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How to pack your Trekking Bag

Anushree Rawat
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Going for a trek requires not only your strong will , your attitude towards adventure but offcorse a good well managed “backpack”- with all the necessary stuffs so that you can lead your trails with ease and no hassle.

It might sound very cool and an easy going task, but achieving the latter is not that simple though.

Choosing right sized backpack for your trek is really essential because all the commodities that would be required, you’ll be carrying them on your back all your way – from climbing  mountains to the narrow passage through the valley, so lighter it is better for you.

Thus, bag “size”also depends on the kind of stuff you require in what quantities which in turn depends upon  the duration of your trekk too, longer the trekking trails longer the list of requirements. thus, it should be chosen wisely so that it fulfill your requirements and must also not weigh you down .

While considering packing of the stuffs, one needs to know the proper style of packing “the backpack” and some of the common yet essential list of things one must carry them alone


1)Motto – less weight yet all items in!

Camp items like- sleeping bad, camp shoes etc, should be packed way down at the bottom as it would not be required to pull away any of such items frequently while on  hiking.

2) Pack heavy things in the middle of your rucksack, this would put less strain on your back when you will carry it.

3) Light and essential things on the top as these things would be required quite frequently , keeping them on the top would make things accessible easily and quickly.

4)Roll your clothes-yes packing your clothes in rolled manner will give you more space without disturbing its crease but avoid carrying too many of them. Also clothes should be kept according to the weather of the place you are going for trek’

Some items in this category may include -head lamps, sunscreens, maps, sunglasses, etc.

Things like- rain gears, pack covers, gaiters etc could be kept in the external pockets of the bag.

*in case you are travelling with your group of friends you can jot down the list of some common and essential things and divide them among the members so that things don’t get double up.

When it comes to pack your trekking bag the most important point to remember is the balance and weight of the bag because this helps to maintain your normal center of gravity and avoid you from being toppled down.

For this, heavy items, as mentioned earlier also should be kept close to  the body set in the middle way of your back

Mid-weight items should be evenly distributed side –by-side


  • Accessibility-things needed often should be accessible
  • Balanced weight- Equitable placing of the items to avoid the extra efforts to carry your backpack.
  • Compressibility- reason behind this concept is to keep the backpack svelte as possible and avoid empty pockets of air.
  • Keep some nylon drybags-to keep things away from moisture
  • Keep the tent poles along the sides of the backpack and not in the liners, that will make more space without much of the weight of your backpack.

 So these were some ideas which you can keep in mind while packing when planning to go for the trek. And make your hiking full of fun and adventures with much ease.


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