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7 reasons to do Sar Pass Trek

reasons to do sar pass trek justwravel
Written by Shubham Vyas

The Sar Pass Trek is one of the most beautiful Himalayan treks located in Himachal Pradesh and there are several reasons to do the Sar Pass Trek. Sar Pass is a mountain pass (resembles a ridge) that is situated in the Parvati Valley of the Kullu district. The elegant and beautiful Parvati Valley runs eastwards from the confluence point of river Beas and river Parvati. The meaning of “Sar” in the local language is Lake. The trekkers do have to pass a small and mostly frozen lake while trekking in between the Tila Lotni and Biskeri ridge, during the trek. It is one of the easy treks in India.

To do the Sar Pass trek, you will have to reach to Bhuntar. It is accessible by both highways as well as by air. Apart from the picturesque panoramic views of snowy mountains and a pleasant valley, trekkers also enjoy the glittering streams, colorful flowers, butterflies, range of high altitude birds, hanging glaciers, and other beautiful natural creations during their journey to Sar Pass.

reasons to do sar pass trek justwravel

Kasol (located on the banks of river Parvati), is the town from where the trek to the Sar Pass Valley starts. It is only 30 kilometers away from Bhuntar. The melange of self-realization and adventurism on the Himalayan surface is unique and memorable in several ways.

The Sar Pass ranks amongst the easy to moderate treks in India. It has the best attractions for both National and international tourists.

Here are 7 reasons why you should so Sar Pass trek this holiday season.

1. Safety Ensured

The Sar Pass trek is situated at the height of around 12,500 feet (approx. 3810 meters). The weather can be surprising for many of the trekkers and tourists especially if they are beginners at trekking in the Himalayas. JustWravel, as a leading tour planner services, carries out a full-fledged acclimatization program. We do this so that the health of trekkers is not at stake.

We also have for you all the essential aids and kits including mountaineering equipment, emergency oxygen cylinder kit, medical boxes, campsite items including tents and kitchenware, mules and porters, and everything else you need for a safe and comfortable trek.

The trekkers will get training in aspects related to rock climbing and rappelling, and face the bonding sessions so that they can get more relevant knowledge and complete the trek successfully.

2. Amazing Panoramic Views and Sceneries

Any trek in the Himalayas has the most beautiful scenes to be captured. The towering snow peaks, lush green and dark forests, beautiful hanging valleys, streams having crystal clear waters, and exotic fauna and flora are some of the reasons for doing the Sar Pass trek.

You will be impressed by the natural beauty of the rhododendron on plants, and the coniferous and pine trees. An immense variety of colorful flowers are native to this region. Other notable trees of the area include spruce, fir, and deodar. You can also find here the rare medicinal plants including Brahma Kamal (Saussurea Obvallata) and Hath Panja (Dactylorhiza Hatageria).

3. Campsites

The Sar Pass trek spans across 4 days once initiated at Kasol. You will get an enjoyable and memorable opportunity to spend your night at the campgrounds within the Alpine tents. This is a fascinating experience to spend a night out and what you feel may not be put into words.

You will be able to de-stress yourself and relax within the natural surroundings. You will lie underneath a sky full of stars. While the modern-day campsite tents have everything to make you feel comfortable, the surroundings may also have the glittering streams, dark forests, a range of natural habitats, rock, and other habitats and much more.

The colorful butterflies and flowers, waterfalls, lakes, meadows, poppies and orchids, and rare fauna including Musk deer are some of the highlights of a campsite at the Himalayas.

4. Suitable For Beginners

The best thing about the Sar Pass trek is that it can be successfully accomplished by the beginners as well. On a difficulty scale, it lies within the easy to moderate difficulty range. You will not have any problems while trekking if you are possessing good health and do exercises regularly.

Still, it is advisable that you undergo a proper medical examination under the supervision of a registered physician. This will ensure that you are fit for the trek. There are also the acclimatization programs. They further reduce the probability of the occurrence of any untoward incident.

reasons to do sar pass trek justwravel

 5. Kanwar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kanwar wildlife sanctuary makes a part of the Shivalik Range of Himalayas. It is beautifully spread over around 60 square kilometers of area. The Wildlife Sanctuary is also situated in the same Parvati Valley, which is home to the Sar Pass.

One can witness a range of rare endangered and exotic species here. For instance, the fascinating and colorful bird population includes the White-cheeked Tit and the Cheer Pheasant. There are more than 30 mammalian species and greater than 200 species of beautiful birds at this place.

The Himalayan animals that can be seen in the protected forest include barking deer, snow leopard, golden jackal goral, Himalayan weasel, giant flying squirrel, Himalayan palm civet, and the yellow-throated marten. The beautiful forests and wildlife are memorable and will make a tremendous impact on you.

6. Manikaran

The beautiful small town of Manikaran is located at a distance of around 4 kilometers from Kasol. It is one of the best natural hotspots (literally!) and destinations that attract tourists from all over the world. You will find several hot springs in this region of the Himalayas.

Because of the tremendous benefits of this natural resource, a geothermal plant has also been established here by the Government of India. The town is sacred to both Sikhs and Hindus.

Apart from the beautiful natural landscape, the city has many temples of Vishnu, Ram, and Shiv among other Hindu duties. The pilgrimage center of any town is also located in the Parvati Valley.

7. The Extraordinary Culture

While the beautiful views at the Sar Pass ridge are stunning enough, you may also find the cultural beauty of the numerous villages that you see during the Sar Pass trek enchanting. You may find certain unique customs and rituals at this place.

The colorful costumes add to the beauty and looks of the inhabitants of these villages. Some villages there can be thousands of years old. People are friendly and welcome you with smiles, and have for you some of the most exquisite and tasteful cuisines as well. If you are looking for it, you may also find Maggi stalls during your Sar Pass Trek!

reasons to do sar pass trek justwravel

The Sar Pass trek is liked by experienced trekkers and novices alike, and these reasons to do Sar Pass Trek should point them out to you. It has the stunning natural views and natural treasures that make part of your memories through the images that you capture here. When you hire a leading trekking and adventure tour service provider, you can rest assured as all the necessary items of use will be provided to you during the trek.

Oxygen cylinders, medical aid box, trekking tool and equipment (including the ice axe), bedding at campsites, kitchenware, guides, and all other necessary items and services are part of the package.

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