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5 Reasons Why Incentive Travel Is The Best Way To Boost Employee Retention


A company is as efficient as its team of employees. So it is needless to say that employees are the wealth that an organization can possibly possess. Employees are an integral part of any organization and no company wants to part ways with those valued people. Losing valuable employees can lead organizations to wastage of their valuable time and resources & that’s where incentive travel plays a vital role in it.

Over the years companies have started various initiatives to take care of the mental health of their employees. Different orientation programs are held to give them some time to adjust to the changing work culture. Keeping their overall benefits in mind, various organizations have introduced incentive travelling for employees.

Along with yoga and meditation sessions in the office, incentive travel has also become very popular in office culture. And interestingly enough, it plays a very crucial role in employee loyalty and retention.

Here are 5 major reasons why incentive travel boosts employee retention.

1.      Acknowledging employees’ needs

It is said that people do not leave a bad job, they leave a toxic environment. The workplace along with the people there play a great role in employee retention. If the work environment is ideal employees tend to adjust with all other difficulties.

The key is to make them feel important and happy. Incentive travel is a great way to make your employees understand that they are an important part of the organization and the company thinks about them and their well-being. If their work is acknowledged and their needs are adhered to, they will stand beside you in all ups and downs no matter what. Employees need that recognition in order to help them feel more connected with the workplace and travel while working is a brilliant way of doing this.

2.     Option for refreshment

The 9-to-5 job hardly leaves much scope for your employees to enjoy some me-time. But as the body needs rest to keep going, the mind also needs some refreshment to be productive and come up with new ideas.

An opportunity to explore new places will soothe their soul, calm down the heart and bring peace of mind. Incentive Travelling will provide the much-needed break from the work stress. It will result in better concentration at work and ultimately make them more productive.

An office is a place where we have to work as a team. To develop the bonding we need strong communication and adaptability. Travelling helps a great deal here. It makes people more flexible and empathetic. People learn values like self-dependence and time-management which ultimately benefit the organization.

3.     A way to follow the passion

Once we enter adulthood many of us have to let go of a lot of our dreams. We bid farewell to the hobbies and aspirations that we once harboured, and welcome responsibilities with an open heart. Incentive travel seems like a boon to all those travel enthusiasts who could not follow their heart and satisfy their urge to explore the world.

A happy employee seldom plans to leave such a job that serves two purposes at the same time. Also, the experience they gain during these travels is reflected in their performance for the good. They will always look forward to these opportunities to travel while working and it will work as a boost to their morale.

4.     Paid trips

Travelling is an attraction which is genuinely hard to resist! The beauty of nature drags us out of our homes. Our wanderlust gives us all the more reasons to travel. But to be honest travelling is expensive and not all of us can afford trips to venture into the unknown. Incentive travel comes to the rescue in such situations.

These paid or incentive trips fulfil their wish to see the world without being heavy on pocket. These also make people value money and make them financially disciplined. The value of time and the need for time-management is also best learnt through a business trip. Employees are known to feel grateful to their organizations for giving them such golden travel opportunities. They feel motivated to abide by the company rules and regulations more. Out of the loyalty they serve the company better and follow its norms.

5.    Word of mouth

The goodwill of a company will be best spread by its employees. They are the spokespersons of the organization where they work. A happy employee will only reflect the best image of the company to the outside world.

With the help of incentive travelling for employees, your company will surely gain reputation and attain the due recognition it deserves. Incentive travel is also a great way to attract the attention of new talents and urge them to join you. At the same time is a great tool for retaining the existing employees and compete with the growing market. Word of mouth is equally important as advertisements, pamphlets, etc. They reach the target audience wonderfully and are effective enough to make people take note of your brand.

Owing to strength it is not possible for all companies to come up with the schemes of travelling for better employee retention. Every company goes through the performance evaluation process of the employees that determine their individual as well as organization’s growth. However, on a rotational basis, this is something that can be possibly offered to the best performer or a great achiever of a few months. JustWrave launched it’s Corporate Connect Program gives the employees of any corporate an ALL PAID TRIP for three months, which is a great way to encourage them to perform better, and it will motivate the employees with recognition.   

For improving their employee loyalty, organizations need to first understand what actually drives their employees. Based on their individual differences the need varies from person to person. But business travel is like a common factor that binds all people together no matter what. Travelling is essentially a multi-purpose tool – it has health benefits as well. And the welfare of the employees is beneficial for a company to prosper. Stress and anxiety of employees can be cured by rewarding them with a relaxing trip.

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