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10 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Bike Road Trip


Before setting out, you should be planning for the bike road trip, the foremost thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to carry all the necessities within the limited carrying capacity of a bike. And no matter what kind of bike you choose, you just have to feel comfortable in it.

Now, this is easier said than done!

For, you have to do some solid planning, and extensively study about the route that you will be following throughout your journey. Otherwise, you will have to roam around aimlessly, you will be totally unaware of the places you will find on the way. Moreover, preparations have to be made to make your bike is suitable for a long journey as well.

But there is nothing to feel daunted; here are the ten things that you must keep in mind when planning for a bike trip.

1. Arrangements for your bike

Before going on a bike trip, you have to make some modifications to your bike. If you have to change your handlebar, choose a more comfortable seat and suitable headlights, make sure to do so before the start. This would ensure that your journey is comfortable and the bike you are taking is easy to handle.

Choosing a bike does not only make your journey look good but would also provide you with a good ride. You need to consult your mechanic to understand what type of tyres would be suitable for the particular terrain which you will be visiting.


2. Backpacking

It is for sure that you have to pack lightly for a road trip by bike. Specially designed motorcycle luggage backs are available in the market. Plus, there are saddlebags, which can be attached to the bike. Also, you should carry only the things that are of utmost importance.

Try to manage spaces within your bag. For instance, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Try to take small sachets of requirements instead of taking containers and this would surely consume less space.


3. Prepare for weather adversities

When you are going out for a road trip on the bike, you have to be ready for any kind of weather that you may face along the way. You have to carry a raincoat and a cover in case you are moving through a heavy downpour.

You have to take suitable clothing in case you are visiting a chilly mountain route.


4. Keep yourself hydrated

It is very important that you keep a track of the water consumption during your ride. Otherwise, you may fall ill to the effects of dehydration. You can carry the tube water bottles around your neck so that whenever you feel thirsty, you can swing the bottle and quench your thirst.

Also, you may carry a few cans of energy drink or sachets of glucose to prevent any forms of dehydration.


5. Proper dressing

Long-distance journeys, especially road trips require dressing in a suitable manner. Try to wear a jacket, jeans, ankle boots, knee and elbow guards, and full-face helmets.

This not only protects you from dust along the road but could also save you from a fatal knock in case of any accidents. Plus, there are chances of catching a cold while driving. Dressing heavily prevents any such changes.


6. Take frequent breaks 

A bike trip is not like a marathon that you have to complete the journey without a stop. Make frequent stops to give your body as well as your bike a little bit of rest after a few kilometers or a few hours. But don’t take too many stops or it may delay your journey by quite a bit.

Check fuel so that you can make plans for your next break accordingly.


7. Get good sleep

If your journey is going to continue for days, then you need to get ample sleep and long resting time. While driving a bike on the road, you need to focus on the terrain and keep full concentration. Lack of rest may lead to the failure of doing so and ultimately could create the chances of a mishap.

On the other hand, getting a night of good sleep is essential in keeping your head and mind clean and clear.


8. Carry the essential tools

While planning your bike trip, do consult a mechanic for knowing what type of tools and spare parts you need to carry. For instance, you might want to include a spare tube, spark plugs, cables for brake and accelerators, and engine oil.

Your bike may take a halt due to some small mechanical faults. It would be far better if you could just manage it yourself instead of waiting for the next garage that will fall in your way.


9. Eat light food

Try to manage your meals within time. Do consume a light breakfast, and then take the lunch interval at a suitable time. If you eat excess food, it would require lots of energy to digest the food and could make you quite drowsy and weary.

Plus, if you overeat, it may cause digestion problems leading to an ache in the stomach. Instead, you can carry some packet foods or energy bars or chocolates just to satisfy your hunger on the road.


10. First aid kit

Carrying a first aid kit is essential for a bike trip. Accidents or mishaps may happen anytime, no one can tell when they can occur. Or you may feel discomfort in your body due to any problems. So, it would be better if you carry a few medicines or bandages to amend small cuts and tears on your skin.

Make a list of the necessary medicines and carry them with you in your bike in a small box as a first aid kit.

Overall, when planning a bike road trip, you need to prepare well. And most importantly, you have to keep yourself motivated. Driving along some of the roads requires a lot of confidence.

But when you are alert and fit, nothing can really stop you!

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