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Types of Travellers

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Travelling is a great experience. It is all about experiencing the unexplored, getting to learn new things, and gaining different perspective about people and life. All people travel, some love to travel and others have to travel. We often meet different kind of travellers in our journey. So, here are ten types of travellers that are often found in India

Budget Traveller


They decide all the expenses in advance and do not even take a drink which is not in the budget. They start planning and saving money for a vacation, many months in advance. They leave some elements unplanned so as to enjoy free or inexpensive activities available at that place. They find the best available free things to do in a region. They choose the cheapest places to stay and modes of transport. They can be relied upon to find the best deals. They are known to have exceptional willpower. Normally all of us are in some way similar to them.

Cultural Traveller


They travel for cultural enrichment. Every place has its well-preserved history; cultural traveller finds that history with current local culture. They normally hire a local host so that they can explore that place more easily. They go to the restaurants and apartment rentals where they find other tourists. They connect with the local people and may learn the language of that place. They have the purpose to fully know the area. They visit all the famous places of that area including museums, monuments, churches, temples. They try to immerse themselves in the settings of the place.

Adventure Seekers

JustWravel_Adventure seeker

They cannot imagine their life without extreme sports, are more interested in unique experiences rather than historical sites. They tend to find places having more physical participation and normally go on a trip to natural environment or remote location. They are normally people who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and take a lot of risk of physical danger. Adventure activities include trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, bungee jumping, etc. Jungle tourism is also becoming famous. These kind of travellers have everything planned so that they do not waste a single day and try all the adventurous things available in that place. You will find them only at dinner as  rest of the day; they are busy taking up different adventures.

Social Media Freak


They will click several pictures of every place, rather than being in the moment. All the things done by them are for bragging. Their objective of travel is to have a huge Facebook album gallery. They update every small detail of their trip on social media. Hashtags, Instagram/ Facebook pictures, and check-ins are the signs of a social media freak. Their Facebook timeline will make you wonder if they really enjoyed on the trip or just clicked the pictures. Their aim is to get maximum likes. Every one of us has a friend who is a social media freak.

The Pilgrim


They visit places of religious importance, mostly found in India; their trips are only to shrines. They normally plan out the whole day so that they do not miss any place. Their trips are of longer duration. India has many tours for them such as Chaar Dhaam, Haji Ali, Vaishno Devi,  Mathura- Vrindavan etc. There are people who follow some guru. They travel at places related to their gurus like the ones having their events, etc.

Hard to Please


They are the ones who complain for everything, want everything to be exactly same as present at their home. They normally visit  places which have similar culture as their own. They would have a problem with food, language, transportation, hotel, locales, weather; almost everything. They are the people who do not like travelling but are forced to travel. They will find some or the other defect in everything. Sometime, it is advantageous also as you will provide the best quality things because of them.

Visits Friends and Family traveller


Visiting friends and family is the primary reason of travelling for 20% of travellers in Asia, and 43% of travellers in India. Some people normally travel to go to houses of their relatives. They travel for functions, events etc. It also includes people who go on a trip to some hotel with their relatives. They like to enjoy their time with family members and friends. Their vacations are generally of longer duration. They prefer staying at house of friends and family members or in hotels.



They work hard all year and their purpose of vacation is to unwind.  They search for relaxation and simplicity. They do not go out much and spend their day relaxing under sunshine. These kind of travellers go on vacations to escape from all the feelings like conflict, failure, fear, guilt, worry, tension etc. They would spend most of their time staying indoors than outdoors, trips are often for a short duration and with family. They normally go to places having nice environment. Places that they visit include hill stations and beaches.

Party Seeker


They normally go to places having best restaurants and clubs. They relax in the mornings and wake up late. You will find them partying every night in some club. They are social and make new friends wherever they go. They feel the culture through music, personal company of locals, and food. They are great entertainer if you are in the mood and most irritating ones at times when you do not have the mood. They wake up, drink; eat, drink. Basically, they drink all the time.

Group Traveller


They are the ones who rarely travel alone. They go to tours where they can have maximum interaction with other travellers. They enjoy the social aspects of travelling. They generally look for bond on the trips. They do not understand why anyone would want to travel alone. They relish the noise and general chaos that comes with group travel.

Contributed by: Tunisha Singhal

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