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Weekend Getaways In Rajasthan From Delhi NCR

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So! What are you doing this weekend? Are you still in search for the answer? Worry not! We got you the answer. Although there are many other beautiful weekend getaways for you to travel to (India is a beautiful country, isn’t it?) today lets us talk about the Royal State of India, Rajasthan. Weekend Getaways that you can plan in Rajasthan from Delhi NCR.

Rajasthan, although very long tours from Delhi NCR but trust me, it is worth it. It is so much better than sitting on a couch and watching others travel. OOF! No way! Get your bags ready. Rajasthan is calling this weekend.

Wait! What do you mean why Rajasthan? Don’t you like spicy food? an ancient and medieval architect? You don’t like to know a little more about our history? You don’t like to experience the royal life in the forts and Havelis? Obviously you do, right? Well, Rajasthan is that state where you find the above-mentioned things almost everywhere in the state. Yes, you heard me right.

Rajasthan is located in the north-western part of India and is bordered with Gujrat, UP, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and a little bit with Punjab too. If you ask me internationally, it shares the border with Pakistan. The royal state is an important destination of the ‘Golden Triangle Circuit’ of India which is very popular among foreign tourists. 

Now, it is your weekend, you decide how you want to spend it but this article will surely leave you imagining with ‘what ifs’. Bet? Alright then!

Today we will talk about the 10-weekend getaways in Rajasthan for you to spend your holidays from Delhi NCR because obviously, Rajasthan is a big state and you practically can never tour the state just on weekends.

1) Sariska National Park:

This one is for all wildlife lovers. Beware! The tigers here roam and roar freely. Hell yea! You heard me right. Not just them, you can also find, leopards, Hyenas, Sambhar Deer and … oh! Wait. I cannot open up the secrets right here only. Go-Go-Go, watch it, and experience the wild yourself.

I know you already feeling some rush. Aren’t you? Yea I can read brains. It has a total of 800 square km of area, which means 800 square km area of wildness. 

Well, let’s tempt you more for the Sariska. The national park also has the Jai Samand Lake, which is the best spot to spot animals coming all the way to quench their thirst. For real though, even in the lake, you can spot crocodiles and water snakes too.

Distance from Delhi NCR: Around 200 km

2) The Bhangarh Fort:

Do you like to explore paranormal places or haunted places? Do ghosts and the third world things interesting for you? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of this question above then this is the weekend getaway for you.

What is this fort? Duh! Bhangarh Fort, The Bhangarh Fort! How can you not know about it! It is the most haunted place in India and in Asia as well. If I talk about its rating in the world, then it is the 4th most haunted place in the world.

The fort is not just about ghosts and paranormal stuff only. It also offers a beautiful sightseeing and has a beautiful garden to hang around with friends and family. But, the entry time in the fort is very strict and all the entries stop after 5 pm. The officials are so strict about it that if you get caught inside after 5 pm then you can be heavily fined or jailed. 

Obviously, who wants to say ‘hi’ to ghosts if any? No one! Well, one should get into its history and must visit the fort of Bhangarh.

Distance from Delhi NCR: Around 250 km

3) Bharatpur: Bird Sanctuary:

Bird lovers or admirers, where are you at? This one place is for you. You just cannot miss this place and call yourself a bird lover. This place has over 250 species of birds inside. Are you rushing up?

Hold on! Let me suggest somethings. That is, the best time to visit the sanctuary. It is during the time of migration or during the winter season.

Also, take your camera with you, it is said that birds are the best posers and of course you will find plenty of them here.

Distance from Delhi NCR: 215-220 km

4) Samode Palace:

This beautiful palace is a perfect example of Indo-Sarsanic Architecture. The palace used to be the residence for the Nathawat family. Currently the palace is turned into a luxurious hotel and many visitors or honeymooners book their stay in this palace.

Oh! I caught your eyes. You must be thinking, did he just write ‘honeymooners’. Oh! Yes, I did, that is because it is considered as one of the most romantic places to spend time with your loved ones. Located in the Aravali ranges and being the luxurious hotel itself, it gives you beautiful scenic views both inside and outside the palace.

