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Treks to do around Bangalore

Treks to do around Bangalore
Written by ankisha mathur

Bangalore is a trekkers paradise that has a lot of weekend trek options for people who love to travel frequently. While you are in Bangalore, you have an abundance of mesmerizing trekking places in your vicinity. And each trek is competent to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

This blog will take you through all the captivating places for trekking in and around Bangalore and will make sure that you spend a lot of weekends exploring them.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is the most popular trek around Bangalore. It was one of Tipu Sultan’s summer retreats and is a perfect choice if you are looking for a short sunrise trek. You can experience a picturesque view of the sunrise from the peak. This trek is much more crowded than other treks around Bangalore, as it is also very easy to reach. The gates to this trek open at 5 AM where you can get entry tickets from the counter.

Elevation: 4850 feet
Distance: 60 km                                                                                                  


It is the largest monolithic hill in India, Savandurga ranges encloses 2 hills, Karigudda(Black Hill) and Billigudda(White hill). At the base there are 2 temples and route to the top takes you to a marvellous fort. This trek gives you a panoramic view of Bangalore city along with a sereneness that covers the place and views are really captivating throughout. It is a comparatively difficult trek and good shoes are recommended.

Elevation:4022 feet
Distance: 70kms




Skandagiri is known for its spectacular sunrise, it is a night trek and you can find many people ascending the trek at night to reach the peak before sunrise. It is a 5 hour trek approximately located in chikballapur district, and an ancient dilapidated fort is also to be found at the top of the trek which was earlier acquired by tipu sultan.

Elevation: 4430 feet

Distance: 61 km                                                                                                                        



Ramanagara town which is famous for the shooting of sholay and also for its silk, is also one of the most famous places for trekking. Ramanagara town is surrounded by seven hills, where you can also engage in activities like rock climbing. Other attractions near the trek are Mekadatu(river) and Kanva reservoir. So you can plan a one day excursion to this place.

Elevation: 3000 feet
Distance: 55 km


Known for the Caves, temples and overnight camping, this trek is tough but a short trek with tricky paths to the top. It has an ancient temple in the midst of heavy vegetation with a spring that originated in the hill with water flowing through at bull statue temple.

Distance: 70km
Elevation: 4050 feet




This trek is in three levels, with the lowest level being the easiest. Along the way, you will come across a cave with idols of Rama, Laxmana and Sita and spot several natural springs, one of which is named chilume which is considered to be originating point of Jayamangali river. Also, there are temples at the bottom and the top of the trek.

Distance: 72 km
Elevation: 3940 feet

Kunti Betta                                                                                                                                                             

It is the most famous trek near Mysore. The trail starts from a temple in Pandavapura after which it is a 2 hours trail to the top. This trek will take you through a thrilling route, crossing rocky boulders and several grasslands. Night trekking and bonfire is common here.

Elevation: 2880 feet
Distance: 130 km


But the best is yet to come. Apart from these treks which are located very close to Bangalore, following exceptionally good treks are also accessible easily from Bangalore.

Brahmagiri Trek

This trek is nestled between lush greens of Wayanad and Kodagu, it is named after Brahmagiri forest reserve, that it is a part of. Camping is not allowed inside as it is a  reserved park. The path that is 6 kms one side, takes you through dense tropical forests, crossing the bridges that go over cascading waters and traverse vast grasslands, this trek is full of greenery throughout that will surely leave you with an everlasting experience of being in the lap of nature.

Elevation: 5270 feet   
Distance: 270 km



SourceMullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka where you can have a delightful experience like in no other place. Here strong winds can make climbing difficult at times. There are stairs that will take you to the temple situated at the top, but you can also choose alternate trekking ways to go upwards. From the peak, the view of the surrounding hills covered in greenery is simply breathtaking.

Elevation: 6330 feet
Distance: 270 km




Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg and the 3rd highest in Karnataka. Trek to this peak is like a walk in the lap of nature which starts at a small waterfall near Nalknad Palace and you’ll be walking past multiple streams as you ascend your way up, and be prepared to encounter leches along the way. At the halfway point of the trek, you can find a spot to camp overnight, from where you can descend after watching the sunrise.

Elevation: 5735 feet
Distance: 270 km


Kemmangundi, also known as KR Hills, is a hill station in Chikmagalur, which is known for its scenic views and trekking trails. You can go trekking to the exhilarating Hebbe Falls and enjoy the crystal clear water streams gushing along the way and pools of water at the foot of the fall. Also, a trek to the Z point is a spellbinding experience. A 360-degree panoramic view of the western ghats is none less than a wonderful dream. Enroute the way of Point, you will also come across Shanti waterfalls.

Elevation: 4700 feet
Distance: 270 km


Kumara Parvatha

SourceIt is the second-highest peak in Coorg, this adventure trail will take you through wild flora and fauna and large volcanic rocks. The trek starts from 5000-year-old Kukke Subrahmanya temple, it is a difficult and a 2-day trek where you can spend the night at Bhat’s house. Along the way, you’ll be crossing long forest trails and waterfalls which makes it much more than an average trek.

Elevation: 5624 feet
Distance: 272 km


I am sure by now you must have developed an interest in trekking even if you’re not a vivid trekker, so you can start now and begin exploring.

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