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Why You Should Ask for Shared Corporate Vacation from Your Employer?

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Tired of that hectic schedule, putting out those files one after the other and there is a bunch still left open on your desk? Then you’re probably overworked and need some time to cool off. But how could you, for your boss would come down shrieking over your head as soon as the word Vacation pops out from your mouth.

Well! You’re not the only one here but most of India’s overworked youth has been going through the same. A corporate employee faces several challenges and handles immense stresses in their day-to-day life. Sometimes, they might also get nightmares about some big presentation coming up the next day instead of a good night’s sleep.

As many as 75% of corporate employees never go for the full vacations period or number of days provided to them by the company itself. They fear that they’ll end up being left out of important team and company decisions.

Also, instead of a good environment where the absence of a co-worker is covered by the others, the practice of overburdening is preached. and eventually, even if you do manage to take a vacation then upon your return, you’ll get a desk piled up with work from the past weeks. This means that for the next week or so, you need to do the extra work, which negates the effects of any vacation you just took but only helps in overburdening you.

But Does that mean the corporate employee doesn’t need a vacation at all? Well, of course not! The corporate employee is no robot. Everyone tends to get overworked and hence less productive over time. They certainly deserve a chance to relax and rewind, don’t they? This is why several successful companies are shifting to a policy of shared vacation for employees.

Why Employees are not Getting enough Vacation days?

Stay Away from Exploitative Corporations

Most companies do not have positive vacation policies. According to a Guardian report, employers barely encourage their staff for a vacation, no matter how short. The vacation policies of most corporate offices confirm this fact.

Certainly, most companies do provide their employees with a set number of days for the vacation. However, they can hardly use this time for a recharge. Others start relating your breaks with damaging absenteeism, which can incur great costs if the employer isn’t happy with the vacation policy.

Also, due to so much competition in every field and job security getting a vanishing concept, the companies keep on exploiting their workforce for extra profits. This is not a good practice and it’s not that every corporate out there is trying to juice you out, but it’s not hidden that some of the biggest names in the game have built their business around this concept only.

Putting in a minimum of 40 hours in a week becomes a necessity and anything less than that, would raise an axe over your position in the company. So, before going to work for a corporate, do check their vacation policies and their work environment instead of salary structure and reputation only.

Increasing Warrior Mentality

Such behavior often gives rise to a competitive mentality around you. Those who opt for vacations get tagged as slackers. The race ultimately forces the employee to not skip work at all, even if the employer gives him a chance to. Companies have therefore begun to abandon this approach of an unlimited vacation policy, as it does no more to serve the purpose.

This directs us towards one practical solution. The company must direct the employees to share a vacation once in a while. Basic research into this area shows that a shared vacation for employees has worked much better in comparison to any other.

Unlimited Vacations Policy doesn’t work either

Several successful companies like Adobe, Netflix, and LinkedIn have come up with open-ended, unlimited vacation policies. They believe their step is in the direction of a progressive approach. But, does this system really work? No, it doesn’t but in lieu of employees taking more vacation, they voluntarily decreased the number of vacations taken by them.

The employee is faced with the shame of being absent from work when their co-workers would be putting in hours. There might also be some employees at your own office who prefer staying back at work for various reasons.

They simply ignore the opportunity of vacationing somewhere for a quick retreat and prefer to work instead. For example, you might prefer spending time at the office to gain attention from your boss, instead of agreeing to take a short trip with the family. One of the reasons could be an attempt to maintain an impressive work record and move up the ladder.

But, What could be done now when your employer allowed you to have as many vacations as you like and that too, didn’t work? This option does provide the employee with certain amount of freedom. And companies which have these kinds of programs for employees do have a great work environment which you wouldn’t mind staying in for.

But, the overall question stays the same, does someone working for Adobe or Netflix wouldn’t want to have a vacation?

Shared vacation for employees: Why its the need of the hour? 

Introducing a shared vacation for employees is sure to promote a positive culture in your work environment. It boosts people to take a break from their stressful work life. Certainly, this is a step in the right direction. As you plan the entire system in advance, it prepares you for a break in the schedule. Thus, there is no scope for uncertainty and losses.

Placing such a structure also ensures a boost in employee productivity. The employee gets a chance to refresh himself by spending some time on his hobbies. A report shows how 85% of employees worldwide feel more energetic at work after a brief vacation. Sharing the vacation would also mean there is no room for any competition. The company is completely shut off for the employee for the duration. There are no emails, no phone calls, and no work-related discussions.

We live in an age where stress and work-related pressure is taking the better of us. In such a situation, such a vacation policy would lead to a positive impact on our physical and mental health. It would ensure that there are lesser cases of absence due to medical issues as well. Besides, there is assured employee satisfaction in the long run.

There is no need for long processes involving paperwork, permissions, and other formalities. This helps in making vacation policy hassle-free. The approach has a positive impact on the happiness and productivity of the employee as well. Imagine finally being on a vacation with no need to worry about piling up of tasks! You also do not need to worry about some co-worker managing to defeat you in competition.

Healthy Environment V/S Vacation Policies

Sadly, the solution to all your work stress problems would is not the vacation policy but there’s much more to it. Firstly, shutting down an office completely for a set duration might not be feasible for all offices. Take for instance construction firms that need to serve clients and handle on-site progress daily.

Perhaps, staggering of the vacation policy is a better approach in these cases. You could lend half the members of a team a compulsory vacation one week, and the other half on the next. Instead of being generic, your company could outline a more specific policy. You could take care of their needs, work structure and culture.

One thing is for sure; a shared vacation for employees is what our workspace needs. Offices are slowly stepping into the practice of a four-day workweek. All around us, there is more stress in the workspace these days.

This has a negative impact on both your health and productivity. Companies must aim to provide a healthy work environment for employees instead. Improving the vacation policy is another fruitful step in this direction.

Now, you know why a shared vacation is important while working in the corporate sector. Its time for you to go on one and select destination and fix itinerary for your next trip. But, already confused for you’ve never been on such a trip and have no idea how to plan one.

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