The Best Lake Treks in India

best lake treks in india justwravel
best lake treks in india justwravel
Written by Shubham Vyas

The lake treks in India takes you to the pristine and beautifully nestled high altitude water bodies that can mesmerize you with their glittering and clear blue waters. Many of these lakes are situated on higher altitudes in the Himalayas and are considered holy. These places are believed to be the spots where the ancient sages and even gods meditated and worshipped. They reveal to you the exquisite and rare fauna and flora of the Himalayan region as well.

The beautiful and high mountain peaks add to the memorability and beauty of the canvas. The lake treks in India may have difficulty levels varying in between easy to difficult, and hence all kinds of trekkers, including the seasons and beginners can choose the best and most appropriate lake trek for themselves.

Here are some of the most adventurous, fun-filled, and popular lake treks in India. These lake treks are not only visited by trekkers from the country but are popular amongst trekkers from across the world, who attend these exotic and evergreen destinations throughout the year.

Brahmatal Trek

Many consider Brahmatal as the most beautiful water body in the Himalayas. According to the local folklore, It is the place where Lord Brahma used to meditate. Brahmatal is located at a height of around 10,500 feet.

The trek to Brahmatal starts at Lohajung, which is accessible by road from Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Kathgodam. The snow-covered alpine meadows, Rhododendron and Oak forests, and the Garhwal Himalayan snowlines are the best attractions of this trek. You will be accompanied by forest during the significant part of the terrain, and therefore there are least chances of altitude sickness.

The entire trek takes 6 days (including the return journey). Bekal Tal is a fascinating water body that will also be your campsite during the trek. If you like the views of the peaks, you can enjoy the canvas of Himalayan mountain peaks, including Trishul, Neelkanth, Nilgiri, Mana, Mandi, and Nanda Ghunti among others, thus being considered as one of the better lake treks.

Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake is freshwater and high altitude lake located in the Dauladhar range of Himalayas, in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The lake is situated at an altitude of 9,625 feet and is formed by the melting of snow from nearby glaciers. You will also find a temple of Lord Shiva near the lake.

Kareri lake remains frozen during the winter, from December to April. The fascinating trek of the region takes you through the green meadows, following the gushing and vibrant streams. You will also find the shepherd villages en-route, which are quite charming. The dark and deep forests, colorful birds of different species, and the rocky grasslands of Nyund Nallah are famous sites.

The trek starts at the Kareri village, and before reaching your first campsite at Reoti, you will witness the forests of deodar and pine, several small springs along with the big waterfall. The trek has an easier ascend and keeps mesmerizing you through the natural views, lush green forests, and the stunning beauty of the Dauladhar range.

Tso Lhamo Lake Trek

The highest lake in India, Tso Lhamo is situated at a height of 17,998 feet (5,486 meters). The lake is only four kilometers away from the India China border and is located in Sikkim. It draws its water from glaciers including the Kangtse glacier, Zemu glacier, and the Pauhunri glacier.

Teesta river originates from this lake. Fascinating snow-capped Himalayan mountains form of beautiful canvas. But you may be required to have a special permit from the army and the Government to undertake this trek and enjoy the vast panorama.

RoopKund Trek

The glacial Lake Roop Kund is situated near the Trishul mountain range and massif, in Uttarakhand. At the height of 16,499 feet, the beautiful lake is surrounded by the snow-clad mountains and glaciers, and also has hundreds of human skeletons that can be seen at the edge of the lake. Research has concluded that the frames are of people who died in a hailstorm in the 9th century.

Roop Kund lake trek can be started at Lohajung. You will walk through the beautiful vicinities that include coniferous forest, green grasslands, and the Pindar river. Apart from witnessing Neel Ganga, the Ali Bugyal and the Bedni Bugyal are exotic pasture lands and meadows that offer an exhilarating view. You can observe the Bugyals if they are not engulfed by snow during your visit.

The forests of Rhododendron, Birch, and Oak will accompany you during the trek. Ghora Lotani is more than a perfect campsite and has beautiful natural views. You will witness the Garhwali culture closely and can also taste the exquisite Garhwali cuisine during your stay at the Didna village.

Satopanth Lake trek

The Satopanth lake or Satopanth Tal is situated 15,100 feet and is also sacred. The lake draws Hindu pilgrims from different parts of the country and the world. According to folklore, the lords Mahesh, Vishnu, and Brahma take a bath in the lake during auspicious days and time.

The lake and trek region is located close to Chaukhamba massif and Badrinath. The trek to Satopanth lake starts from Mana, which is the last village on the India-China border in the state of Uttarakhand. During the trek, you can enjoy the views of beautiful mountains, including Swargarohini, Kuber Top, Balakun, and Neelkanth.

Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso is a Tibetan word, which means a high grassland lake. The beautiful blue water lake is situated at the height of 14,270 feet and extends from India to Tibet, which is an autonomous region and part of China. The entire lake covers a distance of around 604 kilometers. It will soon be recognized as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar convention. The lake contains both fresh and saline water that is distributed in its eastern and western sides respectively.

Trekkers interested in natural fauna and flora can find here the migratory birds, Brahmini duck, bar-headed goose, and other rare wildlife including marmot (a squirrel species) and kiang (wild ass). Because the Leh region forms of the border between India and China, the Indian nationals and international tourists have to obtain the permits and should also be accompanied by an accredited guide to trek to the lake.

Remember that these lakes remain covered with snow and ice if you visit them during winters. Partner-up with Just Wravel to experience the beauty of these lake treks from close. We will make your every trek memorable and we’ll give you a story to brag about.

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