to be too much for their tolerance!

Getting drunk

Even if you have done it on every other trip, you should totally forget the idea of drinking on your Leh Ladakh trip. You might also need to stay away from using tobacco as the duo could worsen your AMS symptoms by hitting on your respiratory tract.

Not checking with your physician before traveling

Even if you are on antidepressants like sleeping pills and tranquilizers you might want to forget those on your home as you wouldn’t need it for your trip. The truth is, the rugged terrains and the raw nature of this too-good-to-be-true hilly region will act as antidepressants for you.


Also before planning for your trip to Ladakh do not forget to read thoroughly about it on our blogs. And once you are cautious about everything, your trip is bound to be a cherish-able one for sure!

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