So! Book your honeymoon this weekend again, or maybe for the first time, in this palace. It won’t be regret.

Distance from Delhi NCR: 265 km

5) Ranthambore National Park:

Hey all wildlife lovers. Yea you guessed it right. This is the place for your weekend. It is a popular National Park of India and definitely a must visit if wildlife and nature attracts or fascinates you.

You can definitely find Indian tigers strolling here, but where will you go to search them! The lake, the beautiful lakes like, Raj Bagh, Padam Talab offers some scenic beauty and also some water to the thirsty tigers. You should definitely carry a camera to spot and click animals here. It will be an experience of a kind, isn’t it?

Also, the ancient Ranthambore Fort has its ruins inside the park and it is the best spot for bird watching. 

Distance from Delhi NCR: 390-392 km

6) Jaipur:

Jaipur, the pink city, is called pink city because of the colours of the buildings and forts there.

It is the capital of the royal state, Rajasthan, and is also the largest city of Rajasthan. If we talk about Rajasthan’s tourism then Jaipur plays a big part in it. Who hasn’t visited Jaipur? I know a lot of you and I want you to visit the pink city because if not then you are definitely missing out something.

The Jal Mahal, Hava Mahal, The City Palace, Amer Fort, it has plenty of forts for you to experience in your weekend and not just that, you can find the best souvenirs in the famous Jaipur markets like traditional clothes, handmade ornaments, pagri and etc.

For travelers who are looking for some sightseeing tours, Jaipur is a great weekend getaway in Rajasthan from Delhi NCR, it offers a lot of sightseeing places.

Distance from Delhi NCR: 272 km

7) Pushkar:

It is the holy city of India, located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Pushkar has the famous Brahma temple and it is said that Pushkar is the only place where there is a separate temple of Lord Brahma.

This city is the best spot for Devotees. The famous Pushkar lake, flows, bordering with the Brahma temple and has over 52 ghats. Devotees come and take bath in the lake to make themself pure.

Pushkar is also a great place for shopping antique items like weapons and ornaments. The best time to visit Pushkar is during November when Pushkar Camel fair starts and continues for 14 days. 

Distance from Delhi NCR: 410-413 km

8) Karauli:

This city is the best for all the architecture buffs. The city has a never-ending list of shrines, Havelis and chattris. It is basically the land of monuments and if you have the desire to experience the architecture of medieval and ancient monuments then it is a must-visit city for you.

The famous spot that one cannot miss to visit is Kalyaniji Temple, Kaila Devi Sanctuary, Madan Mohan Ji Temple and etc.

Distance from Delhi NCR: 330 km

9) Mandawa:

Do you want to experience the royal lifestyle? Yes, you do! Let me tell you, Mandawa is the place for you this weekend. Well, Rajasthan has plenty of places where you can experience how the royals used to live. Then why Mandawa? It is because of it being a less-visited spot. In other words, it is not explored a lot yet. Feel like an explorer yet?

Well, you should definitely give Mandawa a chance because Mandawa has many royal, yet unexplored showpieces for you to experience. It is one of the least visited weekend getaways in Rajasthan from Delhi NCR

Also, the famous, 19th Century Royal fort is now turned into a luxurious hotel and the structural design is a must to experience. 

Distance from Delhi NCR: 256 km

 10) Kota:

Kota, a place famous for the engineering nerds. Well we won’t be talking about that because Kota is just not an engineer aspirants spot, but also an epic picnic spot.

If you need light yet interesting weekend getaways, Kota is the place for you. It has a numerous sightseeing and beautiful architecture to experience like shrines, gardens and Havelis.

One just cannot miss the Government Museum, Jag Mandir, Haveli of Devtaji, kansuva temple with a four faced shiv lingham and … the list goes on. But in the end, it will be a memorable trip, give it a try.

Distance from Delhi NCR: 500-510km 

Hope you will plan to these weekend getaways in Rajasthan from Delhi NCR soon and will definitely update this blog soon!

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